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  1. Says £349 for me, which I'm still quite tempted by. Is there a code or something I'm missing? EDIT worked it out, cheers.
  2. Dude Ranch


    Don't think it hit so that's disappointing from Selby.
  3. What's the timing on that? When the shell is circling and you feel a tear welling up?
  4. Totally new to MK8. Only played in handheld so far but wow. It's a looker and silky smooth. Lovely. Looking forward to seeing it on the telly.
  5. Marcelo's delivery was outstanding all match. Messi, though. A machine. So collected at all times. Easy to say sitting on the sofa but he nearly always gets it right. Pass, shot, movement. Class. Sometimes I drift off (I quite often drift off and daydream) and imagine him as an alien walking among us, like Men in Black. Like he can rewind time, go back and pick the right option. Sublime. The way he moves his feet, changing stride. The number of times he gets the ball, back to goal.. controls it in front of him and turns away past the defender. It's like a slow motion but also fast forward turning circle that you just can't stop.
  6. Yeah and still it was probably the third best goal of the game!
  7. No one who knows him has said anything? I didn't think his look could get any worse. Mind you, his game had gone to shit so his hair might as well too.
  8. Yeah, the various alarming hardware faults. edit, that wasn't very helpful. Joycons losing connection. Units warping/bending. Cracked cases. Wifi issues when docked. Most of these issue are pot luck by looks of it.
  9. My home town club Brighton & HA nearly there!
  10. Xhaka is like an imposter who keeps somehow getting away with it. What is the point of him, does anyone know?
  11. Sam trolling Arsenal with Flamini!
  12. Incredible scenes. This is what happens when only one of your starting XI is good enough. And he wants to leave. Utterly disgraceful from top to bottom. A total shambles. At least it puts us out of our misery. No CL next season.
  13. Jesus, really? I feel like it's aged me. Tried to go to sleep just now but I'm utterly wired. Weird. Did have a bang on the head earlier, actually.
  14. I'm trying to relax before going to sleep. It's pissed me off. I want to like it. I think I'm playing it wrong or just not engaged with it.
  15. Really? It feels like the first step towards proper progress so far. Going in other directions have gotten me nowhere. I tend to snatch tiny bits of game time these days, maybe I'm missing something obvious. One way or another I haven't really enjoyed much of this at all, very sorry to say.
  16. It's driving me bananas! Sorry, lazily trying to avoid spoilers.
  17. That stealth bit, relatively early. Fuck it, can't bring myself to try again. Looked at a walk through. Not sure if I'm misjudging the mechanic or what. Can't do it, game over. It's just no fun at all. I always get this with Zelda. Love it, love it, boring shit brick wall, never play it again. There should be an option where you put in your age and the game takes pity and lets you skip bits you don't like.
  18. That sounds like a chap who wants to buy my copy of Zelda! Not got the time to spend with it right now. Any takers?
  19. Dude Ranch

    PS4 Pro

    Me too. I'd buy one with the free Horizon right now if I could find stock anywhere.
  20. Dude Ranch

    PS4 Pro

    What deal are you getting at Game?
  21. Only got this and my Switch today. Not played enough to form an opinion other than being seriously impressed that I'm playing this on a handheld. Can't wait to get it hooked up to a telly.
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