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  1. @cubik I’ve tried those Morrisons doughs. Admittedly only via the frying pan/grill method but they’re surprisingly easy to handle and they actually taste really good. As there us only me in my household who eats ‘homemade’ pizza these are perfect for me to keep in for when I need my pizza fix
  2. No way! I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them. I came on this thread to link to them as I ordered a case from them on Tuesday which arrived Thursday. I hope you can get your money back from PayPal.
  3. I have found that placing a saucepan lid into the frying pan steams the top/yolk of the egg and saves you having to spoon over any oil or whatever you’re cooking the eggs in. Cooking them this way with butter is heavenly
  4. Followers of this thread will know my exploits with my KCT oven last year were somewhat varied owing to trying to get the damned oven to the right temperature as seen above Since that party last year I have to say that I only used the oven sparingly owing to me really struggling to maintain a steady temperature using wood. Often I’d make a small batch of dough and make my pizzas the frying pan and grill method. I had planned this long weekend to crack out my pizza oven and give it a real good go of maintaining that temperature so I could make the family pizzas on my own without someone helping with the fuel That was until we got a short notice invite to a party… I didn’t bother making any of my own dough as we had plans to eat out over the other couple of days. Anyways, I’m ranting…!! There was an Ooni at the party I went to… My god! The simplicity!! With the most basic of ingredients (I’m talking tomato purée and Red Leicester cheese on some pizzas!) our host was able to make wonderful pizzas and in no time at all. He must have served around a dozen pizzas in no more than 30-40 minutes. On my KCT beast I’d have been in the garden for an hour before the first dough got near the oven messing with the temperature. The question is, whilst the KCT beast my wife bought me was very thoughtful (especially as it was a returning home gift from working away for a few months) how can I tell her I can’t use the damned thing easy enough and we’re getting an Ooni?! Before you answer that, yes she was with me at this party and was impressed with the simplicity and results produced by the Ooni. TL:DR - I’m rubbish with my existing pizza oven and now want an Ooni.
  5. I think that would be useful. Just to keep it separate from this thread and people potentially not seeing it.
  6. Thanks! Got my three achievements just now with this. I’m really getting into MS Rewards now and actually enjoying all the ways in which to earn points. I’m only on approx 20,000 but my weekly streak is now on a 7 week streak so I’m getting there. Silly thing is, when I worked at home full time last year I thought this was a waste of time So easy to grab the points in a spare 30-60 minutes. Now I’m finding I’m doing that after work along with household chores! Anyways… thanks @dumpster
  7. Thanks for all your assistance guys. The party was a great success! The video that @Jonny5 linked to was a huge help. I had my brother help with maintaining the fire and found that 375C was the sweet spot for my oven. I ended up using all 24 dough balls with only one failure as the thing stuck to the peel then ended up like a mangled calzone. Everyone loved them so thanks for all your help guys Below is a photo of my pizza. It was well deserved by the time I finally got to sit down
  8. Perfect, thanks for clearing that up @K I’ll crack on with the main story
  9. That was really helpful. Thanks @Jonny5 Clearly I had the oven far too hot yesterday. I have kiln dried logs as my fuel but I’ve also got some charcoal. I’ll try your method of placing the stone and fire on opposite sides to get the flames up into the oven. I’m feeling a lot more confident about them now having watched that video :)
  10. Quick question regarding the main story line. I'm sure this has been posted on the last page or two but I didn't want to click on anyones spoiler tags in case I revealed something I hadn't yet experienced.
