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  1. Even the mutual quit option doesn't work, it gave me a defeat after using it when the game kindly selected Blackburn's blue and white home kit to match up against my blue and white Wednesday kit.

    I guess it doesn't matter so much since the number of defeats counter is mostly made up of random crashes anyway.

  2. I like how when you select manual player switching in the control options it still switches your player just as often as when it's on any other setting, even though the tool-tip specifically says the game will never change the player for you.

    There's going to have to be some kind of major eureka moment in regards to my understanding of how you're supposed to enjoy playing this thing to elevate it from its current position as the worst Fifa I've ever owned.

    It's just dull.

  3. In terms of player movement this is probably the most realistic FIFA yet, which also happens to make it one of the least fun to actually play.

    Initially at least anyway, hopefully after getting used to the new mechanics it'll be a bit freer-flowing.

  4. So um, if you go into the EA football club to buy stuff all items are 50% off if you gift it to a friend. What kind soul would purchase for me the level 43 pro boost bundle with me doing the same in return?! Costs 4k to buy it for ones self, way too pricey for me.

    It might be worth getting a sharing thread going if we can all do up our pros for half the usual amount of coins then?

  5. I'm with Jamin on the subject of allowing teams to improve their AI randomers, I don't like the sound of that at all.

    First off, I don't think saying it would just be like a team practising is accurate, since I bet most of the games will be played by much smaller cliques of people like Clubs currently is on '13. It's not likely it will be a full-on team get together, therefore I can see the BAP league turning a bit insular with people sticking together in small groups even more than they do already.

    Secondly, and probably most importantly, the league in the past has generally rewarded the worst performing managers with a better quality team the following season. If we went ahead with this new system, it wouldn't matter how many practise games a club played, if they were a shite team they'll never progress up the divisions as highly as the other BAP sides and would be stuck with a lower quality side for their league matches as a result. I don't see how that's fair from any angle, no matter how negligible the AI difference is (which is debatable).

    Like Timmo said, I think it'll just cause undue frustration.

    Besides, it's easily solved: only use the BAP league Clubs for the BAP league, then everyone stays in Division 10. The extra bonus to this way of handling it is that there would be even more focus on a manager picking a side who actually turns up to play so they don't even need to use the low-level AI. I'd rather a manager picked players based on who's going to turn up on Thursday than who is going to boost their club the most during the week.

  6. To make amends you should have just let them score, that'd have been much easier.

    I acknowledge my opinion doesn't count for much being on the team that 'benefited' from Kevin's eagerness, but I disagree. In the middle of the match with fairly even scores then yeah, perhaps walking one into your own net is the best course of action. But with 14 minutes of the game left and the opposition still 3 [legitimate] goals behind, taking those 2 or 3 extra game minutes to give back an OG is just a double punishment for the opposition, they'd be left with even less time to get back into it through no fault of their own.

    Obviously I wasn't aware of Gerry's apparent instructions to the managers, but my feelings at the time were that we'd just ignore the goal and play on as if it was 3-0 and record that as the result at the end.

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