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    Wrc 04

    It's not got a 60Hz option then? I'm assuming it's a decent PAL conversion, full screen and not running slow? And finally I'm also assuming that it's got Driving Force Pro support?
  2. Flockheart

    Wrc 04

    I was looking at this with interest and I'm slowly struggling my way through Richard Burns (which is excellent though a tad hardcore ) at the moment. To be honest I was really impressed with WRC4 graphics that I've seen in the videos and screenshots but read a couple of reviews saying that it didn't look very good in the flesh. So being a sucker for racing games and eye candy how would you guys rate in on the graphical front?
  3. It was stolen so they had to rewrite it.
  4. It wasn't even taken off the shelves in alot of places, hell Game have even been selling it again for months. Moosegrinder you can probably get it online for about 15 quid, I saw it on some website earlier today, may have been simplygames.
  5. Legally they should be charged a fine if the game has a BBFC certifcation (like San Andreas) shouldn't they?
  6. Listen to what the bitch says, Denise ain't a classy lady and ain't into that sort of place. When you drive a little way from her area she says something along the lines of "This place is so me" the nearest restaurant is the pizza place, take her there and she'll be happy.
  7. Devs in Dundee include Real Time Worlds, Visual Sciences, Vis & Denki though theres a few more. Further afield theres also Rockstar North in Edinburgh and I believe Vis have another studio further North somewhere.
  8. Just get parallel to the guys on the train and keep the bike as far right as possible, that way big smoke's bullets should hit the guys instead of the train and you should have killed them all before the end of the tunnel. Mission Complete, Respect+
  9. Ok I had emailed Simply Games this morning asking why it had not been dispatched yet, I just received a reply saying that it has been posted today. The order tracker still says "In Dispatch" though. Maybe thats the same for everyone else's order that says the same.
  10. My order at Simply Games has now changed to "In Dispatch" (I emailed them an hour ago so I don't know if thats anything to do with it) but I still don't reckon I'll get it tomorrow now with Dundee's crappy postal service.
  11. My order with Simply Games is still "In Progress" doesn't look like I'll be getting it tomorrow
  12. Alot of sea dogs have been complaining about the framerate, I've not had a chance to try it myself yet though.
  13. WTF is the point of that video review on Gamespot, it shows nothing of the game bar still screenshots?
  14. Most probably, the amount of crap I've heard from staff in Game over the years is amazing. I thought they tried to employ staff who knew at least a bit about games but I've yet to see this be proven in practice.
  15. Well the western beta only started on monday so it should be free for a little while yet. DNAAbstract mentioned that it's been on open beta (i.e. free) in Korea for the last year/year and a half though so it doesn't look like they're in a big rush to start charging.
  16. Sorry gonna be busy all of Wednesday evening , how about tomorrow (Thursday) I should get in from work about 5:30 so anytime after that? Rounds are for up to four people if anyone else fancies it as well?
  17. Right I tried the game an it's pretty nice, very simple and easy to get into but there was hardly anyone else there. No one was in the lobby/village bit and there were only about three games going on all of which were full. Anyone up for setting a day and a time for a round of golf?
  18. I'll signup and download it tonight, maybe I'll bump into some of you out on the course
  19. Looks pretty decent, I'm assuming it's free at the moment as it appears to be the beta version?
  20. I'm sure Rockstar already have a team working away on GTA4 and will have had for quite a while. Didn't they say something of the sort after Vice City was released; they were working on Vice City's followup using the existing technology as well as working on new tech for GT4?
  21. I posted this is another thread, coop play will only be available on a single machine in exactly the same way it was with the origional game. No live coop, no non-online system link coop (hence no online coop via XBoxconnect etc). A bit shit really as I thought Bungie were origionally working on it?
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