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  1. As Tequila says you could easily get Resi 4 & a free loader four less than 50 quid. I think playasia is slightly cheaper than vgp with the game being about £27 + a couple of quid p&p (or about £36 + p&p with a freeloader).
  2. gametrailers.com have 4 new 'exclusive' videos from the game if anyone's interested (obviously containing spoilers). Still waiting on my copy from playasia but as it's coming via airmail it probably wont get here anytime soon
  3. Yeah mine was shipped today (13th) despite the expected ship date being the 12th.
  4. Yup I heard that Genki are working on it at the moment and tbh thats sold the PSP for me. Interestingly though there's also a GBA version due early next year.
  5. Yeah they're available in the UK, I got mine a few months ago. The wheel itself is excellent though the pedals arn't great. The 900 degree steering lock is a fantastic improvement over previous wheels.
  6. I've got the Ryu & Ken ones, they've been out in other regions for a short while now. They're actually pretty nice, first thing that strikes you is the quality of the packaging very sturdy boxes that have a flip top so you can open them and see the pad inside and the 'certificate' which is printed on a seperate textured paper and stuck to the underside of the lid. The box also has magnets in it so the the lid sticks closed neatly and stay shut. The pads are pretty well made but feel suprisingly light. They feel quite similar to the origional saturn pads. In the centre is a hologram showing the relevant character performing a specific move, ryu a fireball & ken a dragon punch. The buttons are ever so slightly too 'clicky' for my liking though. Being designed for Street Fighter you have the six buttons on the front (or 2 triggers if you'd prefer a more snes style layout) and a dpad that is (automatically) 1000 times better than the standard PS2 pad's dpad. You also get a small booklet sized preview comic and a couple of 15th aniversary stickers in the box. If anyone cares I'll take a few photos and post them up here. Oh and they were about 13 quid each on liksang and the other usual stockists have them if you don't want to wait until February.
  7. You should be using the output of your hidden nodes (C or D) as your input to Output Node NOT the initial values you supplied to Nodes A or B or you will loose any signal generated by A or B making them redundant. Your input should always come from the previous neighbour(s) connected to the current node you are processing.
  8. In the UK the GameCube version was actually published by Nintendo, EA only published the PS2 & XBox versions - so this appears to be the first time they have let EA use their characters.
  9. I agree with that, though during the Richard & Judy violent games feature Richard mentioned parents buying "Gran Theft Auto" thinking it was nothing more than a game of "Cops & Robbers"...I'm not convinced people could be that dense though...could they? That ITV article seems to show that at least the powers that be have a good idea whats going on, it is apparent that lots of adults still see video games as "just for kids" so they don't look for age classifications on games. This would gradually phase out over the years anyway, as more and more people with well defined thumbs have children themselves. It's good that they intend to highlight the age ratings in games but I find it quite hard to believe that most parents aren't aware that adult games exist with all the media coverage they've had over the last year.
  10. Thats a real shame, I was really looking forward to see what Unity would eventually turn out to be
  11. 1) Jet Set Radio Future 2) Shenmue 3) Final Fantasy VII
  12. That MSP just dug his own grave "child pornography"... Edit: Beaten to it aswell
  13. Yup maybe I'm being a bit pesimistic but I'm getting the feeling their choices will be quite amusing. They also mentioned games with harmless sounding names containing seens of sickening violence etc while running a video of "Grand Theft Auto".
  14. It ain't finished yet, I just switched the telly on and they said they were going back to it later in the episode.
  15. Picked up my DS at lunchtime, only had a short play with it as I'm in work. It is quite a large, escpecially compared to the SP but I'm pretty impressed. The touch screen works pretty well in metroid once you get used to it. Initially I was trying to place my thumb (with the thumb adapted) in the centre of the screen and found the view didn't turn enough (i.e 90 degrees+) when you dragged across (I normally have my mouse sensitivity set pretty high in FPSs). But it seems movement is based on the actual direction your dragging in not where your dragging (like a thumbstick) and once you get to grips with it it works very well. Seems to be no dead pixels as well thank fuck as I was quite worried about that, now just waiting on feel the magic arriving. It's seems a great piece of kit though
  16. Just found this very short video of Animal Crossing running on the DS with the updated graphics. Right Click & Save
  17. They just wanted to watch some TV and were trying to give you a hint...
  18. A little of topic but I didn't see the need to start another animal crossing thread, I just came across this scan from famitsu and the DS version seems to look quite a bit different to the GameCube one now (it's at the bottom of the page): Apologies if I just hit 88mph, it's the first screen I've seen since the initial screens and videos when it was announced.
  19. I got an import of it well after everybody else (still well before the PAL release though ) and it's a really decent game and I got into it for a couple of months before it started to wear a bit thin. I still switch it on now and again, and keep removing weeds until I get bored. Theres apparently some ghost at night who you can get to do all the weeding for you is there not? I'm looking forward to the DS version as it seems to be a perfect home for the game; you can just do your half hour of tending to the village each day while you commute, easier to exchange items and visit other villages via the wireless linkup, the stylus for drawing your own textures and so on. It'd be great if the DS version was online too but I'm not sure it'll happen.
  20. I agree, If you watch the tiny video for richard burns rally it's the trailer for the pc, xbox & ps2 versions...it even has their logos at the end! Click on one of the images and they're twice the resolution of the Gizmondo's screen.
  21. I've just got one of eBay this afternoon, a bit pricy at 125 quid with delivery but it's already in the UK so no import duty and it's being posted tomorrow morning.
  22. Right I'm looking to import a DS from one of the eastern suppliers but I'm slightly put off about not knowing the amount of duty I'll have to pay on the things arrival. I'm looking at getting one from play asia at the moment with a game and shiped via UPS total around $265.00, anybody who's imported a similar package able to say how much extra they had to pay on the consoles arrival (import duty, VAT & customs clearance fees)? Cheers, Handle
  23. You could jump out of them in the second NGPC version, the GBA version handles vehicles as the origional games did IIRC from playing the rom, i.e. you don't have to use them.
  24. What year did you actually do your MSc? I ask because I'll be the first to admit that Abertay's CGT course wasn't great to start off with, I'll put it down to teething problems with it being a new course. Our first few years had their problems (2000/2001 & 2001/2002) but the course involved on a yearly basis and was really very good from third year on. Sharing labs with some of the younger years also highlighted a vast improvement in the course's structure, you could see that their tuition had vastly improved and the quality of their output had really increased. I also noticed from sharing labs with MSc students that they currently seem to do a variation on the 3rd year of the BSc course. They teach network programming as part of the sylabus now Not quite sure of your logic behind that, everyone I've spoken to and asked for advice from who work in 'the industry' have told me that it is best to specialise in one field. The days of one or two programmers knocking out a game are long gone and there's not really any chance that at a large modern day developer you'll be coding most of the game by yourself. Sure you'll need an understanding of how the whole comes together but different components that make up games are now such large fields in their own right that if you try to generalise in everything you'll barly scratch the surface of what is possible in any of them.
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