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  1. All this stand talk makes me think we've gone backwards a bit. I am sure the original mario bros game & watch I have in a cupboard upstairs has a little fold out metal leg in the back allowing it to self stand and therefore function as a usable clock!
  2. I didn't have to do it for my Amazon delivery earlier, the delivery guy just left the box.
  3. A slightly battered looking Amazon box was just left in my vestibule, I'm hoping that the contents aren't as battered when I open it after work.
  4. I’m in Hinckley which seems to be a conservative stronghold.
  5. I’ve not actually received it yet but my console is out for delivery according to the amazon tracking info and I am in the midlands (Leicestershire)
  6. Finally out for delivery from smile.amazon.co.uk, was worried I was going to be receiving an order delayed email! Out for delivery Estimated arrival 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  7. Woke up to a dispatch email from Amazon that says “arriving Wednesday”, the website still says “arriving Tuesday” though. :s
  8. Thanks, I seemed to have a bit of a brain fail and couldn't work out how to do it.
  9. 20 odd minutes of Yakuza Like a Dragon gameplay running on Series X, but obviously not very next-gen looking aside from the 4k resolution boost:
  10. I don't think I'm planning on buying one but the new trailer makes them look better than I thought they would be (if the trailer can be believed):
  11. Yeah that irked me when I saw the trailer, I can’t believe the floors are that shiny in pit garages in real life.
  12. I got a white Japanese pc engine from Amazon japan with no issues but I don’t think uk amazon vouchers will work on the Japanese website.
  13. Working of home means I have had a decent 'gaming' PC from my work in my house for the last few months and into the foreseeable future. I've played a few games on it but I just find it less hassle and more comfortable playing in my living room on a console so I've got a series X pre-ordered.
  14. I don't think it's a case of anyone being fooled, branding does have an appeal/effect though. A tie up with Sega would imply some level of software support too for titles that are popular in the region, Yakuza for example. There are other example of this Daewoo rebranded to Chevrolet, I think VW group sells the same car under Seat, VW and Skoda brands despite them being produced in the same factory. I think a fair few people on here would quite like a new Sega branded console for the novelty, even if it is a Microsoft console under the hood.
  15. Probably for the Japanese market but M$ have shown a SEGA blue controller so thought I'd run with PAL/SEGA blue!
  16. I've just thrown this together quickly (and badly!) for fun!
  17. A little bit of hype building speculation for fun (which I accept is probably unfounded and not going to happen). There were rumours floating around a while ago about the series x being branded as a Sega console in Japan. Now I know these fizzled out and there were the new "M$ buying Sega" rumours which I don't think will be true but I have just noticed that pre-orders for the Series X don't open in Japan until tomorrow, a day after the M$ TGS presentation and the same day as the Sega TGS presentation. I think a Sega branded series X makes sense for both M$ and Sega. M$ get a better foothold in Japan and Sega get a nominal amount per machine sold and their profile raised. The Yakuza games being on a Sega Series X would help shift units I think. Fingers crossed for the pipe dream of a white series x will a Dreamcast logo being unveiled in the next 24 hours!
  18. I did the £1 upgrade thing from a live account I've had since the days of the original xbox and had lapsed to xbox live silver (or whatever they call the free one) with no problem so you should be ok to use your existing account.
  19. Smyths had them listed at £159 for 1TB
  20. They seemed to put the S consoles up only after the X consoles had sold out.
  21. Maybe that's what currys queue system is doing, make people wait 5 minutes and telling them there are tens of thousands of people in front of them by which time they are guaranteed to buy it rather than hesitating about hitting the buy button? It would probably work!
  22. Got one from amazon at 7.59 using the smile trick I'd just spotted on resetera, hopefully they don't moan about it being a minute early!
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