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  1. Just for my own personal sanity, how did you manage to lose work from your source control app? Aside from the workflow benefits of using Git the main reason I bother is to guarantee that no matter how careless I am I'll never be able to lose anything... Or so I thought.

  2. I think CAM is going to be my preferred role on this game, so looks good to me!

    Looking forward to seeing Tyler's silky skills.


    Going on my experience with this game so far I haven't really thought much of the 4-2-3-1, but that's mainly just from playing as the lone striker with a load of any's offering next to no support. It'll probably be more effective if we've got most of the team online I guess.

  3. Reporting in, sir.

    Just a heads up though, it's likely that I'll miss next week's games as I'm heading off to the airport around midnight that Thursday, but if I'm not rushing around at the last minute then hopefully I can still make it online. I'll definitely miss the next two Thursdays after that though, unfortunately :(

  4. Dan are you convinced yet?

    What I'd like to know is if there is anyone who already had a relatively small friends list to begin with who has also been suffering from crashes.

    It's a good sign that no one like that has already spoken up since this rumour about culling friends started doing the rounds, but then again, I guess most of the people on here would probably have 60+ friends on their list anyway.

    I don't know if it would be possible to pull from Mike's data (can't remember what specific questions were asked), but I'd like to see the number of crashes people were getting before friend culling to the number of crashes they got afterwards. The problem is I've gone several days without crashing at a time, but then I might get 3 of them in an hour. They tend to come in bursts for me, rather than being completely random.

  5. That scouting system sounds hilarious. In 5 seconds I've thought up a pretty simple solution, they'd just have to tag each player attribute with a figure which indicates with how much certainty it can be immediately observed - and then the scouts would never fall out of that range, no matter how incompetent they may be.

    ie. Height would have a 0% uncertainty range, Acceleration and Sprint Speed might be +/-5% since you can be pretty sure if a player looks fast he is actually fast. Strength and Shot Power might be up to +/-10% off... and so on, where the more subjective traits can have a much wider uncertainty level.

    Career mode in FIFA should be pure fantasy fulfillment. If I want to sign Falcao for Liverpool, there should be very little getting in my way. If I want a realistic management sim, I can (and do) pick up Football Manager every year. I stopped playing after realising I had to spend about an hour tinkering with scouts and what not before I could realistically sign one of a group of well established stars.

    You can start a career with customised squad files if that's how you'd like it.

  6. Player stamina is something which has needed a re-design for far too long. Fixing that would also have the side effect of fixing a load of other gameplay issues, like the tireless wingers who can chase down a never-ending stream of chipped through balls for 90 minutes without breaking sweat.

  7. Dan - that Kit you produced that we liked (Black with green bits) I assume that was a home kit? We don't get to actually pick kits do we so it will also depend on the other kits for that team.

    The captain can choose which kit they want to use (Home/Away/Alternate/Classic/etc.) from the Y-menu screen, where you can also select the other match search settings.

    However - and I'm not sure whether this applies to clubs, but it's definitely in 1v1 - the opposition kit you see on your screen isn't necessarily the same as the one chosen (and seen) by the opponent on their screen. If FIFA detects a kit clash (with whatever horribly designed algorithm they seem to use) then the game will automatically change their colours on your screen to try and avoid it, while still leaving the opposition seeing the kit they actually chose and swapping ours on their screens. If that makes sense.

  8. There's going to have to be some kind of major eureka moment in regards to my understanding of how you're supposed to enjoy playing this thing to elevate it from its current position as the worst Fifa I've ever owned.

    It's just dull.

    I have to admit, I think the eureka moment arrived... Aside from the endless crashing I've been enjoying the game much more of late. Just like the tactical defending was a couple of iterations ago, the new realistic movement mechanics took a long time getting used to, but now that I have it feels much nicer to play than the previous games.

    Note: This may or may not be due to me taking more advantage of the overpowered chipped through balls and headers, so I reserve my right to claim the game is shit again once they change all that in the patch and I go back to endlessly losing game after game.

  9. I don't think the heading is particularly more effective than in 13, what I think they've messed up is the defenders challenging for the crosses properly, sometimes linked in with the player switching.

    That's what I've been saying too, the attacking side of the game isn't overpowered*, it's just the complete lack of desire in defence to be first to the ball. They look disinterested and seem to have no sense of danger, and that's not just for crosses into the box.

    *Besides perhaps chipped through balls.

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