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  1. Both were entertaining but I felt it was more about visual presentation than verbal style. I'm making this shit up but I know what I mean.
  2. On viewing the evidence, not really. Slight, at best.
  3. I wanted to hate it because Duncan liked it, I failed, I thought it was brilliant. I continued reading further posts in this thread, in that voice, after watching it.
  4. Well, I've played it and like it very much. It's not my usual 'thing' and at that price, it's a steal. I doubt the Pickfords will make any extra money if you buy it or not. In a sea of sometimes pointless threads, where is the harm in 'bigging up' a good, cheap game that was put together by people who actually frequent this forum?
  5. And the cube version is now listed. Not forgetting that the PS2 price is less than $20 US. The Xbox and GC versions aren't to be sniffed at, at under $27 too. Note: The US title is Future Tactics: The Uprising
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