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  1. It’s free upgrade to Ps5 from the PS4 version too (Though there is additional DLC you get if you buy the ps5 one or something). The PS4 version has received a lot of updates and runs at an almost solid 60 and the FFB was improved I believe, it’s out the month before GT7 I think
  2. I wonder how outdated the console ACC is, as that BoostedMedia GT CSL review on the last page, the reviewer says that ACC on PS5 (well, ps5 version) feels very similar to the PC version on his CSL DD (feedback wise at least).
  3. So, from what we've seen, the GT DD Pro is just the same as all of the other Fanatec kit, other than only being available in a bundle. The webpage tells us it's PC and Playstation compatible out of the box, and "Xbox Ready" so needs an Xbox rim attached to work on an Xbox. With an Xbox rim attached, it'll still work on a Playstation, as the licensing chip is in the wheelbase. I think it's safe to say the GT wheel rim will work on a PC attached to a CSL DD wheelbase. The rim will just be like another rim, we already know it works on a PC as it's in the imane above. Usually you get a quick start guide that tells you what keyboard key the buttons map to, but they haven't done one of those for this yet. It's a 100% guarantee that the GT wheel rim WILL NOT work on a Playstation attached to a CSL DD wheelbase, as the wheelbase is not Playstation compatible and that's all that matters. I believe they've only Playstationified the selling mechanism (bundle) and design (by Polyphony). In summary, if SharkyOB only wants to use the GT wheel on a PC and benefit from the design / plethora of buttons, then I reckon all is good. If Playstation is even remotely a though, it's a no go.
  4. Oh, forgot to mention, I also added the 35 EUR metal plates for the pedals to my order (stupidly named the "CLS pedals tuning kit" or something)
  5. Website was super slow... In case it's not obvious, the price reduction when you logged in was them removing the tax. You'll get a VAT bill from DHL when it ships, which will basically bring it back up to the displayed price on the Fanatec website prior to the basket reduction, plus a tenner that DHL take for the privilege. Compared to pre-Brexit, the tenner is the only difference in what you'll pay, but do expect a bill in March from DHL.
  6. The brushed metal is lovely. I don't have the one I posted above as I wanted an Xbox compatible wheel, so I have what I think is the 2nd best looking variety (also a photo nabbed from google): I'd much rather have leather grips than full alcantara though! If you're PC only, the 100EUR Black Friday rim seems a great deal, especially as it uses the new quick release lite rather than the slightly awkward bolt on thing that @Meers was talking about a few pages back. Actually, I think he has the older/original P1 with the same textured rubber like material as the one that goes live tomorrow, perhaps he can tell you what it's like.. I can't decide. On the one hand, 150 EUR extra for the same thing seems a bit of a premium. On the other hand, I guess it means that more of them will land in the hands of actual players and not eBay scalpers (or will it just push the scalpers price up, hmm). In my (limited) experience their product shipping estimations are usually pretty decent too, so if they say March, it'll most probably be there or there abouts.
  7. It's complicated, due to licensing basically. Rule 1: Everything works on PC. Rule 2: Combining certain elements gets you console use. The ecosystem has 3 components, consider them separately. Wheelbase - you get these for Playstation. Wheel rim - you get these for Xbox. Pedals - these are easier, if they are plugged into the wheelbase itself then they are console compatible. I *think* you get slightly reduced specificity / accuracy due to USB bandwidth (10 bit vs 12 if you wire separately to a PC), but basically you need 1 plug for console. I don't know the upper realms of Fanatec kit that well but I also think you need an adapter nowadays to do direct USB (they use RJ45 to connect pedals to wheelbases) Their website is actually quite clear once you know what you're looking for. Look for these symbols: READY means "when combined with the correct element" You can tell I didn't pull that image from a wheel rim page, as a wheel rim is either Xbox, or it's not. You can tell I did pull that image from a wheel base page, as a wheel base is either PS (like this one was) or it's not. So in the past it was relatively simple, for their entry level kit. Wheelbase - You bought the CSL Elite for Playstation. Wheel rim - You bought one with Xbox on it, like the P1 for Xbox, or the McLaren rim, whatever you like, so long as it has an Xbox logo on it. Pedals - You bought the CSL Elite pedals as they are the only entry pedals. Nowadays, it's mode complicated...only the Gran Turismo DD Pro - more on that later as it complicates things further. Wheelbase - There are only 2 for Playstation. The Podium, which is 1800EUR on it's own. The Gran Turismo GT Pro, which is launched for preorder tomorrow, and only available in a bundle with pedals. For cost, let's say you don't sink 1800EUR into just a wheelbase and go with the GT DD Pro. Wheel rim - You get one with the bundle, but it won't work on Xbox. As above, you need an Xbox rim, but they don't do the P1 now (was about 140EUR) so the cheap option is the 200EUR McLaren rim. Pedals - You get these in your bundle. In short... You but a 700EUR bundle, then you buy another 200EUR rim. You need to wait until March for delivery. You could sell the bundled GT rim to reduce the cost, the McLaren one works fine on Playstation. You may also want to spend the extra on the boost kit (takes the base from 5Nm to 8Nm) and may also want a load cell pedal, but that's another story.
