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  1. He's studded him more or less in the face.
  2. Mrs Beckham doing a shop in Tesco?
  3. Every time you think Arsenal transfer windows can't get any worse, and then they do! It's actually hilarious now.
  4. Arsenal fans have suffered that for years. It's beyond pathetic now. Just look at the team he put out. Unbelievable. God only knows what's going on at Arsenal, it feels like a massive piss take.
  5. Got my Pro this week from Argos with Horizon for £349. Waited so long for a deal or price drop and in the end you might as well just buy the bleeding thing. Looks terrific on my KS8000.
  6. Straight through the keeper.
  7. Looked like a red. Aggressive, studs first.
  8. I thought that was a bit cringe really.
  9. It's good that they support something other than football though.
  10. What's the thing with Reyes gloves then?
  11. Liked it overall but a little bit disappointed. Vulture was cool, Holland made a good Peter Parker. It was a little bit of a backwards step for me with Spidey getting to grips with his powers again, looking clumsy and unfit at times, going back to the jumble sale costume. The tech stuff was most unwelcome, as was Ned. I think the age of Peter and co was more blatantly young than I would have liked but I'm an old fart. I was really hoping they wouldn't sex up the girls in any way. Stark was a bit by the numbers for me, not convincing. Personally I think Spider-Man should have his own story totally detached from the Avengers etc. I love the cross over in these films but this annoyed me. The penny dropping at the end should have come an hour and a half earlier. Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man all the way please. And May suddenly being the local hotty was ridiculous IMO. I know race has been mentioned. I think it worked for me in terms of relevance to 2017 but I do like the original aesthetic if I'm honest. Someone mentioned a ginger MJ, that kind of thing. I got home and googled vintage Vulture pictures for instance. I like things as I remember them but not at the cost of a diverse cast so can't have it all ways I guess. Watched Spider-Man 2 after and I prefer those films. Really captured what Spidey is all about to me. The movement when web slinging was spot on. The fight on the building with Doc Oc was great, very comic book. I think they've lost that feeling recently. We all know about Spidey, Pete's issues etc. Get on with it.
  12. Yeah, just got one myself. Nice.
  13. Very heroic of Giggs to stop a player from swapping Manchester clubs.
  14. Read that earlier. Kyle Walker's potential replacement is Kyle Walker? Brilliant. The lack of young home grown players breaking through at the top English clubs is embarrassing.
  15. Are there buttons on the remote to change between TV, DVD etc.?
  16. I'm sure Batman is nowhere near peak VR. It's a showcase or an enhanced demo. But it changes everything. Even the 'title screen' is a sight to behold. Buy it, play it, giggle and then pick your jaw up. Move controllers essential.
  17. Is that guy OK? He's looking a bit pasty.
  18. Yeah, you really need to look around a lot. Looking into the boat, for instance, is quite special. As is looking down at the crowd.
  19. Yeah, bit pissed and having a laugh earlier. Shimmy is a dude. Spuds though? Woolworth? Honestly, not my style. Just a laugh mate. Was sat there in the second half with my 3 year old daughter playing spot the green man (Ospina) and spot the yellow man (Courtois). Happy to win the game, naturally. 'Using the word Spuds'.. good grief. WAT YOU 12! I know I'm a silly sod but you've killed my buzz. Just a laugh.
  20. Shimmyhill gonna Shimmyhill. Obv. for the lols but we win again mate the Spuds potless Wembley beckons good luck oops group stage exit you got any money on a SiNGLE win next season you mug? Just watchin dr who, ur new playa on it strugglin round without a pot. 80 quid down the pisser lol, dr hoo got him in his pocket an he's well old. Seen that bird shes ownin ur plya even shes packin a silvamedal these days #facupwinnersprideofnorthlondon
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