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  1. Back again, reboxing more stuff from my attic… this time, a box of Dreamcast peripherals and some nice Nintendo collectibles. but I’m not done! I found some other funny bits too…. I found this odd Mario bear thing I was once given as a gift 2 recipes, for GameCube consoles, 1 black, 1 purple, each cost me £4.99! And finally, possibly the dumbest thing that younger me thought might be a good idea to stick in the attic, and probably a walking disease waiting to happen. Anyone fancy a stick of Nintendo rock from, I think 2004?
  2. Not sure if it helps, but I was 27 Eur shipping for the pedals and performance kit. I thought they didn’t do reduction on shipping, maybe I’m wrong.
  3. Yeah, he was a touch aggressive wasn’t he, overall though, the stewarding seemed to be decent, from what I saw anyway.
  4. Todays question is A. Carrazza ( who was third in the Repechage race. Was a really close race too, Big Willow in the Escudo
  5. Yes, I added the brake performance kit. Not sure it's a real issue if you missed it to be honest, as Fanatec don't combine postage anyway as they ship each item separately
  6. The tax bill more or less will take it back up to where it would have been (as in Eur price, converted) I think, plus a tenner or so that they charge for the privilege. I'll wait for them to arrived, plug them in and try them before looking at selling the CSL pedals I think, I appreciate this might push me out of the Xmas window, but I presume there will be a lot of pedals for sale soon anyway.
  7. It was the same last year (I ordered the GT DD Pro which launched on BF, so you can imagine how many folk were hitting it then!) I got my order in, just be patient with the page loading / if you get it in the basket and click checkout, it just brings up the white side bar. If your browser isn't "loading" then click anywhere on the page and click the cart again. Once it get there, it took about a mnute per page, but loaded eventually. The site crashed prior to me getting a confirmation page, but I got an email and money has been taken
  8. Got pedals in basket, can't get checkout to load
  9. @Shimmyhill Fanatec BF live and the website is dying... https://fanatec.com/eu-en/black-friday/
  10. I knew they’d pay off! Yup. I bought the 4.5million Porsche as it’s away tomorrow, and it’s the only car I needed for the collection menus. I got an engine ticket in return I thought it see what the 4.5 million Hagerty collection Porsche is worth now that I own it. 2.67 million. That depreciation for you. You buy your mega price collectors Porsche and 73 seconds later it’s dropped almost 2mill. Thanks Hagerty and PD for this wonderful insight into collecting cars! ;)
  11. I was a bit baffled by the tense of the question as when I read it, the race hadn’t been run, so I waited. Pretty sure I predicted Fraga too, lots of credits!
  12. I’m thinking about the inverted ones, I’m drawn in by the idea of longer throw, but I’m also on a strategic away day with work on Friday, which might be strategic in me not purchasing anything! Either way, I don’t think the v4 pedals would be priced as keenly. I was already slightly disappointed to miss the v3 pedals that sold on here in trading a week or 2 ago, or at least that’s what my brain is telling me
  13. I typed a long reply earlier, and then re-read it and it sounded like I was showing off with an awesome setup so I decided not to post it, but something I had mentioned was... the size of a 10 year old. If we start with the very basics... You can just buy a wheel and clamp it to a desk. People use everything from sofas to office chairs with towels behind them to stop them moving. Less movement obviously is better. Inevitably, as you use it, the pedals won't stay still. If you're handy with the tools, you can make a pedal plate and figure out how to make it stay still, possibly adapting a table or something to host the wheel. Pedals that don't move will be one of the most desirable things. Next there are some options. Things like the Wheelstandpro are most compact, but still move a little, and depend a lot on the surface below it (rubber feet to stop it moving), and have the disadvantage of a pole between your legs. I'd imagine with short child legs, this would be worse. The wheel stand Shimmy mentioned is nice as it gets around (through?) the legs / pole issue. Takes a bit more space though. It also gives an upgrade path. There is a seat mount that can be bolted to it, and of course the weight of a person stops the seat moving. Be worth checking the measurements on the site for your sons size though as I'd have the same issues on size - can it go small enough? Both the wheelstandpro and the GTOmega need some sort of seating, but again this could be a sofa or whatever. Actually, for a child, something like they sit on in school is possibly better. No wheels, so doesn't move, smaller than a sofa. Obviously you want back support AND the ability to reach the pedals! Next up, the Playseat challenge Jonathan posted above is amazing. It's not as cheap as a wheel stand, but it's an amazingly competent piece of equipment. It folds, it's comfy, and it's actually pretty darn stable too (don't be tempted by cheaper copies from the likes of Argos / Amazon, they are much more flexi) but I don't know if it could be adjusted to fit a small person. As for the wheel itself, plenty of folk use and rate the G29 (Playstation) or G920 (Xbox - same kit, different console) is good. It'll hold some resale value unlike the bungee cord crap and indeed can be used in a proper sim racing setup. There are still some racing with us on GT7 Monday nights that use them and beat me As others have suggested, if it doesn't bother you, look second hand. There are plenty who upgrade, so always an abundance of entry level kit around.
  14. Equally, it's good man maths (is there a non-gendered version of this?) I for 1 will be quoting this thread to my wife when she asks just how many games I've bought over Xmas
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