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  1. Postmans just been and...no Outrun2 Cheers Play, looks like I'll have to wait till tomorrow
  2. An interesting idea thought the listed commands seem fairly limited (from a gameplay point of view) a nice origional feature for a racing game to include though.
  3. I actually found the game to be pretty good, Oz seems to take a fairly hard line when it comes to video game content, IIRC didn't one of their polititions even call for Project Gotham Racing 2 to be banned because it glorified speed or something? Australia, the new Germany when it comes to video game censorship.
  4. Not yet, fingers crossed for tomorrow morning.
  5. I'm still fairly sure that animations exported in the .3ds format are just a different 3ds model for each frame? I'd like multitexturing because sometimes you find having just one texture isn't enough Jawad I'd like the option to be able to use detail maps or environment maps etc if required and I'd need an addtional set of UVs for things like that.
  6. Ah a myself and a few other forumites graduated in games tech at abertay a few months back, I was just wondering if you were at the same place.
  7. Yay my order with Play appears to have been dispatched so hopefully I'll get it tomorrow morning, knowing Play though it will probably won't arrive till Saturday...
  8. I'd like to think so I've not looked at the .max format in detail yet but you have to remember that there's lot of information 3ds needs and uses that it will also store in it's default format which as I said I *think* may just be a memory dump as with the .blender format. Max exports to quite a few formats and there are numerous plugins and scripts available to let it export to even more, I was just wondering if anyone knew of one of the formats to save me having to look into every single one Surely theres someone else who's loaded a skeletly animated multitextured model into their code before?
  9. Not sure if the Quake 3 and HL Models support multitextures and I'm fairly sure the old 3DS format doesn't actually store bone information and just stores static geometry (.max is the standard 3DStudio format now I believe and I think it may just be a memory dump?), so each frame is a new set of geometry and skeletal animation is something I really want. Doesn't Quake3 use several different meshes for body parts which are then animated rather than a single mesh with vertices attached to bones? I think you could be write with the plugin/script but I was just asking if anybody knew of a format which contained the data I required to save a little effort. Cheers for the help so far, anymore will be appreciated.
  10. Yeah it does auto install without asking, it did it the first time I put it in my XBox and I don't even have live.
  11. I'm slowly beginning to piece together an engine to work on some small games demos and I was looking for some advice regarding character model formats. Previously I've used the MS3D format from the simple Milkshape3D and Id's Md2 format however I'm looking for something a bit more advanced. I need a model format that contains (in addition to the vertex data ) the following information: - Bones for skeletal animations - The animations themselves - Mulitexture information Obviously data will be stored internally in the engine in a custom format but I'd be interested to know what any actual devs here use for import/export. Cheers, Handle
  12. A couple of years ago a mate of mine sat down to play the origional Soul Calibur on my Dreamcast, he started the game and noticed that the memory card wasn't in the socket right so he pushed it back in, of course the autosave wrote over the godknows how many hours of play time and unlocked items with the initial startup data grrrr. More recently one of my Dreamcast memory cards became corupted and I lost all the songs I had unlocked for Samba De Amigo & Samba ver 2000 as well as all my high score data.
  13. I'd be just like windows and direct X never happened, you'd have to manually support and code for all available PC hardware in which case you'd probably end up just coding another OS anyway and thered be no time for the actual games development. It's totally impractical unless you want to use that extra RAM normally used by Windows for a text adventure, so you're think crap Windows doesn't limit games to 256megs of RAM anyway does it?
  14. I was never a fan of the origional Outrun but I've really been enjoying the Outrun 2 demo so no.
  15. You realise Dead Or Alive Ultimate is DOA 1 & 2 don't you? With 2 having updated graphics.
  16. Does this mean the "casuals" aren't going to buy it? Who was the reviewer by the way, it would be interesting to know his gaming credentials, he was probably one of those people that liked Myst...
  17. You don't seemed convinced I was expecting it to be a bit cheaper than 105 quid to be honest.
  18. But it's already in Project Gotham 2?
  19. The Metal Slug 3D screens are a bit of a dissapointment, looks more like a DC game, hopefully it will play pretty better than it looks. Anyway back to the booth babes...
  20. Can someone put a scan of the add up please?
  21. Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu is a pretty decent game that is usually overlooked.
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