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  1. They aren’t like Analogue, but also they won’t be available at launch either, well there might be some cancellations. They are actually pretty decent. They obviously only do limited number of units, but they put up preorders for months in advance, but they tell you when that estimated time is. I’m speculating, but I think it’s likely based on their manufacturing orders. For example, I ordered the McLaren wheel on the 16th of April estimated dispatch was end of June (and still is). You can still order it now for June 30th so I presume they haven’t sold out of that stock alloca
  2. That’s interesting! Though round 2 of preorders was due for October delivery, not much time left in the year
  3. They did say there would be 3 opportunities to preorder, as existing customers we were included in all 3 email drops.
  4. ACC runs at 60 on a PS4 pro, but yes, the bit you actually spend most of your time looking at is a proper blurry thing, but remember, ACC is also built in a not particularly amazingly well optimised engine and was ported by a company who didn’t develop it, not specifically by a Sony second party developer who can extract a lot more from the hardware. I’d imagine GT7 was originally being developed as a PS4 game then was moved on to PS5 given the timelines too. All this being said, I wasn’t really trying to defend GT7 being of the same quality if it was PS5 only or not, m
  5. I'm very much over simplifying here and drawing the wrong conclusions, but... I believe ACC on console still runs the full physics model on all cars in single player, and that physics model is far in advance of GT Sport. Surely, if you remove calculating physics models for 19 of the 20 cars, there is plenty of room for GT7 to do stuff on ps4, which to me seems that online multiplayer mode, where the physics model is running only for your own car, would be less CPU intensive than single player. Whatever happens, I guess if there is any cross platform stuff going on, and
  6. This is me too. I'd strongly consider dropping Sky all together if it wasn't for F1, though I'd miss Indy Car too. I guess F2 is on F1TV, which would be the obvious viable option for me, in 2024, assuming F1 don't renew.
  7. Shame the video cuts, I want to know if it takes Eau Rouge flat.
  8. I've all but given up on car boots up here. I think the smaller population doesn't help, I remember visiting my girlfriends mum in London 20 or so years ago, and the games stuff I could have bought for virtually nothing was amazing, had it not been for them all telling me the space was an issue, and then having to get it on the mega bus When her family moved up to Dundee, we did a bootsale to sell off some crap that wasn't coming with us (circa 2003 or 4 I think). I remember helping them set up then heading off for a walk, seeing mint looking boxed SNES Starwing pack and Internat
  9. I don’t think I was in the audio lab at the time but I remember the trailer and the buzz in Games Tech for the following days, E3 hasn’t been the same since. We were all well and truly on the motherfuckin Reggie hype train, Choo, chooo!
  10. Also, on the old Apple talk, I was trying to remember if I still had the old Firewire plug / cable that came with the iPod, then remembered it tried to kill me back in 2011 when the plastic disintegrated (ok, not quite)
  11. As the g4 turns on see if you can feel / hear the HDD spinning up then clicking / stopping a few times, as an indicator the HDD has failed. Back when mine failed (a decade ago...) this was the symptom, HDD clicking and unhappy face followed by occasional booting up. I wonder if you can get a sort of HDD to SD card convertor or something for them. Interesting that he g6 worked fine, I've owned mine since new and it never worked fine, it'd skip in the middle of songs and randomly full reset. I installed a port of rock box or something on it at the time and never looked back, terri
  12. I’d expect them to use the licence and it be a second version of ACC. Be good if they could sort out the console version (by which I mean proper next gen patch), which seems to play ok, except that I keep spinning and the draw distance is such that I’m staring into a fuzzy mess most of the time...
  13. What to spend points on and how long do they last etc... I just cashed mine in, saving since Feb 19 I think...
  14. I have nothing useful to say, but this thread sir, keep up the good work.
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