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  1. what is the point of saving tents? IDGI
  2. just found some tents with some fat loot north of electro Gillie's, camos, assault rifles, tents, loads of nice bits mumble me if you want the co-ords to stock up!
  3. coming in now if anyone is still on
  4. I will hopefully be on at about 10, Norfolk traffic and wifes mood pending!
  5. The bus rides are frikkin awesome. I stocked it up with so much meds it was like a mobile hospital.
  6. I thought he was very remorseful, except when he bemoaned the waste of shells!
  7. To be fair, whilst I appreciate that I am not the most ballerina ninja type day z player, I do feel that the undead were being particularly spiteful to me last night. This was a horrible experience of multiple deaths until I finally met you guys and tooled up, upon which it became a glorious massacre of the undead (and that fool with the makarov )
  8. I managed to hook up with the Muk on mumble last night, right after they had all been hack killed Somehow I ended up on a different server but it was still fun to chat. I also bumped into my first friendlies. Two cool guys who took me under their wing and helped me with food, drink and weapons. Having the Muk on mumble was hilarious. I kept relaying questions like "where are you heading" and "do you want to visit X" to get the right answers and not look like a total noob. I also was told on multiple occasions that my new friends were leading me into the woods for some serious Deliverance style man on man action, which just added to the excitement tension terror of the situation. I am now near the place Berezino? where you guys hang out I think, and will no doubt fail miserable to reach you for protection before being either eaten by zombies, executed by bandits or more likely tripping over a tree stump, breaking a leg and bleeding out!
  9. Christ this is addictive. I have died about 10 times today, had a couple of good runs, it really has that one more go appeal. I have been executed without mercy twice, once a close up with a crowbar freeman style! and once at range, a single head shot by an unknown assassin ending my best run so far gear wise. I am currently fucked - broken leg and no Morphine. Still I desperately scrabble around on my hands and knees in the vain hope of finding some. I have a mate coming round but will try to get on mumble and meet hopefully some of you at some point! This game is fucking brilliant, it shouldn't be, but it is.
  10. Address: Port: 30662 Mumble details I think. I just spawned in the middle of the sea - WTF land is miles away
  11. god noob alert will get on mumble stat.
  12. Thx mate 6launcher is running now
  13. Which Beta Patch should I install? The latest is ARMA2_OA_Build_95660.zip but recommended is ARMA2_OA_Build_95389.zip ?
  14. Im in, well not quite, Im waiting for OA to download. Can I have the Mumble server details please. Im quite excited about this....
  15. You need a gold account to use sky go? Fuck.
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