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  1. Best PS2 Game

    Was there one?

    EDIT: Ahh, PES3, there you go ;)

    Best Xbox Game

    Project Gotham Racing 2

    Rainbow Six 3 [Only because of Live]

    Top Spin

    Best GC Game

    --DON'T OWN A GC--

    Best PC Game

    Halo PC

    Championship Manager 4

    --Only bought 2 PC games this year--

    Best GBA Game

    --DON'T OWN--

    Best Technical achievment (software)

    Xbox Live

    Streaming textures in PGR2

    DirectX 9.0b

    Best Technical Achievement (Hardware)

    Xbox Live headset

    erm... can't think of anything else (eyetoy sucked :D)

    Best Developer



    Microsoft Game Studios

    Best Publisher



    Most Wanted game Of 2004

    Halo 2

    Half-Life 2

    Best Overall Game of the Year

    Project Gotham Racing 2

    Rainbow Six 3

    Top Spin

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