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  1. First time on the Nurburgring for me last night. It has to go straight to the top of my list of favourate race tracks on any game! What is it? 14 miles and 73 corners? Very nice 8)
  2. Aghh! I can't believe I forgot the main theme to MGS2, that was (and still is) my favourate game theme. If MGS didn't get the music right it wouldn't be half the game it really is.
  3. What about the flying car yesterday, 60ft in the air! Yeah, more great games last night, i'll be back on tonight!
  4. Can't you remember when the PS2 was said to be the death of the PC. I can see my PC on shiver as i type it.
  5. I liked that Xbox add when it was first released, the life's too short one. That was class
  6. Im all for new genres to be created. This is vital for games to expand into the future and to create truly 'mass market' games. Imagine if the qualities of a GT/PGR game were mixed with a MGS/SC style game with a hint of Halo's gameplay thrown in. The game wouldn't fit into any standard genre but it sure would be amazing and that would be true mass marketing. I guess you could say the series of James Bond games have tried to do this and failed miserably, so maybe i'm totally wrong
  7. I have to aggree totally.
  8. Halo, the greatest soundtrack on a game ever. (I own the official soundtrack CD) Jet Set Radio Future, can't fault it, fits the game perfectly. Gran Turismo series, great use of upbeat, fast paced melodies which suit the game to the ground. And features the best band in the world which is a bonus.
  9. Let me say something.... I have NEVER played on this game so I can't say I like it or not. My point is about the FPS/FPA situation. (I'm guessing that the 'A' is for adventure) You cannot just invent new genre's like that, they are not pointless either as someone said above, they are used to identify what the game is relatively about. Eg. Racing - You race vehicles. FPS - A shooting game in the first person perspective. MP is a game in the first person perspective which involves shooting things. I know people that play MP don't like it being compared with Halo but is Halo a FPA? No, its a FPS. Halo involves shooting and has an adventure style storyline unlike a standard FPS such as Quake for example. Just because in MP you have to solve puzzles to get through the game doesn't remove the fact that it is a FPS. If it did then we would need to reclassify all the other 'non-genre specific' games aswell. Whats Tomb Raider? Is it a TPS, No its an Action/Adventure game. It's simple, Metroid Prime is a FP shooting game.
  10. I think i'll be on tonight aswell, can't get enough of live now!
  11. Yeah, some great games last night, i'll be back on tonight now i have my very own xbox, and BB in my room! By the way, did you ever get round to playing that 'cat and mouse' game you were talking about? Thanks for the games!
  12. You can tell from looking (and hearing) the people working at bungie that they are not going to f*ck this up. It's not often that games live up to their hype, and as one of the biggest ever hyped games of all time, lets hope Halo 2 becomes the worlds best videogame!
  13. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the Live experience. Feel free to add me, gamertag in my sig. As you can see I mainly play PGR2 and RS3 on Live. 4 Player Co-op over Live is my best ever gaming experience since halo. Its a must if you enjoy FPS' PS. How do you tell if someone is using a voice mask? I have played quite a few people with (very) high voices and wondered if it was masked. I didn't want to say STFU and tell them to turn off the mask when maybe they just had a squeeky voice
  14. Best PS2 Game Was there one? EDIT: Ahh, PES3, there you go Best Xbox Game Project Gotham Racing 2 Rainbow Six 3 [Only because of Live] Top Spin Best GC Game --DON'T OWN A GC-- Best PC Game Halo PC Championship Manager 4 --Only bought 2 PC games this year-- Best GBA Game --DON'T OWN-- Best Technical achievment (software) Xbox Live Streaming textures in PGR2 DirectX 9.0b Best Technical Achievement (Hardware) Xbox Live headset erm... can't think of anything else (eyetoy sucked ) Best Developer Ubisoft Bizzare Microsoft Game Studios Best Publisher Microsoft EA Most Wanted game Of 2004 Halo 2 Half-Life 2 Best Overall Game of the Year Project Gotham Racing 2 Rainbow Six 3 Top Spin
  15. I'll most likely be on tonight, gamertag in sig.
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