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  1. Will be close for the first game again, buy yay for the second.
  2. Well fuck me for asking questions on a discussion forum. I'm sorry for not combing over the 400 page thread to find something which I hadn't seen covered in the last god knows how many pages, but if you were going to waste your own time replying (twice) you might as well have just linked to one of these apparently numerous answers instead of acting like a superior arse. Clearly Steam is the most consumer-friendly system of the two, given that it seemingly allows for rock-bottom prices (I picked up the entire Alan Wake collection for about £4 the other week), but I'll have to concede that I don't actually care enough about the answer to ask three times, especially as the answer must be genuinely so obvious.
  3. So in which way is it majorly different? As far as I'm aware I can't trade any of my purchased games with anyone (besides selling my Steam account which I believe is against the ToS anyway?), and I can't lend or give them away to friends. The only difference I can think of is that Steam allows you to go into an offline mode indefinitely, but as soon as you come back online (to install a new game, or whatever) your account/game library is verified that you aren't logged in somewhere else. In theory you could have your Steam account (and games library) installed on a hundred devices if you kept them all offline, that's probably the kind of thing Microsoft wanted to avoid happening with people who never went online with their consoles to begin with. If anything Steam seems even more restrictive than the proposed Xbox One DRM, since you can't share your library with 'family'. I'm clearly missing some major feature of Steam somewhere...?
  4. Sod trying to fudge VR control with a keyboard and mouse, just give me X-Plane and a flight yoke.
  5. They gain the ability to check that you still own the game and you haven't just installed it to your machine and sold the disc. Steam works pretty similarly and I don't hear many people getting up in arms about their policy these days. The only difference with Steam is that you can put it into an offline mode when you know you're going to be connectionless and still want to be able to access your games, I've no idea why Microsoft haven't allowed for that same functionality.
  6. I assume that means you'll be able to pair any standard mobile headset to it then? Excellent.
  7. Does anyone know if the PS4 has Bluetooth, or if they will be releasing their own proprietary wireless headset at launch? After getting used to chatting without wires on the 360 I'm not sure I want to go back to tying myself to the controller again.
  8. Yup. No matter how well built the PS4 pad might be, it still has the sticks in the wrong place. No doubt purely for brand continuity reasons rather than it being of any benefit for the actual user too, which is a joke.
  9. I think most of us on here have been, but the PS4 still seems worth the extra effort to switch over to. I'm not sure what benefits the next Xbox has, I'd basically be paying £429 to play Halo, when the real 'Halo' in Destiny is coming out on the PS4 first anyway. I've got all the Forza games, but I always secretly wished I was playing Gran Turismo too. That's one big benefit of going back to Sony for me at least. *Note: I have no idea if the GT games are even any good these days, but I loved the first 3.
  10. Lightning 0 - 1 Renegades (Ryanski) Renegade 1 - 1 Lightning (Scoot) Cheers for the games, was a good laugh this week.
  11. Originally you said we'd have until before this weekend's games to get it played, hence Ryan's offer to be available at 20:30 tonight. If Joe can get a side together I can be online at that time with Ryan now, if you want to give us chance to get it played without penalties?
  12. Still no word from Mackenie, Tris or Scoot, but Ryan and his buddy should be around at 20:30 tomorrow if we're going to get this played before the new week's fixtures? I should hopefully be able to make it on at that time too, but I'll definitely be back for the games at 10.
  13. I spent about £150 on a TrackIR and an infra-red tracking headset a couple of years back... Used it about twice before I got annoyed with having to look away from the screen while still looking at the screen to be able to see what was happening, even with the compensation. Wonder what I can sell it for these days (not much I imagine), I want me one of these. This is the first I've seen of it.
  14. It's been the main FPS I've played for the last 3 or 4 months. I'd say it's pretty solid and I've been enjoying it a lot, but I haven't played CoD or BF for a couple of years to be able to properly compare them. As far as I understand it CoD and BF are still round-based aren't they? PS2 is an open persistent map where there's just a continuous fight for territory. There's less of an overall goal given that you can never actually win (besides capturing 100% of the continents), but the combat is always interesting. Especially since the fights can consist of 100s of players from each of the three factions fighting over a single base, the game creates some proper epic moments from time to time with that amount of action going off. It'll be interesting to see if they attempt to integrate the PS4 version onto the PC servers or keep them separate though.
