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    Strolling out, with cane in hand<br>Looking at the lovely ladies<br>Dicing with dragons<br>Eating everything<br>Debasing culture<br>Apeing<br>Cress (I am a Cress Grand Master)
  1. Not only do I agree wholeheartedly, but the way you put it is just about the funniest thing ever!
  2. >Text adventures, in general. (This is one I knocked up).
  3. I read about this before I got the game, so I was all set to turn up the brightness level. I thought I'd wait unitl I tried the game, and found no problems at all on the default gamma level. In fact, not one bit of the game was too dark. And this was in June when my eyesight was severely imparied by chronic hay fever. It's not like my TV is turned up mega-bright either. I have the PAL version - do you? What I'm getting at is that maybe they tweaked the brightness for the PAL release.
  4. Clever cover-up. But it won't work.
  5. No "art" prize has any credibility (at least not with me ). Surely music isn't a competition. I just don't get this idea of "prizes". Is it possible to say that one album is "better" than another, even within the same genre? When you consider the wide variety of styles up for the award, it makes an even bigger farce of it. "The rap album's better than the lounge music". If you take any album, some people will love it, others hate it and others find it so-so. There's no objective measure of whether it's better than another album. Nick Cave had it right a few years back when he was nominated for (I think) a Brit. He politely declined, saying he didn't want to compete with other artists. I can see that such a prize could help the career of an unfairly ignored artist, so it might have some practical use. But the idea of saying one artist is the "best" doesn't interest me.
  6. Pah! Piece of piss. You should try this:
  7. I'd just like to say what a great thread this is - that first page, packed with so many great memories... wonderful. And may I* also say thanks to everyone who took the time to post images there? And the little anecdotes are cool, too. *Well, even if I may not, I just have, so nyer.
  8. Does leading enemies towards your allies count? I relied on that a lot (using the Hammerites to kill the Order assassins). I tried not to kill anyone, until I knocked out a woman in the Overlook Mansion. She fell over in a bizarre way, landed in a fireplace and, before I could move her, let out a sigh: she was dead! After that, I sort of gave up, and killed anyone who annoyed me.
  9. Definately. It has space to it - something many modern albums lack. And some great lyrics - if you care about that, which I certainly do. And they don't just sound identical to a 20-year old band (unlike many of the "best new things" of recent years). In short, they've got something to say, and have found an original and interesting way to say it. Like their style or not, you've got to hand it to them. And I do like them. And it's very rare for me to get excited about new music (most of it is just obvious combinations of stuff from the past). So I'm pleased they exist. Couldn't give a toss if they win a smelly award, though.
  10. Cool - I love that song anyway, so I look forward to hearing that version (scuttles off to Soulseek).
  11. No. I meant no GT 1, 2 and 3. Edit: I haven't played them, so I don't really know, but if 3 is just a PS3 update of 2, then 3 may or may not have a market on this single format. MSR brought new ideas to the racing genre, and presumably would have a market. As I stated, you wouldn't get a new iteration of every franchise just because a new platform came out. I wanted souped-up versions of the N64 classics for the Gamecube. When I got them, I was bored. And I realised that wasn't what I wanted, at all. Without fully realising, I just wanted to be able to play the old favourites - Goldeneye, Mario Kart etc. without having to have millions of boxes lying around in my lounge. Sticking with one format would reduce these "graphical updates" to games where there's nothing wrong with them.
  12. Some of it is - other songs are about another former partner of Cave's (the mother of his son, Luke, IIRC), with whom he lived in South America for a while. Obviously, "West Country Girl" is Harvey. I'm not sure which other songs are about her, though. A net search would probably turn up some info... if only I had time this afternoon.
  13. That's not necessarily a bad thing. The hardware is rarely truly pushed to its limits these days. You'd be surprised what we'd see if a console was around for that long. And better games don't require better hardware, unless you're only interested in the graphics. Think of all the ideas that don't get explored, partly because every console has to have its own vanilla FPS, racing game and so on. Having consoles around for longer would mean less duplication.
  14. :lol: It's got to be a satire.... or a publicity stunt... surely, for the love of humanity's future, it has to be? Please?
  15. Well, me and my partner nearly had heart attacks watching it. A chap we used to share a house with suddenly popped up as one of the developer interviewees. We hadn't heard anything about him in about 9 years! I nearly dropped my cup of tea in my lap!* *OK, I didn't. And I wasn't drinking one. But you get the point. I was surprised.
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