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  1. I just saw this too, a big part of my youth oddly enough given my age. I still listen to Bat Out Of Hell 2: Back Into Hell fairly regularly, and Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are one of the few songs I can listen to on repeat. It was a sad day when Steinman died last year, I guess Heaven can't wait
  2. …Unless the Merc is by far the best car, then he’ll stay longer
  3. Figured I might as well resurrect this one rather than make a new one... In getting carried away with overly detailed replies on AFT here: I started thinking and googling for 'New' 3DS exclusivity, in particular physical releases, and I wonder, if I've inadvertently (along with many others I'm sure) have a complete set (crazy boundaries, niche etc. I don't really care about this aspect, really i'm just interested to know if there are others) So, my question is... Physical UK 'New' 3DS Exclusive games. Are Fire Emblem Warriors and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D the only ones? It looks like Runbow Pocket and Minecraft were also released in the US, but not over here.
  4. Inevitably it’ll run better on Ps5, off loading times alone are of interest, the PS5 runs GT Sport runs the PS4 Pro version with significantly shorter loading times. You can tell in online practice lobbies as the PS5 players are on track way before the 4 users due to the SSD. I don’t think we’ve even seen it running on a 4 yet and of course the pro will add even more complications to the version comparison. However, from what you’ve said and considering It’s supposed to be the same game you could go digital with the PS4 version for 60 quid then pay the extra tenner at a later date to upgrade if you switch to a 5. By that time plenty of us will have opinions.
  5. I guess it depends what you mean by prized. For example… My boxed SNES Mario Allstars pack, it’s not rare, it’s not that valuable, but it was my first console and an Xmas gift from my parents. My mint, boxed Virtual Boy. It’s not a great console but mine was a new old stock one bought as an Xmas gift from my girlfriend (well wife now) and I treasure it. My Zelda Game and Watch in lovely condition box, bought completely randomly in a charity shop by my brother and given to me one Xmas with a label from my niece. It’s there most surprising gift I’ve ever had and I was holding back the tears at the time. If we move onto rare or valuable, who knows, it’s probably my NGPC collection (not complete) but I’m no where near as attached to that
  6. Haven't really been looking as I'm buying digital for convenience, but I have seen... Physical/disc wise It's £58 at coolshop.co.uk for the basic version with no confirmation on any preorder bonus. It's £60 are thegamecollection with confirmation of the digital stuff preorder pack (the digital version comes with this stuff too, but I assume it'll be a code for physical) •100,000 CR (in-game credit) •Three-car pack, including: -MAZDA RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT Stealth Model. -Porsche 917 LIVING LEGEND. -Toyota Supra GT500 '97 (Castrol TOM'S). Which might be a sensible start for MNRC post launch if we all end up with it. I saw a website stating there are 2 potential physical preorder bonuses, but no UK website has posted anything with them yet (I expect it'll be one or the other, with different retailers offering them, possibly one being exclusive to a certain retailer etc.) I like the coasters. Damn you expensive digital version Edited to add (versions notes and RRP): Digital standard - full price of course: PS4 - £60 PS5 - £70 (it's been confirmed this comes with PS4 and PS5 versions) You can upgrade from 4 to 5 for £10 at a later date The PS4 disc version is upgradable to the PS5 version for £10, but you'll need a PS5 with a disc, and to put the disc in to prove you own it. The PS5 disc version won't work in a PS4. Anniversary Edition: This one is taking the piss digitally, but might be beneficial physically, not sure... It's £90. Digitally, you get in addition to the above preorder digital stuff and the game: 1,000,000 CR (in-game credit) FIA Gran Turismo Championships World Series Model - Toyota GR Yaris with country-specific livery 30 manufacturer & partner PSN Avatars The Music of Gran Turismo 7 Soundtrack (presumably an mp3 download code or something, unconfirmed) The physical however also has Exclusive SteelBook® case PS5 Disc with PS4 Game Voucher The launch website says: "25th Anniversary Edition, the steel book will include a PS5 game disc and a voucher for a digital version of the PS4 game and the 25th Anniversary Edition additional content." This might mean you get 2 separate copies of the game, which might mean you could upgrade that to a PS5 digital copy for a tenner Which might mean you have 2 complete ps5 copies, 1 disk, 1 download for £100 both with the additional DLC, but who knows. https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/games/gran-turismo-7-announcement-faq/
  7. Yep, I'm sure the expansion card (at full price) took me closer to 18-20 months doing slightly more than the bare minimum (all searches on mobile, and PC and Edge bonuses, and all daily tasks on the website, but not much on the xbox, occasional 50 for an achievement, and a couple of almost maxed 10k(?) achievement events
  8. You'd think he'd be clued up enough to mention which currency when he's speculating then (of course in PS5-era Sony land, it's dollar-euros anyway) I admit... I have no idea who he is. I liked him, which for an American on a YouTube video is definitely a compliment! I completely agree, but.... I'm 99% certain this thing isn't going to be cheaper than a Quest 2 despite it having less kit in there. It'll be much the same situation as PSVR was at the time. Compared to almost all VR solutions, it'll look like a bargain, everything else needs a PC or doesn't have controllers (google card etc). Then we get to the Quest, which has very good controllers, and good resolution and FOV, and the CPU power of a budget mobile phone in there, and operates, wirelessly as a PC headset, yet is still cheaper than most PC only headsets available. As much as I don't want to be that guy that is plugging a Facebook (meta...) product, it's the stand out, not the norm. PSVR is still going to be the cheapest way to get games that look as good as they will I expect.
