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  1. They will be applied via the match reporting screens and the match reporter chooses to apply a sponge before they submit that weeks report

    I see, so I assume they'll never know whether they prevented a long-term injury, or just wasted a sponge on someone who wouldn't have even been given a layoff anyway?

  2. Just seeking a bit of clarification regarding the magic sponges to be won during tomorrow's cup competition...

    The steering group announcement says, "A sponge is limited to one layoff for one player."

    A few questions,

    [a] Is a 'layoff' classed as the whole term as a result of Mike's random injury draw, or just a single game week?*

    Can sponges be saved up and used strategically on the team's best players when required, or are they automatically applied as soon as an injury occurs?

    [c] If they can be saved, do unused sponges transfer over to future seasons?

    [d] If they can be saved, when and where do the managers need to indicate that they plan to use one?**

    *For example, if a player was injured during a game and was then assigned a 4 week absence from Mike's random injury draw, would the magic sponge remove the whole 4 weeks, or just knock it down to 3?

    **This probably needs to be made public and done in advance so that either Mike can remove the injury listing from the website, or other managers can be made aware that the player is now eligible to play, despite a listed injury.

  3. I don't know... Sometimes it feels like a mess and sometimes it can just all come together nicely.

    I was just 3-0 down in a Division 1 seasons match after 31 minutes, playing against one of those annoying 3-star foreign teams you've never heard of with all the nippy, skillful players while I'm flailing around with a half-built Wednesday side after the EA gods took all last season's loan players away from me. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it's going to go your way and you just end up cursing the game for its dodgy bounces, but I don't really want a robotic sports game which does everything you ask of it. I like the unpredictability - to an extent. Obviously it helps when you're grabbing your 5th in the 90th minute and laughing at the prick who was doing those "Shhhhhh..." celebrations after reversing the above fixture 5-3 too.

    That's the best thing I like about this game, it mimics football in that you can be completely bossing a match and still have it snatched away from you if you don't keep up your guard for the full 90. As it should be really.

  4. Did anyone catch their live shows recently? Saw them at the Manchester Apollo and they where incredible.

    Yeah, I saw them in Manchester too, I think it was the first night of two shows they played there from memory. It was the first time I'd seen them live and they certainly lived up to my lofty expectations. I hadn't had chance for much sleep the night before, so the dreamy state I was in probably helped with the atmosphere of the show.

    When they kicked off the encore with Svefn-G-Englar I think I almost died of happiness, the whole setlist was perfect for me really. Great to see them ending on Popplagio as well. Not sure if they do that at every gig, but it's obviously the one you'd pick.

    But on the new album, I do think it's pretty good overall and it has already been on several repeat listens since I got it last week, but you do kind of expect more than a "pretty good" when it comes to Sigur Ros I guess.

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  5. How much of a hit on your rating does playing as 'any' have Saint? A couple of weeks ago we (City) decided to play 5 anys since there were only 5 of us online, and it seems to have distorted the stats for the entire season quite severely given that each of us all controlled 10 different players and received 20 different sets of ratings for the two games.

    Are those 20 ratings not averaged out so that you only receive one rating per game to contribute to your season average, or are all those ratings compounded together? I ask because I'm sure Pants and I were in the top 10 or 15 players going by average rating for the season prior to that week and now the 5 of us who played those two games are all in the bottom 8.

    Granted we all deserve to be at the bottom, but it just seems like that 1 game week has made every other game/rating almost meaningless. Which I assume shouldn't be happening?

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