  8. I fear I may be coming off as a fanboy here, but I have a feeling it's simply licencing. The blue alcantara rim you posted is F1 licenced so likely F1 had some say in the design. The GT DD rim is (clearly, as Fanatec have pointed it out at least twice on every article) designed by Polyphony. Here is another Playstation rim, no licencing, pure Fanatec, and I believe, the best looking variant of all the P1 rims, and there's about 6 now.. Alcantara looks nice, but leather is used where your hands sit, and blue stitching is nice, no rubber around here. The grey centre is subtle but good looking, no silly treat marks or BMW tat etc.
  9. So, the Podium DD for Playstation: Has been out for a couple of years now I think, and has never been available as a standalone wheel base. I wonder if Sony simply won't allow it or something. The way Fanatec launched the CLS DD, with existing customers being prioritised for preorders I think was the right way to do it, limiting availability for scalpers, and helping to get them into the hands of those that want to use them rather than sell them on. Fanatec don't do bundles, the whole point is to get people into their ecosystem, and making a bundle is off putting for their existing customer base. I see it as a Sony lead thing. Personally, I'd prefer a standalone wheelbase, but I don't think it's a stretch to say if we Sony approve rather than when. Alternatively, it could be as a Black Friday wheel rim deals would make a standalone GT DD Pro an absolute bargain That's an Xbox wheel rather than a PC wheel, which of course will also work on a Playstation Any wheel rim will work on a Playstation with a Playstation wheelbase, it's the beauty of the ecosystem, and a huge part of why a bundle makes no sense from a purely Fanatec perspective.
  10. But if you do think about it (and want PC only) 479.95 - CSL DD wheel base with boost kit (bundle, 20 EUR discount) 479.95 79.95 - CSL Pedals 99.95 - CSL P1 wheel black Friday edition (round rim, rubber) 119.95 - CSL Load Cell (Black Friday sale) ---- 779.8 EUR (plus shipping) compared to the 969.95 of the Playstation one with an uglier wheel. You can add 100 and make it a McLaren wheel, which is lovely and you're still saving 90EUR, and it'll then work on an Xbox too (but still not a Playstation). Obviously if you want playstation use, this is the way..
  11. Fanatec charged almost 40 EUR shipping for my CSL Elite 18 months back, so really, you're looking at closer to 1000 EUR if you want a load cell and boost kit. If you don't want the boost kit, the load cell is in the black Friday sale at 120EUR (normally 140EUR) They charge me 20 EUR shipping for my CSL Elite load cell, so adding it in later will cost 40 EUR more compared to Black Friday. They charge in EUR so if you use a bank card / credit card, then you're at the mercy of your banks exchange rates and foreign currency fees. I can't believe they are doing an "express shipping" version, basically a 150EUR scalp to Fanatec. Funny how the express shipping gets it to you 3 months before the normal preorder...
  12. You probably know this already but… It’s all about licensing. The licensing costs them money (to Sony and MS). I’m guessing they separate the different console licensing chips into rim for Xbox and wheel base for PlayStation so they don’t have issues with either platform vendor in terms of selling 1 official piece of kit that works with both consoles. On a slightly related note, Interestingly, their Black Friday specials don’t include any Xbox specific rims..
  13. Can they ask Horner to go to the stewards at every race so we don't have to suffer an interview with him?
  14. Fingers crossed it stops him moaning. Well, we can hope right?
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