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  1. mr_rmg

    Dying Light

    More fun when you play with meeeeeeee
  2. mr_rmg

    Dying Light

    Me and Foxy tried some co-op. was epic. Christ I am in love with this game. http://www.twitch.tv/mr_rmg/b/625304680
  3. Myself and some other reprobates from here play Arma a lot. Occasionally I am sober enough to live stream it. Our most recent clusterfuck. http://www.twitch.tv/mr_rmg/b/616428052
  4. mr_rmg

    Nintendo Wii U

    I have black flag installed but the kids won't let me stop playing mario chase. #agoodproblemtohave
  5. mr_rmg

    Nintendo Wii U

    Black flag is a tenner. I never played it. Is the wii version worth it / any good?
  6. mr_rmg

    Nintendo Wii U

    My 5 year old is an absolute ninja at luigi's mansion on nintendoland. He get us every time! Nintendoland is simply fantastic.
  7. mr_rmg

    Nintendo Wii U

    I've got a wii u basic coming for the kids on crimble day. I think I probably want a recharge stand and batteries (high capacity?? For the gamepad and a hard drive. Anyone point me in the right direction please? Also any other accessories deemed very useful to have? I have a wii so already have remotes and nunchucks.. Help!
  8. mr_rmg

    Nintendo Wii U

    I have just ordered that Amazon MK8 bundle <cough> for the kids </cough> for xmas. WELL EXCITED.
  9. Came to say Skate Series. Much good times.
  10. Can neither confirm or deny that myself and Sie were held up last night in zeleno and forced to remove out trousers. I was also made to swap my cool motorcycle helmet for a pink cap There was also the random Chinese twins, consumption of a rotten banana out of desperation and a butch lesbian...... Thank god we weren't recording...
  11. If you find a well or clean looking pond just spam drink 20 - 30 times until it says toy feel full and the water thing wont bother you for a while. Axe seems better than bat and certainly better than the knife. Bandages seem rare but take off and rip up your shirt and you can use that, We have to find him! Im still laughing about Mullo and that can of tuna last night!
  12. double click right mouse button fixes the walk run thing for me. Just lost all my good kit because I got too close to a git with an axe. The goodwill is rapidly eroding in SA
  13. More the merrier http://teamclusterfuck.co.uk/forum/
  14. my stomach is full of love for you.
  15. If I dont have hungry / thirsty indicators am I near max? alternatively, come and tea blood bag me you big sexy soldier you..
  16. how do you regen blood? I am fully fed and watered and prone but still everything is black and fucking white.
  17. confirmed. (The wipe, not that Strat is pissed, altho he will be!) http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1t7j4d/i_just_committed_compute_genocide_212604/
  18. Logged in and literally bumped straight into Foxy. This ALWAYS happens to us. Its like an unwritten rule of the universe. The game is brilliant - I love it, warts and all.
  19. mr_rmg

    Skate 3

    just re-bought Skate 3 from ebay and yes man its still wicked fun No need for online codes either thanks to Nice Guy EA. Any one else still play?
  20. Best place to get the Vinyl from please?
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