  11. I know I'm insane for making pizzas with company this weekend, but I am pressing ahead with it Lukcily my guests have said they are not expecting much and no pressure. So that's something! I used the dough recipe which was linked on this thread around page 4 (Adam Atkins Gozney video) and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. My dough has been in the fridge cold proving since Tuesday evening so gave the oven a go last night to get some practise in. I really struggled to regulate the temperature on the oven. I either had the thing looking like it was about to set ablaze at any moment or just a low flame with the temperature around 200C. What didn't help was that my infrared thermometer only goes to 350C (massive facepalm) so couldn't confirm I had the oven/stone to the hallowed 400C. Equally the the temperature gauge which is fitted to the oven only displays up to 300C too. I have a new thermometer with a higher reading threshold coming today so hopefully I will get the hang of that more. Anyways, onto the pizzas! I had only used cheap tinned tomatoes and cheap mozzarella balls which I'd left to dry out for aprox3-4 hours to practise (also didn't use any olive oil, parmesan or fresh basil given these were pratcise ones so don't be too judgemental!) Pizza 1 - The base was lovely to me, however some people would call it burnt. I personally enjoyed the taste but I know it's not for everyone the base being that well done/burned. The top of the pizza however was only just cooked so clearly the stone was too hot. The way the pizza looked too didn't look great. Looks like it was just cooked in a regular oven. Clearly more time for the top to cook and less heat on the stone. Pizza 2 - I didn't stretch out this dough ball as much as the first and I'd let the oven cool a bit. The base was cooked better but still potentially still a bit too well done. However, as the stone had cooled along with the oven this meant the toppings and the crust were barely just cooked with the thicker end of the crust being still a bit raw :( I'd also put slightly more cheese on this one as I didn't feel pizza 1 had enough so that made the top a bit sloppy too. What do you guys suggest to try get these cooked a bit better? I'm thinking to combat this maybe I should heat the oven first, then add the stone to heat afterwards? That way the stone shouldn't get too hot? (For reference, this is my pizza oven and it has a removable stone in the top oven section.) But then I'm cooking more than one pizza so this is not practical. I think better temperature control will help overall. Apologies, I'm ranting. Any help/tips would be much appreciated :)
  12. Right guys, complete pizza noob time once again. Sorry!! Last year my wife bought me one of these KCT pizza ovens which I've finally got around to building (our house move stopped me building it any earlier!) I'm hoping for some decent weather next weekend to get a few friends around and finally get some use out of this thing. Having read this thread, I've gone on Amazon and bought a turning peel, a prooving box and an infrared thermometer (my wife bought a big peel with the oven so got that covered.) I also have some Caputo flour and I'm going to go to Waitrose to get some Mutti sauce. I do however have a few of questions. In terms of the temperature for the pizza stone, what do I want that to be for when I start cooking? Also, what temperature does the oven ideally need to be at as I'm using wood, not gas. Garlic bread - can anyone recommend any simple recipes for the topping on this? Dough - do I need to leave the dough in the fridge once I've made it in the prooving box? Also, when do I want to be making my dough for best results if I have people around next Saturday? Apologies if this has already been covered. I'm really looking forward to finally using this thing (if the bloody rain holds off!) and I want my pizzas to be perfect Thanks in advance.
  13. My god, this game is good isn’t it? I’m so engrossed with the entire thing. The world, story, characters. It’s brilliant. I haven’t felt this way about a game since I first played Fallout 3 (that being my first foray into the Fallout series.) I could spend hours playing this game. I just love it. I realise this post adds nothing to the discussion, just thought I’d share my love of it with you guys Also...
  14. I’m guessing this has now sold as I can’t see anything in trading.
  15. 5 hours in and I’m absolutely loving this. I really didn’t even think the start was that slow, I thought it was paced perfectly. Well enough for me to get to grips with it. I want to get back playing it right away but I’ve jobs around the house that need doing I suspect my productivity next week whilst WFH will reduce dramatically
  16. Sounds great Looking forward to (hopefully!) playing this evening!
  17. Great, thank you. I appreciate your help. I’m going to pick this up later and let the patches download hopefully ready for this evening :)
  18. Apologies if this has already been asked (and I’m sure it has been asked plenty enough!) but with the various patches that have been released is this at least playable on XSX? I’ve been wanting to get into this for a while but held off on account of all the errors and bugs reported.
  19. I got one of these. When I ordered it, it said they were scheduled to arrive on 20th February. My order still is sat at processed so I’m guessing yours will be the same too.
  20. I managed to get one - I must have got lucky as apparently I already had a very account. Password reset didn’t work for some reason so had to create a new account. That was a nervy few minutes!
  21. Ah great, thank you. I’ll keep an eye on their store
  22. I’ve used them for domestic appliances myself and found them to be excellent as well. I’m still on the look out for a series X. Hopefully there is more stock available soon but I know it’s not looking good.
  23. AO currently have stock of S’s for anyone that’s interested.
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