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  1. Over a week since it was posted I should finally get my copy of Ourun2 today, it's apparently now at the local sorting office...just a few hours longer to wait.
  2. Creativity and technique are two different things.
  3. I think it runs in bordered 50hz mode ...you do realise it's been out for quite a while?
  4. Cos the entry requirements are fuckall "5 GCSEs at grades C and above"
  5. Yeah it is, she voiced the lessons in Prologue and also it's accompanying DVD documentary.
  6. According to IGN it's a gameplay issue more than a power issue, the NeoGeo pocket versions of metal slug had an energy bar rather than one hit and your dead and to be honest it worked pretty well.
  7. Shasty McNasty Starred the guy that gets a knife through his hand during the training sequence of Starship Troopers and Mini-me of Austin Powers, It was quality and unfortunately was cancelled after one season.
  8. Yeah it's not really fair on Burnout 3.
  9. Well thats what he said he was going todo so you should be quite happy about that. I actually found it quite interesting to hear what they were working on at the different stages of the games development but I agree with you that unfortunately his comments automatically breed hype.
  10. Having actually met the man himself he was actually a nice guy and his statements just seemed to stem from a real passion about games and for the industry in general. If Fable doesn't have a certain feature that was mentioned 2 years ago that you really, really wanted then don't buy the game. I think you'll find in the industry most finished games won't have anywhere near the content and features that were outlined in their initial design documents, however most companies don't disclose as much early information as Lionhead does so this just isn't so apparent. I really don't see the point of slagging any indivual who has the level of enthusiam and passion for games that Peter Molyneux does.
  11. And if you've not already seen it the trailer is available here looks lovely but there seems to be a very noticable reduction in the number of enemies on screen.
  12. Really really looking forward to this game the publisher's site still has a release chalked in for "Autumn 2004 in PAL territories". In the meantime click here and smile.
  13. Cheers Rev, I'd tried Media Player with no joy too.
  14. Erm both copying/pasting the link and just clicking on it take me to the m&ms website Is there some program I should be using?
  15. You know you were always more than just one of my peers Jawad
  16. It came out in the UK yesterday.
  17. Though the Shogun book was far better than the series
  18. You'll probably get it before me at this rate, I've just seen a postman head past but I'm hoping he wasn't the one for this street as he didn't seem to be delivering any of the houses here.
  19. Where the hell is the damn postman, I'm still waiting and it was posted on Wednesday for fucks sake.
  20. Recently graduated from Abertay's BSc(Hons) Computer Games Technology and currently working as a games programmer for a small firm. Several of my peers are now working at some of the big games companies (Some are members of this forum so I'll leave it up to them if they want to share their employers names). The course covered both console (we worked on Yarozes however the modules are now for PS2)and PC coding (C, C++, Java, OpenGL & DirectX) aswell as covering stupidly difficult maths and physics as well as more standard computer science stuff. By doing a games related degree you cover alot stuff to do with graphics programming and simulations that I don't think normal Computer Science courses will cover. Of course it depends on the degree, Abertay's Games Tech course is very difficult and will demand most of your life in the latter years but it will give you the skills and knowledge to build games. Personally I'm not sure of the value of some of the "Games Designer" courses that have popped up (no offence to anybody who is on one). I like so many other people want to be a games designer but I don't believe any serious company will employ you initially as one, IMO the only way to get there and be good at design is to do the grunt work and really get an understanding of how a games is produced. One thing you have to get used to if your on a video games related course is explaining to people that you don't actually have any actual classes in "playing games" and that can get really annoying after you've been up all night coding.
  21. Yeah they are commonly known as "Casual Gamers", both the bane of creativity and the life-blood of the industry.
  22. Yeah it helps save on the battery life to fit within Sony's regulations.
  23. I'll bare that in mind in future.
  24. Postmans just been and...no Outrun2 Cheers Play, looks like I'll have to wait till tomorrow
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