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  1. That's "Captain Jack Sparrow!" I 'own' alot of the SNK titles in 'grey' form including all the Metal Slug games (which I love) as I'm a bit short on the funds for the NeoGeo versions. At least theres going to be a way I can get hold of proper copies now and pay some money to SNK Playmore for the games development (Providing they release PAL copies of course )
  2. Don't you love it when these hollywood types think they can make video games. I remember seeing the preview documentaries for Enter The Matrix with the twat producer of the films talking about how great the "Wachowski's" matrix game was. If the Kill Bill game ever does take form again (which it probably will) I hope Tarantino leaves it well alone or at most just directs the cutscenes.
  3. Dear god man are those unofficial samba maracas!?! -Great collection though
  4. Ok is this Gamezville after dark a different program because the one on during the day is utter shite?! If you want half decent gaming television check out Gamer.tv and Gamepad both on Bravo.
  5. Shouldn't this be moved to the bargain thread...
  6. For fucks sake grow up.
  7. I did enjoy playing it but found the lack of challenge quicly started to take the enjoyment out of it. I've found I prefer the more 'realistic' racers, having to carefully judge corners, making the right decisions with breaking and timing to shift the weight of the car round corners perfectly makes every corner exciting and a challenge. Burnout's far more more simple arcadey handling just didn't cut it after the novelty of the dangerous driving and crashes had worn off and there was nothing else in the game to keep me interested. The same is fairly true with Mario Kart (especially with Double Dash) the simple handling means that single player isn't that great and the game only comes alive when you've got some mates playing. As I say I'll buy '2' again when it's on budget but I'm not really excited about Burnout 3.
  8. I grabbed Beyond Good & Evil, I know it doesn't cost that much and I would have prefered to have got the XBox version but I didn't want to be stuck with nothing but wallpapers at the end of the stars fiasco.
  9. hmm....Mario avater...obviously biast!
  10. Loads of folk seemed to do it here after the Edge review of Mario Kart Double Dash!! came out...they must have been paid right?!!
  11. No it wasn't shite but I didn't think it was that great at all. I bought the game on the XBox when it was released but ended up taking it back because I really didn't feel it was worth £40. It was fun to play but it just didn't seem to have much of a challenge and it just got a bit boring once the (admittedly cool) crash gimic had warn off. I'm still looking forward to getting Burnout 2 again when it's down to about 20 quid I thought Need For Speed Underground was worth 40 quid though... *ducks*
  12. Flockheart


    Sorry mate but that's a pretty stupid and assuming statement. Unfortunatly there are alot of nasty people in this world who would kill, torture or rape on film. I think I remember the interview you're talking about and I'm sure they're we're plenty of people saying he was talking shite after it was aired as well. Maybe the vast majority of videos that people claim are 'snuff' movies are fake, but that doesn't mean they all are.
  13. I'd do Ashley...but I'd be thinking of Mary-Kate...
  14. Rising from their grave one might say... (sorry it is 2 o'clock in the morning 8) )
  15. I can agree with you about the Killer I do think it is overatted but thou shalt not speek evil of Hard Boiled cos it's fucken class I got you were joking about Die Hard (remembering Empire's qoute and all) - I was just hoping you were going to say something really daft like "The Matrix" so I could really let rip!
  16. Who by? Hard Boiled is one of the best action films ever made, what do you consider better in the genre?
  17. From what I understand all games companies will work differently. Some companies like Koei for example are apparently real sticklers for planning and working to a schedule and design. Others will be far more informal about it (god knows what 3D Realms do for example). Codies are another example of a company who believe in process (I've heard the place described as a factory). In uni your taught lots of stuff that no one actually uses when they get out in the real world. I'm sure some Industry boys may shed some more light, NDA's permitting
  18. Ok put your hands up if you own an eye toy. Right go switch it on and have a look at yourself. Now have a look at those 'screenshots' - wow the people in those pictures look so much sharper than you did!!! It's good that it looks like the games coming out though, looking forward to more (sorta) Samba!
  19. Does your mother know you use language like that?
  20. Shit Ok the game is coming out, Sega has released those crappy looking screenshots but I still reckon they're not real shots, they been knocked up in photoshop as concept images...or maybe it's all a joke...
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