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  1. Capcom have already stated that it's not out till 2005
  2. I've been playing both Burnout3 and the Outrun2 demo recently and I've prefered what I've played of Outrun. To be honest I've never really 'got' what was is apparently so great about the Burnout series, I actually took Burnout2 back to Game (and was cordially chastised by my burnout loving friends) because I didn't feel it was worth the £40 price tag. I have been enjoying Burnout3 but I still can't see the justification for the level of praise it is receiving and the 10/10 review scores, for me the handling model doesn't feel quite right and after a while I just get a bit bored with it - but thats probably just me. Outrun2 on the other hand was a pleasant suprise, I didn't really like the origional (please don't shoot) but with Outrun2 I finally understood the games appeal, the over the top slides, the music that I thought was crap when I played the origional (hold on) suddenly worked and now I can't get enough of sliding an F50 round a bend to the, now for some reason, fantastic Splash Wave. I don't have XBox live yet so I've only played each title single player at the moment, but for me Outrun2 takes first place. A shame really because I'm sure more work has gone into Burnout3.
  3. Yeah I was quite suprised when I noticed they had lots of copies of the XBox version in stock the other day.
  4. Flockheart

    Burnout 3

    Anyone who ordered from play.com got theirs yet, mine was posted yesterday so I'm hoping it arrives tomorrow?
  5. Downloading now, looking forward to giving it a shot.
  6. Yup the single player is a remake of the N64 origional but the multiplayer is a new campaign seemingly based on the future wars of the Terminator films.
  7. Yeah graphics very different from the N64 orgional, looks amazing. I can't wait to see how Rare have utilized the 'power of xbox' to render the sections featuring the Great Mighty Poo...or that bit with the cows and the prune juice...
  8. Both were great games though Part 2 was far superior, the polygon backgrounds add more polish to the title and the instruments at different places in the game were a nice touch - I love the guitar battle with Pudding, one of the highlights of the game!
  9. Hang on a second....Alex W. looks like...like Megaman?!?!?
  10. There was a cosplay thread a while back but here's some more to provide some mild titilation... Cosplay ...well maybe not!
  11. Yeah but it's got Vin Diesel in it and 90% of the Sun's readership probably think he's one of the greatest actors of all time.
  12. Channel 4 would be a good bet as their generally home to more "out there" programs and would give you more potential viewers than BBC3 or Bravo. It would also mean that we may get a fairly decent games program on terestrial TV. Bravo already has Gamepad & GamerTV the last time I checked but I've never watched BBC3. I definitely reckon Channel 4 could become a good home and the ability to say "cunt" alot is surely an added bonus?
  13. Thats me told too! Seems a bit of a downside to racing games on the XBox if you can't get a wheel with proper feedback.
  14. I find the analogue triggers on the XBox pad's excellent for racing game's, though the PS2's face button work ok they're no where near as good. I'm expecting a Logitech Driving Force Pro (The official GT4 wheel) to arrive sometime this week and from what I've been reading it's meant to be fantastic, with better force feedback technology than current arcade hardware. I'll post up some feedback after I've actually used it.
  15. Doesn't the "Thrustmaster Xbox 360 Modena Force GT Wheel" that was developed with Sega, (for Sega GT suprisingly enough ) feature full force feed backback. Also Logitech's PS2 wheels are USB not a typical Playstation 2 plug, I've recently ordered a GT4 Driving Force Pro which I'm awaiting delivery on and it is definitely a USB connection.
  16. The Metal Gear Solid 3 intro's up on Game trailers, the effects during Snake/Big Boss/Whoever's sky diving decent into the jungle look pretty cool.
  17. Yeah shove it on "authentic" and you won't be saying that Also if anyone wasn't aware shove the following code into the code input screen: ha2p1py9tur5tle and you can play the origional military sim that the game is based on. The controls are slightly different, 5 man squads and not as much polish as the actual game but a very cool addition none the less!
  18. According to a EuroGamer article today Sony say that GT4 is still on track for a November release and Yamauchi also says that the game is around 75% complete, the driving simulator is complete and now they are working on game content. Eurogamer I for one hope it's the truth and that GT4 is out as soon as, as for Killzone and DMC3 - meh.
  19. I think the arcade game was developed for the Xbox based Chihiro cabinets so it's fairly simple to port from the origional arcade code to the XBox. A PS2 port would require alot more work.
  20. Virgin Different looking PSP (I'm assuming a prototype or a fake that Virgin have accidently used) than I've seen before, on the Virgin Megastores website (dated July 1st), looks a bit like an ipod.
  21. No bud the film has to actually be fun too Something like last action hero is pish and isn't a good fun watch whereas something like resident evil is actually enjoyable (IMO).
  22. Art house doesn't equal Oscars. A simple, fun enjoyable "popcorn flick" can provide a great night out. Faults, such as terrible dialog can help to add to the fun factor, think of the hundreds of old zombie movies with the likes of Evil Dead being good films in there own right despite Bruce Campbell's less that Shakespearean dialog. The first Resident Evil film was fun with some real highlights, the scene with Alice fighting the dogs was one and you can't forget the laser defence system. I enjoy more thought provoking films more than the next man ( ) but sometimes you just want to sit down and see shit blow up! On the other hand that trailer does look a bit dodgy, it's a shame Paul 'WS' Anderson handed over the reigns as despite the apparent dislike of his direction in this thread he does do these fun films quite well.
  23. Instagib for Quake 3 is great fun though it's not a major change from the classic deathmatch.
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