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  1. What about Billy Hatcher! But calm down, those screenshots are definitely fake - just look at them!, sharp eyes there JD
  2. It's loosely based on the film (the story is probably the same like it was in the Magnificant Seven) but it's set in the future. It has character designs by some french block called Mobius (apparently famous ) and is 'officially endorsed' by someone related to Kurosawa. Looks to be some sort of hack n slash, IGN gave it 6.7.
  3. The proper way round if you wanted to fly a plane, not fucken shoot things!
  4. I may be wrong (my speed camera's playing up a bit) but I think df0 just hit 88 miles per hour.
  5. I just want something to spend my bloody 5000+ points on that's not a damn desktop wallpaper.
  6. Yup it exists, it's fully playable and the loading times are fucken awful - every place you had a loading pause on the PC for a few seconds now takes a couple of minutes. I don't think there's any proper copies floating about, all the ones you get on ebay will be cdr versions. I'm pretty sure it's got blue shift on it aswell, I've not touched my copy in months. If you like a version PM me and I may be able to send you the ISO for free (I'll have to see if I know where my disc is first) - I'm assuming it's ok to say this as copies are happily sold on Ebay. I'm sure it's floating around several places on the net though.
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    DMA Design died along time ago. Most of it's origional key staff and founders don't work at Rockstar North and set up new companies Dave Jones is at (owns) Real Time Worlds and I think Russel Kay is at Visual Sciences.
  8. The Playboy Mansion's in the forthcoming "Playboy: The Mansion" Game. Though I'd like to see places that I live round in games purely for the gimic factor, anybody here have their home/place of work in any of the Gotham games for example?
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    Splinter Cell, now there is a piss poor game (Pandora Tomorrow's multiplayer excepted).
  10. Flockheart


    My flatmate bought this yesterday and I watched him playing through the start of the game for a while. Admittedly it's a game I'm looking forward to getting myself but I was impressed with what I saw him play. The presentation seemed very well done and the stealth mechanics seem to be very enjoyable. I was a bit dubious when I read about sneaking up behind an enemy and then a cutscene playing rather than the player killing the enemy theirself but it seemed to work very well. The game seemed to have quite alot of atmosphere but I must admit I didn't find the gore factor of it that shocking, the trouble was the weapons just 'clip' into the unfortunate victim (such as when cash stabs someone in the eyes with a shard of glass) which helped soften the reality of the images. The manuel was pretty well done though I didn't like the bit about "that cheap eastern european imatation shit" (forgive the inacuracy of the words, I don't have the manual here) - serves as a reminder that some people do really get killed on film for some sick fucks pleasure.
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    Getting some more 'information' about the Phantom...
  13. To Command & Conquer General's credit it wasn't really trying to be racist but just played with the stereotypes asscociated with each force. I found the representation of the American forces as amusing as the representations of either of the other sides. The armies in the game we're nothing more offensive than caricature - it was entertainment. Also a friend of mine who is heavily into C&C found the "Arab" GLA to be the best force in the game overall.
  14. Hope this does get a PAL release, I'd like to get a 'proper' copy of a Metal Slug game as I really enjoy them but cant afford to get a NeoGeo and the (extortionally priced) carts at the moment. I think IGN had an article in the passed few days saying that Playmore were releasing two double game discs on the PS2, the first containing 2 KOF games and the second containing 2 Slug games. Hopefully this single XBox release will be released at a budget price to reflect this...
  15. I'd have taken the PS2 aswell even if a shag was on offer, the date lasts one night and the PS2 lasts much longer (at least until it's warrantly runs out ).
  16. I really enjoyed the version that was released for the PC and 3DO that featured 3D landscapes and photographic sprites for the riders and traffic.
  17. How does the Coop mode in Return of the King stack up, I've got the game but not tried the 2 player mode?
  18. Erm the tiny URL thing just seems to redirect you to the origional URL so you can still see the name of the picture, and hence the answer...
  19. Thanks Soong, looking forward to seeing what all this consolevania fuss is about!
  20. If anybody wants any of the tracks missing of the official album pm me. The JSRF soundtrack is absolutely fantastic, contender for best game soundtrack ever. I really like "Concept of Love" which was a fantastic choice for the title screen.
  21. Yesterday I asked if Game could hold me a copy of Harvest Moon when it came in. They said they were getting stock in at the end of the month but wouldn't hold me a copy because they still have loads of preorders to furfill. My order with Amazon wasn't due to be furfilled till sometime toward the end of May so I ordered a US copy instead of waiting. Anybody know how many copies were orgionally on sale in the UK (2 maybe)? As I didn't see this game being popular with the 'casuals' and there seemed to be plenty of copies for sale in Germany when I was there around the games release.
  22. Hard Boiled's the best film 'the Woo' has done in my opinion. Great over the top explosive action scenes with bodies literally flying through the air. Cool theme tune too.
  23. Think some of the arcade Ridge Racer's have already been emulated, sure I played one when I was bored in uni just before christmas... Yeah the program's called 'Vivanonna' and emulates System 22 hardware (Ridge Racer 1/2 and Rave Racer) unfortunatly it's homepage seems dead so not sure we're you can get it from now as google seems unusually unhelpfull.
  24. I was part of a workshop with Peter Molyneux last week, when asked why Unity was being developed for the GameCube and not for the Playstation2 Peter replied, "Well Jeff likes the shape of the GameCube..." Jeff Minter a man on a higher plane of game development.
  25. Yeah, yeah I know... I don't have a PS2 so never got round to playing it However I've just got hold of a PS2 Linux kit so will be picking up a PS2 to use it with next month , if anyone knows any sites (other than ebay) still selling copies of Ico (preferably the limited edition ) I'd be most greatfull! The iToy was a fairly innovative product thats just sprung to mind!
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