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  1. Someone give Sega a call, there's a space in the console market opening up for them.
  2. Ustream is even worse than the Sony stream yesterday, constantly buffering. The Sony conference was perfect on YouTube (and great quality), but it doesn't seem like there's a live stream on there for Nintendo's show?
  3. Here's the UI video: Not sure if it will jump to the right part of the video if embedded, so you might need to copy&paste this link:
  4. I blame that Phil Harrison chap, wherever he goes disaster isn't too far behind. It was on the YouTube stream, right at the the end of the post-conference round-up. I'll have a look for it...
  5. Why? Clearly the used games policy was all the idea of the publishers, didn't you read their press release? I mean come on, it's not little old Microsoft's fault that they accidentally developed the architecture to allow those nasty publishers to do that, is it?
  6. They're showing the UI of the console now, for anyone who switched off the stream. Lots of social media integration it seems, but looks swish. Also, is that going to be the 'headset' that comes with the console then? They were all using a little blue earphone while playing with what was probably an in-line microphone in the cable. Hopefully they'll have a Bluetooth one, I've got used to not having the wires on the 360 now.
  7. For the benefit of those who didn't see the show, Sony just rubbed Microsoft's face into the dirt. Can't see me getting a One for a long while now, if ever.
  8. Well that's that settled then. Just need to get over the fact that the Dual Shock is annoying compared to the 360 controller.
  9. Massive cheers for not having to be connected to the internet to play offline games, who would have imagined that a couple of months ago. Amazing scenes.
  10. He looks like he's just been to the dentist and half of his face is numb.
  11. Did no one else notice the tweet they showed in the top right corner when they had them all up on the screen, about a fan begging Sony not to use DRM on their games? I can't see why they'd reference that unless they were going to give us good news on the subject...
  12. Playing to the fans already. Promising start.
  13. Why are the audience recording it on their phones? Idiots.
  14. dan_tm


    This is going to be the first generation I'm not planning on getting at least one launch console, but that would make me get one just to support their audacity.
  15. I hope the intro to this preview show isn't going to be representative of the presentation itself, this is painful.
  16. dan_tm


    To be fair some states have 0% sales tax though. I think it was in New Hampshire I saved about £700 on my current laptop compared to the price on Amazon in the UK. Not sure if there are other states like that, but it would be possible to pick one up at pure exchange rate prices in some areas.
  17. dan_tm


    Simple answer: because it's getting to the price point where it makes more sense to just buy a PC and get a 360 controller if you want to play it on the couch. I don't see the benefit of the Xbox One being a self-contained system any more, it might as well have a button which switches it over to a Windows desktop and you can install Steam on it. It's no longer a console where you can just plug in a game and be playing with your friends 30 seconds later, so why not go the whole way and just make it a PC in the living room?
  18. Anyone watching the EA conference? They just did the FIFA segment, nothing particularly exciting announced gameplay wise though; just a load of "four times as many calculations for more intelligent movement and more visionary passing" type bumf they always trot out. The crowd animations look good for a change though.
  19. Are people still watching the show somewhere? It seems they cut the official feed on the 360 after the technical fuck-ups... Are they still going?
  20. I'd never heard of that 'The Boss' game, I used to play this one on the Commodore 64 back in those days:
  21. Take ST if you like, I'll drop back.
  22. It's not all bad, at least we found time to chat about beards.
  23. Need to get back to basics on hoofing it from the back I think. Still, should have taken something from those games...
  24. Football doesn't start until 8:40 for me tonight so it's unlikely I'll be able to make it back in time for the first BAP game... Should hopefully be back in time for the second though.
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