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  1. I suppose it depends where you are, I only ever use my GBA in public when I'm waiting in the airport as there's bugger all else todo so I don't really feel that bad. Don't think I could bring myself to start playing Mario in a pub or something though.
  2. No one got any space for me to up the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack rip up to then? There's 30 tracks and it ways in at 189 megs. I could put a few of the tracks up on my blueyonder webspace if anyone wants anything specific. Quite possibly the best game soundtrack ever IMO.
  3. Yes and I suppose as there is no proper soundtrack posting it somewhere would be as legitimate as posting the Rez game rip? However I don't have the webspace to host it I'm afraid so if someone has some space I can upload it when I get back from work.
  4. Depends on what you mean by "Actual"
  5. I found the actual Rez soundtrack better than a game rip beacuse the sound data ripped from the game does not contain the added beats and effects that the player would be adding to the music while they played. I've probably got the OST floating round my harddisk somewhere if anyone wants it and it's not against the rules, i don't think it would be that easy to get hold of a legit copy now anyway.
  6. Really can't see Capcom doing that to be honest
  7. Actually come to think about it "Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo X Grand Master Challenge For Matching Service" could possibly be the best game name ever...
  8. Yeah I agree with that, it's far better than the Japanese "Biohazard" aswell. Sticking with survival horror I think that "Fatal Frame" is a pretty cool name too and more relevant than the UKs "Project Zero".
  9. Doesn't appear to be, no nfo
  10. Yeah I'm actually looking forward to it too (I never had a tamagotchi ) but unfortunatly I don't think it's a US launch title
  11. Hopefully that means they may not change the name from "Nintendogs"...
  12. cool, just have to wait until they have the proper game prices up and then it's time for PayPal.
  13. Do you normally get stung by customs when ordering from VGP or do they mark prices down?
  14. Where are you getting the videos or are you an IGN/Gamespot insider?
  15. I'm planning on preordering one but am waiting for confirmation on the prices of the games. VGP's 69.99 CAD is nearly double the rumoured (?) $29.99 price point for games so hopefully the actual prices will be announced fairly soon. Anyone know of any other retailers that have game prices up? Edit: Just noticed the other thread I'm assuming 'Nintendogs'/'Puppy whatever' isn't a US launch title?
  16. Was playing multiplayer Halo one time, two of my flatmates versus me and I was fragging the fuck out of them. I suggested they ask one of our other flatmates to join their team...
  17. Final Fantasy X2 I think I've had it for about 3 months and it's not been near the Ps2.
  18. Hmm I'm pretty interested especially if there's no subscription fee, always wanted to get into PSO on the dreamcast but never had an internet connection at the time. I've already got the network adapter which I've never used so when's the UK release date?
  19. Yeah you completely lost me there too, and I'm assuming your developing on for a console if you can be sure that your game will reach the 60Hz mark on all the target machines?
  20. Yeah the rest of europe got it, and ironically the English Dub at that. Whats more bizarre is that I actually have a European PAL version for the Ps2 that is completely in English (including the box and the manual). Not quite sure which region its from as I've seen the German version which had a German language box? (and dr_lha I was aware that part 2 hadn't had a US release before, hence describing it as a rerelease of part 1 as part of a bundle pack with 2 but I get your point and I wasn't very clear about it )
  21. Space Channel 5 was re-released in America recently in a budget priced bundle pack with the sequel so it's pretty likely that UGA's other game could get a re-release too.
  22. I just had a look on their website and there doesn't seem to be anything you couldn't get for around 25 quid anyway, nothing really new there, no Outrun2, Fable, Fifa2005, THUG2 etc Maybe the stores carry new games.
  23. Here's Gamespots hands-on report of the DS version of Super Mario 64 which describes some of the changes between the DS version and N64 origional. The main difference to the orgional single player game seems to be the four playable characters (Yoshi, Mario, Luigi & Wario) each with different abilities. Apparently you start the game actually playing as Yoshi rather than Mario in this version too. Also describes some of the multiplayer and DS hardware specific features. Sorry if this has already been posted but quite a few people seem to believe it's a 100% direct port so this should help to clear things up.
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