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  1. Now I enjoyed and finished REZ but find it hard to understand when people mention how innovative it was? It was Panzer Dragoon with funky wireframe graphics and a dancy soundtrack. The music only really drastically changed when you went to a new 'layer' (I think thats what they we're called anyway) and all that really happened was the equivalent of the background track changing. For me Prince Of Persia was a real innovation, it was a game bordering on art however I've not played Ico so I'm not sure how much it did before PoP.
  2. Flockheart


    Blink was actually a really fun platform game, I don't understand why it was baratted so much on it's release. It was no Mario 64 but was good non the less. What did your really not like about it Cyhwuhx as you really seem bothered about there being a sequel?
  3. Flockheart

    DirectX help

    Yeah most real games will use a proper model for the world but it depends on what your working on (is in indoors/outdoors/natural environment/man made enviroment/etc). I did a terrain engine (obligatory i know ) a few years ago and for that it was much easier to just do the collison detection based on the heightfield. I don't know how experienced a coder you are and how advanced this project of yours is, I'm sure that NeHe & Game Tutorials cover both some collision detection stuff and heightmaps. In fact i think the Game Tutorials terrain may include collision detection between the landscape and the camera so you could adapt that . (The tutorial is in the OpenGL section but the theory is still the same) Nehe's lesson 10 "Loading And Moving Through A 3D World" may help you understand level collision detection for more internal environments but I'm not sure, I've not read the tutorial just going on it's image and title!
  4. Flockheart

    DirectX help

    How is your 'small 3d world' created, are you using a model loaded from a 3d package or some form of heightmap? As king foo states it is a collision detection and responce subject you are dealing with. If your dealing with a 3d model of the world then you are going to have to calculate which surface/polygon the 'dude' is on and calulate his vertical rendering position form there. If it's a height map then your world vertices are probably evenly spaced and you could calculate which vertices the dude is between and simply interpolate these to calculate his vertical position.
  5. I bought Pac-Man Versus and got R:Racing free... But I actually was really enjoying R, once you get passed the fact that the graphics are crap then the game's pretty good fun. The radio system and the driver's stress bars work really well and make the race's really entertaining, hearing your opponents taughting you and shouting "How does 73 get that speed!" (forgive me if the number's wrong ) is pretty cool, and getting called a bastard is always amusing. The cutscenes also entertaining and are actually way to short for a change!
  6. I really liked the look of Auto Modellista though everyone says its crap - hell I bought R:Racing yesterday so I'll probably buy it anyway
  7. Flockheart

    DirectX help

    If you want to be lazy D3DX has all the matrix maths written for you already
  8. Yup I compromised the mission too.
  9. IGN seem to like it: Galleon X-Box Preview April 2nd 2004
  10. Anything trying to run on the n64 in 'hi-res'.
  11. Flockheart


    I really liked the game, though I do I think that some of the 'simplicity' was due to a bit of a rushed development though - the static menu screens, the lack of voice acting, etc. I thought the controls worked pretty well for the old school style of shooter that it is - they seem geared quite well to the whole twitch gaming thing rather than the more smooth control systems seen in other types of games (mario 64 for example). It's can get hard, it can get frustrating but you do get a feeling of satisfaction beating and area you've been stuck on for a while or wiping the floor with a room full of enemies without getting hit. And pirouetting out of the way of a rocket at the last second is fucking cool! It is a shame Vanessa doesn't shake her ass to the music though...
  12. Prince Charming by Adam And The Ants (15/10/81) "Hello ladies..."
  13. Yeah I just got a mail promoting the metroid game but no 'special' survey thing! Maybe it's cos I've got well over 5000 points and nothing to bloody spend them on or maybe because I clicked the "yes I own animal crossing" box in the last survey.
  14. It's not really an 'N-Gage 2', Nokia have been planning to release a redesigned model to rectify the previous one's design faults (the buttons and the cartridge slots mainly). They were just keeping it quite so they could get rid of the backlog of origional models, it's still the same hardware and runs the same games.
  15. Eh? I was in Germany last week and I'm sure I saw it for sale?!
  16. I own these headphones, Sony MDR-V700's, very good headphones and you get two free lesbians with every pair (well maybe the second parts not quiet true). 67 quid from amazon
  17. Bemani is Konami's official brand name for it's dancing games (as it proudly states at the start of Danceing Stage Unleashed) I'm was pretty good at Samba, could easily pass Hard mode with a score between 98%-100% but I'm probably a bit rusty now (have to dig out the old maracas again )! Just got Dancing Stage Unleashed on Saturday but currently really suck at it (never thought I was that bad on the arcade machines - but that was probably the beer affecting my judgement ). Hopefully will be passable at it in a few weeks...
  18. Sounds like a faulty disc, never had any problems with mine and there was no sign that it was a dodgy port (i.e no sound cutting out as was mentioned).
  19. Game website have Shenmue III for preorder, "Save £7". If only I believed it was going to come out. Here's the link: Shenmue III (http://shop.game.net/viewProduct.aspx?mid=321053&cat=
  20. Wow. I think this look's really, really good and I'm really glad that Capcom seem to be attempting to progress the series rather than rehash the same ideas over and over again. IMO the previously released resi games didn't really differ enough and the series was beginning to come stagnent with each new game playing the same as the last, just in a different level. Personally I find it quite amusing when people berate games like FIFA for not developing and changing enough while singing praises about series such as Resident Evil! Kudos to Capcom for doing things different, they're vastly becoming one of the most interesting developers out there with titles such as Viewtiful Joe and the forthcoming Killer 7, a far cry from the 100's of nearly identical Street Fighter games of previous years!
  21. So the Game website deal of the day was GBA SPs for 30 quid, who else is pissed that they missed it?
  22. Cheating! The rifles only $50!
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