  15. Well, it seems fairly clear that the actual owner can play the game whenever they like, so it's not an issue for the person who is actually buying the game. In regards to if more than one 'family' member wanted to play at the same time; it's tough really. They'd either have to wait until no one else was using it, or buy their own copy - but that's exactly what they'd have to do if it was disc-based anyway, so not really a downside to the system, just a limitation to stop it being taken advantage of.
  16. The 'engineer' was talking about offloading multiplayer server hosting to the cloud, whereas currently (depending on the game) games are hosted on the machine they were created on, which obviously isn't free, CPU-wise. Like you say, for single-player experiences I don't have a clue what they're planning to use the cloud for.
  17. Apparently PS4 is getting Planetside 2. No idea on the framerate, but that's 6,000 players per server on the PC.
  18. Whether he was an actual Xbox engineer or not is not for me to decide (or care), but quite obviously any server processing done in the cloud is saved CPU cycles on the console itself which can be used for something else. I really don't think it does, it's being made complicated by a loop of people reading assumed explanations and then making up their own misleading explanations for how the system will work... Perhaps I'm going to contribute to that loop, but reading the actual official statements from Microsoft it actually seems rather straight forward: - The owner of a game (who 'installs' it to their gamertag) can play the game at any time, regardless of what their 'family' is doing. - The owner of a gamertag can specify up to 10 'family' members who gain access to view your game library. - A family member does not need to be verified in any physical way (ip address, billing address, blood test, etc..), it can be given to any gamertag which has been on your friends list for at least 30 days. - A maximum of one out of the 10 family members can be playing one of your shared library games at a time. It's actually a really nice feature, especially for real families, or two people who play online together a lot. Only one of the two would have to buy each copy of the games they wanted to play and they could share out the cost. This is of course assuming that Microsoft's official announcements are correct, which I have no reason to doubt. Especially since it sounds like Sony did a very similar kind of thing this generation.
  19. Just out of interest, am I in the minority of people who never trades games in or buys second hand then? I always assumed it was the second hand gamers/traders who were in the minority but the strength of this outrage leads me to think I may have misjudged that. Not that Microsoft's decision to do this isn't annoying, I'd still like to keep the option of being able to trade if I wanted to. I keep all my purchases, probably stupidly as I could always buy them back dirt cheap if I ever felt like playing an old game again in the future, but I still have boxes of games from the Megadrive era onwards.
  20. In fairness to Doritos, they did give away that Takeshi's Castle style game on XBL Arcade a while back which was actually rather fun for a while. Who knows,maybe with this new promotion they're planning on giving away another game and the top 1,000 on the leaderboards will be the ones who receive the free XBOnes or something.
  21. One way this 'always on connection' thing could have worked is if they switched to a subscription pricing model. Have a massive discount on the console, say £50-100 to get one home, then all you have to do is keep paying your XBL subscription to stay eligible to use the machine and play your games. They could always retain ownership of the box for 24 months or so if you decide to cancel your subscription (much like a mobile phone contract), and then once you've got your games and hooked on the (initially) cheap system then you have to keep handing over your money each month to continue playing. I'm not saying I'd prefer that model compared to just paying the £429 up front, but it would certainly give the DRM a legitimate reason for existing.
  22. As if region-locked games weren't bad enough, we now have region-locked consoles? They've lost the plot.
  23. QR codes printed on the disk or just included in the game box perhaps? They already have the Kinect to scan them with, better than having to type in CD-Keys at least anyway. [edit] Just seen this was already mentioned, should catch up with the thread before posting!
  24. I've asked what times the other guys will be about to get these games arranged but only Ryan has replied and suggested playing them before the new week's fixtures on Sunday at 20:30. I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to make it at that time (but I probably should be able to), so was waiting to see if any of the other three could make it just in case I couldn't, but no word as of yet...
  25. Better stream on twitch.tv if not posted already: http://www.twitch.tv/axles
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