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  1. Sure, of course he could actually make the corner on that line, but not at that speed. How about I'm suggesting c) Hamilton made a mistake, took a tight line but carried too much speed to make the corner. Max, on the wider line could carry more speed into the corner, even armchair racers know that, yet Hamilton gained on him and made contact from a tighter line where he would have had to have been slower to make the corner. Driver61 puts it better than me in the video above. I understand why people say it's a racing incident, but F1 is a non contact sport, and had Hamilton not put his car into a position where it made it impossible for both cars to make the corner, the incident wouldn't have happened. Realistically, only Hamilton could prevent this one, and for me, that's enough for it to be his fault, but on top of that, those expecting Max to somehow guess where Hamiton was based on crappy little rear view mirrors that vibrate everywhere and looking ahead probably 80% of the time are crazy. Max didn't know where Hamilton was, yet Hamilton knew exactly where Max was the whole time but didn't react to where we all know Max's car was about to be, actually, where we thought it'd be plus 1 cars width, as Max didn't close the door, he left plenty of room, just not accounting for Hamilton's excess speed / understeer / didn't account for colder tyres and a ton of fuel weight / missing the apex.
  2. So, I went on holiday on Friday and missed everything, got back on Monday evening, and was kindly instructed by @jonathanhoey to at least watch lap 1 prior to our Monday Night GT Sport racing. Glad I did, thanks! Anyway, just caught up, lots of great content here, so huge multi-quote response by me because I think there has been lots of interesting stuff posted, and perhaps because I feel left out, having missed, live, on possibly the most controversial Grand Prix in 10 years... (but hopefully not due to some self-importance that I don't realise I have..?) This livery is amazing, but beyond that, the care looks great, if a little Indy Car like, and the huge wheels are stupid. What no one else said (I think), is of course that this is what F1/FIA/whoever did the design thinks the cars will look like based on the rules they have written. In true F1 style, they will all be hideously ugly beasts when the teams find the rules they can bend for half a tenth, but in the process removing the sleek and simple intent. I don't think he understeered so much as carried so much speed (enabling him to get along side) that he wouldn't have made the corner, save for Max not being there. This really annoyed me about the whole F1 team. I understand 'entertainment' and 'drama' but all of them trying to position a 10 second penalty as a mountain Lewis had to climb 1 race after Red Bull and Mercedes lapped the entire field is laughable. This, and others saying that Lewis was simply making the point that Max's aggressive driving won't stick any more, says more to me about Lewis than Max. So, basically half of us are saying that Lewis driving into a known wedge at 180mph, and not backing out of it is fine, the other half that it's dangerous (which it is...) The way I see it, Max was ahead and had to make the corner. Lewis knew this, and should have been travelling slower to make the corner, as if he could make the corner from a position so close to the inside, they'd all do that, every lap. For me, the really interesting part is that Max did leave him space, twice. He didn't actually make a dirty move, as he's done in the past. When he squeezed him to the wall, and again in the corner, and more than the mandated 1 car width when Lewis, who surely knew that coming at such an acute angle required him to slow down more, made the contact. I also believe the penalty was light. The second (first...) point layten makes though is key, and why I don't like Max (and perhaps used to not like Vettel, see later). Red Bull simply creates an echo chamber repeating that they are the best, the fastest, the ones who are always right. Max is fast, very fast, perhaps even faster than Lewis is on his best days, and Lewis is probably the best we've ever seen / almost certainly is within his time. The whole Red Bull ecosystem seems to be massively toxic, and they just shrug it off. I mentioned before Red Bull lapping up being "the quickest car" at any given point while Merc sit back and let them look like fools when they trounce them. It's just this attitude turned up to 10. The other 2 didn't squeeze Lewis as they both knew it wasn't their race to have. LeClerc was clearly over the moon with 2nd, they thought they were no where, Norris has shown many times in the past that he's not up for racing clearly faster Merc's, instead preserving his own race pace against McLaren's rivals. Not that it really matters, but despite not really defending the position, LeClerc still didn't make the corner. This is amazing. Vettel was one of the few drivers I really disliked when at Red Bull, as a lifetime Ferrari fan, I was pretty gutted when he signed for us, but he changed with Ferrari. He became more open in interviews, and more relaxed. He was happy to point out that he didn't talk about his personal life, and even to admit fault, or joint responsibility on mistakes, and even criticise Ferrari, something that historically was a massive no. With the additional freedom at Aston Martin, this seems to be continuing and it's great to watch. Not delving too much into this thread, personally I think penalising for repairing a car under a red flag is a good idea, and should be implemented, but needs a LOT of thought and perhaps technology (for example, FIA scans each car and dictates what must be repaired, or, rally style, gives a set amount of time for repairs, but on F1 level, for example, another conversation for another day) Right now, there isn't a perfect solution, so getting the car fixed is the easiest and safest route, no one wants to see another accident due to a team cutting corners on repairs. BUT... Isn't the thing here simply that Merc changed the tyres because at a red flag, you always take the chance to change the tyres, simply because they are the most vulnerable part of the car, it's a free pit stop. At the same time, it could have been a fractured brake disc on Lewis's car, which they wouldn't change, and that'd put the car out in a dangerous way. i.e. The whole debate came up based on something that occurred and was repaired almost entirely by chance. Cut everything else out because this can't be highlighted enough. Unfortunately we are all united here because of our love for a sport which is equally loved by a bunch of entitled idiots stuck in the past, who can't see beyond their own view on life, it's embarrassing. Having those views reinforced by comments made by sporting hero, come old fool like Jackie Stewarts is unforgivable. What Lewis has brought to F1 in terms of ending racism / BLM / etc. is amazing, and almost certainly wouldn't have happened without him. Sorry for the mega post everyone...!
