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  1. I havent got one yet but though this was interesting / promising. https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/comments/5aqvw5/bound_ps4_pro_details/
  2. My local game aren't even doing that. Just charging for some stupid forza fastest lap thing. I would love to try it if anyone lives near stevenage and wants to invite me round for a demo. I'm house trained honest
  3. Behind the TV is an option yea. Long cables wont work for people like me who have the TV pretty much on its own on the other side of the living room. First world problem though
  4. Where are people going to put this? It's not going to fit in my TV unit and I don't have space next to the TV plus that would look ugly. I doubt you can lay it flat as that wouldn't really work with connecting the Joycons. I really like the look of it and kids are both blown away but now I'm starting to think about some of the practicalities!
  5. mr_rmg


    Uh ok I was ready to be super skeptical but I have to say that looks fantastic. Proper goosebumps. If the full film carries that tone and there are no cgi crazies in the third act it could be immense.
  6. Apologies if already answered and / or if I am being thick but am I right in saying that the launch bundle (with bundled move controllers. camera and VR worlds) is not available in the UK? Curious as to why and if there is any indication that it will become available at a later date?
  7. Great updates from new owners If anyone has a GearVR I would be interested in a comparison.
  8. Minecraft is out http://mojang.com/2016/04/minecraft-arrives-on-gear-vr-today/
  9. Oh.wow. this is a lot more impressive than I imagined. So much fun and so much potential. Managed to get steam vr working. Stoga controller ordered!
  10. My gear VR comes today to go along with my shiny new s7 edge from reading this thread it sounds like I just plug it in and will get access to the oculus store. I also need to install and register with SideloadVR and use a vpn app to get milk vr for high quality movie viewing. I haven't got a controller yet (unless I can use a ps3 pad) but will keep an eye out for a cheap moba. Anything else I need to do or consider to prep?
  11. Rift you! Ima happy for you and ima let you finish but damn we miss your sexy self in whatsapp.
  12. I got to try the vive at PcW the other day. Not tried the rift yet. The vive is amazing. Most impressive thing is the controller detection. It's perfect 1:1 mapping, from big gestures through to the most precise movement. There is some black borders on either side of your view but after about 2 minutes they melt away and you are completely immersed in a virtual world. Software is ok. I tried job simulator and space pirate. Both were fun but felt a bit like they wouldn't have much longevity. Room scale is brilliant. The ability to move around really added to the sense of immersion. Chaperone is critical. Without it I would have walked straight into the wall at the back of the demo area. All in all I am completely sold on VR but I will need to see some more content and try a rift before I put down that much dough and decide on which way to go device wise.
  13. So I just got PSO2 all set up. Its great fun but I haven't really got a clue what I am doing (I was a filthy casual at original PSO on DreamCast and Xbox). Anyone still play? I have the jap version if that makes any difference...
  14. Playing now on PC. Some TH goodness http://www.twitch.tv/mr_rmg
  15. Team Clusterfuck showing how its not done! http://www.twitch.tv/mr_rmg/v/28792964
  16. Trufax http://www.twitch.tv/mr_rmg/v/28444904
  17. I think he looks ok. Really want to see the full thing in non shaky cam tho.
  18. Leaked CC footage. (removed embed cause spoiler innit)
  19. Footage http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/MarvelFreshman/news/?a=122733
  20. where is the age of apocalypse thread? I cannot find it anywhere!
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