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  1. An agreed night would be good, and may keep the missus happy.... I am logged at the NW airfield.....
  2. Talking about servers, maybe we should just get our own? http://hfbservers.com/index.php/dayz Just think what a clusterfuck we could make of the Admining!
  3. I think that is pretty much perfect
  4. Found a UAZ but it needs everything bleh. Also gutted that my first crashed helicopter experience only resulted in a couple of silenced pea shooters. Even seeing Strat in his new finery could not cheer me up
  5. As mentioned earlier I think the promise of no (or hardly any) hackers outweighs any issues. I wasn't KOS last night but I was murdered for my weapons after about a 3 second hold up. In some ways it was more shocking than just a KOS, but I kind of like that, it's raw like the game is meant to be but not as annoying. I think of we could get the crew together and gear up we could have some serious fun on RP1
  6. Hmm? I did spawn in kambiwobo when I tried it. Private server is cool, but so far it doesn't really have the same level of tension as our normal one.
  7. Crazy weapon drops, just got a DMR and a G17 in the Elektro Firehouse
  8. I spawn in Pustoshka. Its strange when you spawn somewhere inland with gear after not playing for a few days. Being a bit shit I tend to always spawn at the coast because my previous escapade ended in death. I think I must be getting better at survival. After ascertaining that everyone else is near the coast I elect to push for the North West Airfield. I haven’t been there yet and I really want to see it. I am ok for food and drink and rocking a shotgun and pistol with a few clips. The server is full (50 people) and I am very aware of the dangers associated with being up North. I set off and enjoy a romp through the woods, including risking life and limb for a bloody water bottle in a dear stand grr. All of sudden I spot something that looks suspiciously like a tractor. Upon closer inspection I realise that it is indeed a tractor, fully fuelled and ready to go. I jump in joyfully and carry on driving north. I reach Vybor and am all set to drive straight through when I start getting shot at.... I am bleeding, not good so I race away into a field, hopefully far enough not to be caught and get out to bandage. I set off again, but am concerned as I only have 3000 blood. I curse myself for not working harder to find matches, as I really need a steak or 2 (at this time someone is on mumble talking about a big bbq and securing 20 plus steaks from a cow which just rubs salt into the wound). I head to Kabanino and then directly towards the airfield. I park the tractor and get out, and then the shit hits the fan. Almost immediately I am besieged by graphics glitches - I cannot see a thing if I face the airfield so I have to do the backwards walk as I approach. I enter a building but my path is blocked, unfortunately a zombie has followed me and proceeds to try to eat me. I manage to escape, but I am bleeding again, and everything has gone a bit white, I am on 2000 blood. I bandage and realise that I am close to the runway, I go prone and scan the horizon.. All of a sudden I see a bandit run out of the woods in front of me. I raise my shotgun, but the glitches are back, I cannot see and now there are three bandits, and they are circling me, laughing and pointing their guns at me. I am shot and I die. My time in the North is at an end. I spawn. Elektrozavodsk. Danger all around. I make for a barn I know to the North. I arrive unscathed and secure some beans, a can of pepsi and an axe. A few more supplies and I am ready to venture North again.
  9. Hilarious. "Go with ken" they say, and I get flung through a windscreen to my death. "Go with Raane" they say, and I get an axe in my face in a hospital! top nights entertainment, the bunny incident undoubtably the highlight.
  10. I got shot so I hacked someone to death with an axe to make myself feel better. it didn't work
  11. couldnt make last night chaps, dunno about tonight either, Im (hopefully) still in that red house but I assume that you have all moved on...
  12. More action than I sometimes see Foxy!
  13. can someone who knows the new server details jump on mumble or pm me pls thanks! edit - cheers foxy!
  14. sounds like a lot of action on the new server!
  15. real life keeps on getting in the way of DayZ
  16. Im around tonight and up for some Zombie slaughter business. Dinner Bell Time!
  17. Brilliant. Ended my night hot footing into electro and burying an axe in some bandits head in the school. So satisfying. Got shot immediately after but hey ho
  18. Ahh thanks man that makes total sense. Well I just got bitch slapped by some mad zombie farmer. So will be up for a re-visit. I am right in saying there is nothing you can do when you get the green egg timer of doom up?
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