  3. I'm just raising awareness.
  4. Completely agree on the scumbags, the whole cup final was always going to be one of those events that attracted them unfortunately. I'm likely reading too much into this, but the statement wording is interesting to me.... "the watch he was wearing was taken" to me, strongly suggests that it wasn't his watch. So was he there as a spectator, or there on business? perhaps ? Given the COVID risks etc. I'm surprised they let him go in the first place, though I guess, the UK has forgotten about COVID by now, right...
  5. Yes good point, I should have mentioned that. I'm in anyway, and was using Argos vouchers to purchase so have already paid for the vouchers regardless. Also, I'd imagine they aren't as easy to cancel as Amazon etc. perhaps in part due to the payment up front.
  6. I can't decide if I like it because it's a combination of things I love (good quality stuff and games / Nintendo / Mario, expensive watches is a warren I'm keen to avoid!) or if it's a hugely tacky cash in... Meanwhile... *Glimpses down at cheap semi-smart watch with N64 Goldeneye face and smiles*
  7. The photos leaked before the announcement. I think it's a fake. The wheel rim looks to be rubber which Fanatec haven't used for a while, the silver plastic looks cheap and nasty, not their usual quality, and the button placement looks pretty awful, not the normal Fanatec ergonomics. On top of that, they tend to have familiar looking switch designs to existing wheels. Beyond that, the main thing for me is the fact it's a wheel and base combo box. Fanatec are all about their ecosystem, and I don't think would sell these things together. if it were entry level, and they were doing that again, I'd expect it to also have peddles (and not be direct drive). Perhaps as a crazy example of that, my Fanatec McLaren rim was bought as 1 item and shipped as 2 as the quick release adapter came in a separate box! My CSL Elite base, pedals and P1 rim were shipped as 3 packages - Fanatec don't even do boxing things up together for shipping, never mind for sale... Apparently the characters used on the Japanese test "for" is also the wrong word, like someone has google translated it.
  8. This was discussed, to an extent, last year over in retro, when I managed to snag almost £2k for a sealed Pokemon Edition Gameboy Colour. Do I regret selling it? Well thankfully, my 65 inch TV, PS5 and Xbox Series X, plus a couple of games have kept me entertained enough to forget about it. On the other hand, perhaps that could have been the next 1.2mill if I'd only stuck it in some tupperware!
  9. If this the one that was available from the Nintendo Stars catalogue back then, I have bad news for you both Mine is rarer too as it's still sealed in the jiffy back that Nintendo Stars catalogue shipped it to me in as it arrived, I already had the disc from Mario Kart, and stuck it in a storage box without even opening the package, or perhaps it's Schrödinger Zelda.
  10. Came here to resurrect, and ended up coincidentally posting in the pop crush thread making myself look like a full on Garbage nutcase by complete coincidence So yeah, Garbage are still a band, and have just released their new album, No gods, No Masters. I'm a fan, so take what I say with a pinch of salt, but check it out for yourself, to my ear it's easily the best thing they've done since the 90s. The last album (Strange Little Birds) was a nice return to 90s Garbage, with the right sound and feel to it but somehow fell a little short, this one manages to combine that with a current sound, some great topical lyrics, and that unmistakable Garbage sound. Can't figure out the best way to link a whole album, but this links to an official YT playlist will all songs (11 tracks, in the wrong order since I've been listening to the CD) plus some B-sides so, seems a sensible choice.
  11. There was plenty of good looking pop stars, but their music always felt like a guilty pleasure to me. A friend had pages of Smash Hits etc. all over his bedroom walls, the Minogues, Paula Abdul, Madonna probably a bunch of others from that era along with models and soap stars, but I only remember thinking they looked pretty, I guess I needed more than looks to crush on someone. Into my early teens, this happened... Then a year or 2 later, there was Andrea.
  12. You are free to race Lewis - but we'll let you past just in case
  13. Hamilton - tyres blah blah. *yawns*
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