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  1. How Soul Calibur should be played (You'll have to click the link on the page) Is that a Delorean I see speeding towards me?
  2. That could be why it's complaining about the lack of a constructor then! Cheers Graham looks like you might of hit the nail on the head there
  3. Hi Guys, sorry for not replying sooner, soon after I posted the question yesterday I couldn't get back onto rllmuk for some reason. rev-happy performance I tried your 'cowboy' fix but get the following error: fatal error C1014: too many include files : depth = 1024 Graham_S I actually do both. Ed-Epistaxis in your code polygon doesnt, actually need to know what a mesh is if you include the opposing headers in each cpp file the compiler starts whining. Cheers for the help, I'm going to try a slight redesign just now and if there's still no joy i'll post the complete files up here. Thanks again for the help!
  4. I have two classes CNode & CEdge and each class needs to know about the other one. I thought you could prototype/forward define the opposing class, i.e.: Node header file: Edge header file: However the compiler whines that CEdge has no constructors (which it does) when I attempt to create an edge, apparently ignoring CEdges full definition. Any help greatlly appreciated!
  5. Nice to see the parents taking some responsibility there...
  6. I watched a great Hong Kong film on Sky when I was visiting my parents a couple of months ago that I'd like to get hold of on DVD, trouble is I've forgotton it's damn title! It was about two hitmen/assasins working in Asia, one was "the best killer" and the other newer hitman wanted that title. The first hitman used to pick up Snoopy figures from each country he visited while the second normally wore a large caracature mask. They both fancied the wench that cleaned the first assasins flat. Can anybody give me the name?
  7. I think it looks pretty good and I'm looking forward to it's launch.
  8. I work in C++ using both DirectX & OpenGL. Currently using a freeware engine, Irrlicht, for a project at work. Also slowly working on a fairly ambitious (read probably impossible ) game in my own time using GL.
  9. I've actually wanted to get this for a while as the game does look pretty good fun.
  10. I'd love to see a street fighter game with full hires graphics, but then just think of all those sprites poor Capcom wouldn't be able to reuse from the early 90's...
  11. Thats been out for months hasn't it? it was £19.99 in game last week and is meant to be really shit.
  12. emulation...though playing on the keyboard could be a bit shit
  13. Need For Speed Underground is alright and the graphics are proper 3D Mario Kart is the obvious choice though.
  14. Yeah but he really just wanted to benchmark not play it. There is some AI after the first Zombie and there is a patched version of the beta that seems to be far more stable, the main compatability problem was with Nvidia graphics cards and the patched beta includes the later drivers required by program.
  15. Just download the beta and try that, it'll give you some idea how well the game runs on your PC even if it is fairly early code, the final version should be a bit more optimised too.
  16. If anything does get started I'll pitch in with a bit of work if I'm wanted! I'm a reasonable C/C++ programmer comfortable with both the DX and GL API's + I can do some ok 3d modelling in Milkshape (well ok for 'programmer art' ). I'm actually working on a little game at the moment I was thinking about running a little forum challenge with...stay tuned for the hype machine!
  17. I played the Amiga version when I was a kid (I believe it's the same game as the Nes version) and it was the first game I ever finished!!!
  18. It is out, I saw it in Game earlier today, tempted...
  19. So there's only licence tests? Is there any races at all and whats the 'making of' like, worth a watch. From what I've been reading from GT4's E3 coverage the feel of the game has changed quite a lot since prologue.
  20. I have a copy preordered at Game but not sure if I'm going to pick it up next week or not yet - I need convicing or otherwise!. So who's played it, whats it like and is it worth the asking price?
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