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  1. I saw both my local HMV and Virgin puuting Driving Force Pros on the shelves yesterday and today to coincide with GT4's release so try the highstreet?
  2. Yup the Driving Force Pro fromLogitech is the Official GT4 wheel and it's absolutly fantastic, 900 degrees of rotation and strong proper force feedback (not just vibration like you get on some of the cheap wheels). Only downside to the package is that the foot pedals arn't really up to the same quality as the wheel.
  3. Argh my Tesco's weren't selling it when I looked last night, I have it preorder at Virgin anyways and I'm hoping they'll have it for sale tonight as I'll have very little time to play it tomorrow evening. I'll probably have to wait though.
  4. But isn't it sort of the point that you won't get multi-format titles on it cos it's so 'revolutionary' it will do other things and be focused on different titles?
  5. It's not entirely relevant to MGS3 but I'm always slightly apprehensive about playing games on easy after playing through American McGee's Alice; if you played the game on easy rather than normal alot of the games puzzles and challenges were actually removed. Sometimes in can be good to have a pleasant walkthrough a game on easy so you know that you'll see the ending, but not if you miss alot of the content that the game provides.
  6. It is a fullscreen conversion so i think it's safe to assume it's full speed as well.
  7. Bought this on Saturday at PC World for 20 quid and it really is 'Ace' (sorry)! Nice arcady game with the radio chatter and score really helping to raise the excitment barrier and make the game really fun. Lovely looking visuals but the way the story is told is a bit convoluted, especially with the reporter describing things from the first person...I spent the first couple of missions unsure if I was actually playing as the reporter guy or not. Highly reccomended though.
  8. Flockheart


    Was so looking forward to trying the demo last night but it just crashed whenever I executed it
  9. Despite their best efforts they can't even satisfy Japanese consumer levels yet can they? With the larger US market I can't see them being ready for a european launch in 6 weeks unless the production situation drastically changes.
  10. Yup you have the usual 50/60Hz choice.
  11. Looks like it's a video of the track which is played back during the game (maybe with the speed adjusting depending on the trains velocity?) rather than realtime polygon funkyness.
  12. Now that the official release date for PAL GT4 has been announced (9th March, I couldn't actually find it mentioned here after a search) heres a list of the additional PAL features stolen from the gtplanet forum: So no 60Hz mode (but a decent full screen, full speed conversion so I'm not that bothered) and a few tweaks here and there...sounds alright to me (apart from the lack of online play), roll on the 9th of March!
  13. Anyone know if the US version is region free, I saw a site listing Dead Or Alive Ultimate as one of the Xbox's region free games but if anyone could test a US copy in a PAL machine and confirm this that would be great?
  14. Just played up to the first boss (and beat it naturally ) and it's been quality so far, definitly best Resident Evil yet.
  15. My copy from playasia (finally) arrived at my gran's about 30 minutes ago with umbrella in tow . So if you picked the cheap postage from playasia expect it today or tomorrow, I can't wait to enter the world of survival horror tonight...only 5 hours and 52 minutes of work left to go!
  16. Thats quite interesting as it looks like they're using the DVD regions for games, which at least would mean that a PAL PSP would be able to run Japanese game imports?
  17. Yeah I used economy too, i.e. airmail to try and avoid any customs. Just chomping at the bit as the game's sounding so great (and I thought orders from VGP tended to use airmail too).
  18. Anybody who ordered from playasia received theirs yet?
  19. Click For Spoiler Right it turned out that the 9 year old kid was a l33t coder who made this 3d fighting game completely by himself to encourage a guy with learning difficulties who played the game with him to perform the murders Closed with the two cops discussing the sickness of turning murder into a video game including the line: "When killing becomes entertainment, we all lose touch with reality" Though i believe there was a touch of irony at the end with the program ending with Barnaby (the cop who uttered the line above) describing the win he just had on the horses as "making a killing". Overall seemed typical anti violent games, usual ill informed representation of the medium and plenty of classic people 'playing a game' while hitting random buttons on the joypad/keyboard. edit: beaten to it
  20. Oh my god! At the moment they're saying someone made the game to '"train" the kid how to kill the victims, is there gonna be a twist? The other copper is searching a computer to try and find who made the game, apparently by pressing the down key while running Microsoft Excel...
  21. Shit sorry wasn't meaning to keep anything a secret, it's not a real game. It's called "The Secret of the Ring" looks like a 1-1 beat 'em up and features a medieval knight with a sword twatting a big metal humanoid thing. Graphics look like a 3d homebrew game and the camera continually rotates round the two combatants. Theres lots of clanging metal noises and they keep showing the same bit of the game - it initially didn't look that violent at all. Then in one shot the kid asks Barnaby (the detective) if he wants to play, the kid tells him when to press the button and then suddenly the big metal humanoid thing's head gets chopped off and there was a lot of blood followed by the screen wiping to a crappy red overlay. Now the kids very rude and likes medieval weapons and stuff and has started having nightmares which the detective asked him if it could have been caused by the game. Hope that clears things up.
  22. To be honest I'm begining to regret taking the cheap postal option...well 10 quid as i couldn't resist the 'free' umbrella.
  23. Shit look at the blood! - Fatality! The detective: "Is killing people your idea of a game?" The kid: "If all killing happened in games, no one would ever get hurt" ...or something like that.
  24. Wow that video game they've got on there makes Manhunt look suitable for kids.
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