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  1. Microsoft have confirmed that there is NO live coop and NO system link coop which is a bit of a shame. Link
  2. The old 1980s telly I used to use displayed PAL 60 fine aswell, I really don't think having to support 50Hz is a big issue anymore. If someone doesn't have a telly that supports PAL 60 then it probably really is time that they considered buying a new TV (with a non-yellowing picture and everything ).
  3. I think it's great news, hopefully other companies will follow suit.
  4. Flockheart

    Gta:sa Theft

    It happened about 5 or 6 years ago too
  5. Flockheart

    Gta:sa Theft

    Yup they had the sense to get way from this dump
  6. Flockheart

    Gta:sa Theft

    Deary me, our local game (Dundee) have posters in the window advertising a midnight opening for San Andreas. I find it very difficult to see Rockstar withholding stock from the UKs main video game retailer but I suppose a game as big as San Andreas is pretty much guaranteed to sell anyway even without Game, so it is possible?
  7. Sorry if the following has been posted previously, I don't remember reading it anywhere: Though theres a good chance I'd buy it, having the backstory included with another product seems a bit irritating to me probably good marketing tactics on Rockstars part though (especially as it's not included in the 8 cd soundtrack either ).
  8. I'd be quite happy for every game to be PAL60 only, hopefully it would bring about an end to shitty PAL conversions which unfortunatly do still happen occasionally. It would also remove timing problems between NTSC and PAL games that mean you can't play someone over the internet who has a different TV system than you. And to be honest surely most people now have TVs that can support PAL60 anyway?
  9. Don't worry I was just letting yourself and Alex W. know that they'd started using speech in Prologue, it wasn't meant to be a snipe at your mistake and i apologise if it came across as such.
  10. If the "Homecoming Trailer" is the new one it's up on game trailers but the quality isn't as the 70meg one that was origionally posted?
  11. Prologue's driving school was voiced by Vicky Butler Henderson, she spoke over the demonstration explaining what was going on and how to perform the required manouver. I was assuming this style of tuition was continuing for GT4?
  12. Sorry I didn't get that from your posts...
  13. Do you reckon they'll bother with re-recording the speech for the other languages though? I think that three months is taking the piss abit, don't they employ external writers to compose the car information and history bits so I don't understand why they cant have the foreign language writers working at the same time?
  14. Whats on the disc and is there another dodgy poster this month?
  15. It looks like we may not see the PAL version of GT4 until early 2005 the official Playstation site has the release date as "1st Quarter 2005", Game have the release date as TBC and Amazon have it as "February 2005" I'm sure at least some of these sites previously had the date as sometime in December? Looks like only the US and Japan will be enjoying the car porn this Christmas unless anyone else has any more information?
  16. An artist may be able to draw with a pencil but that doesn't mean they can use Maya or 3D Studio Max, this is where the University course comes in to train the artist to use their existing talent in a new medium. Game design will also come down to a person's existing creativity and technical knowledge of the process of games development (something best learnt by being part of a game's development team for a few years). A short course maybe teaching the content and structure of a technical document is probably worthwhile however I really can't see that required any more than one months training, assuming of course you can use Word in the first place. In my opinion there is no way in hell that this should be dragged out for 3 or 4 years for a degree. To me it seems more like the Univeristies that run such courses are cashing in on people's unrealistic dreams of immediately starting work as a "Games Designer" rather than providing valuable training for the work place. Yes, of course they do or you wouldn't be able to use one. I remember way back in school when learning to write being taught how to hold a pen and to use it to form characters and things surely you did that too? Anyway it appears we have a difference of opinion, wonderful isn't it I'm assuming you're on one of the games design courses?
  17. I pretty sure it does have system link but maybe it will just use the network adapters in the same way that you system link XBox's as the new PSTwo's have network adapters built in?
  18. I'm assuming you already know how to use Word, congratulations you can write a design document.
  19. Cool I may actually have a shot at that if I can get a review written tonight.
  20. The review was crap but Campbell still came across as an arrogant prick in his criticism.
  21. Doesn't look like it's been leaked.
  22. Wow! I love Tokyo Highway Challenge (2 is my favourite racing game ever) and an online massive multiplayer version would be fantastic.
  23. Yeah GT4 looks better in the replays but I don't think it's mainly down to the camera angles. Polyphony seemed to be able to use effects generating the heat haze etc better than any other developer and I think they apply more effects for the replays. I think the main thing that makes GT4 look so good is the lighting, their lighting engine generates pretty realistic tones and effects and the actual rendering of the paintwork on the cars is better than any other game. Lighting is the major factor currently holding back "photorealistic" games at the moment IMO but unfortunatly it's still far too expensive in performance terms right now to use more realistic lighting models.
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