  9. They speculate on price stating something like "it needs to be 499 max" so obviously that's only DF's opinion. It's an American guy who says it, so I presume he means dollars. The PS5 itself is 499, so that'd likely be 450 quid here. I want to think that's too expensive, but objectively, for what you'd get, it'd be a decent deal. Spec wise, it makes something like Valve Index begins to look last gen, and then you have the bonus (hopefully) of Sony investing in high end first party developments, and not needing to throw a grand at a high end PC to make things look pretty (just a 450 quid console...) Of course, if you compare it to Quest 2..... I think we all know Quest 2 is a bit of a bargain, but it's also a bit like comparing a PS3 to a PS5.
  10. That video didn't really tell me much more than the conclusions I'd already drawn from the spec list website, but I'm well and on my way to the station to board the hype train now!
  11. Could it be that the GameCube pad had the 8 flat surfaces around the stick rather than a circle on the pro/joycon? I must admit, I picked this up at launch and was enjoying it initially but was put off by 2 things. Random difficulty spikes, well perhaps not spikes, but fluctuations, a hard as nails level between a couple of easier ones, feels all over the show and… the frustration. I guess I’ve moved on as a gamer and simply don’t want to bang my head against the wall as I play… I played some Monkey Golf and some levels genuinely felt like you’re not doing it without luck on your side.
  12. There is definitely no lack of precision in MK8, the controls and karts feel properly right and you can place them exactly where you want to. What you might be thinking about that makes 8 feel less precise (sort of…) compared to SMK, 64, Super Circuit etc is the track width (or the ratio I’d the kart size to the track width). As there is a lot of space to move around. If we’re think about SMK, Ghost Valley, Mario Circuit, are great examples of tight courses where you could time trial the heck out of them and aim for a pixel perfect lap beating your previous time by a tiny amount and feel great about it. MK8 offers a much wider track due to the amount of on track carnage, the time trial mode suffers because of it, but the rest of the game benefits. The control precision is 100% there and with the N64 style drift dynamic I think even more precise than SMK. Baby Park shows this off really well as it’s so simple, you can blast around it avoiding the carnage, picking a racing line, power drifting between 2 other karts and a banana peel feeling like a racing God.
  13. ...or perhaps that's just because it is a seriously delayed ps4 game that they've upgraded for ps5 At the rate Polyphony do things, I'd be very surprised if we see GT7 in VR at PSVR launch. Keeping positive... I'm already spending all my positive points on believing GT7 will actually launch in March
  14. I played it to death on SNES, then played 96 to death when I got that, and then played 98 on N64 to death. For some reason I never got on with Madden, despite playing many times and many versions.
  15. Nothing said yet, and at the rate Polyphony do stuff, perhaps it’ll get a PSVR3 update! With VR needing either 90 or 120hz and GT7 aiming for 60, I wonder if we’ll see it at all. I think the changes of them doing a WipeOut and updating the whole game for VR (which is the best experience I had in PSVR) is pretty slim.
  16. Not essential, but cheap for some decent and varied experiences: (stolen from HUKD and I think posted a few pages back,8 games for about 12 quid if you use the code ALLKEYSHOP5 https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/fanatical-quest-vr-bundle?aff_track=CJ&CJEVENT=efec795a672111ec839a8e5b0a180511&utm_source=CJ&cj_pid=7988612&cj_aid=13797872 Accounting+ is.. short and erm different Zombieland is decent Deathlap feels a bit half done and will test your sickness levels Skyworld Kingdom Brawl is ok, I think I’d be more likely to play it more not in VR! Haven’t tried the others but Ghost Giant seems to be well talked of. Other actual essentials.. Walkabout Golf is great. If you want fitness stuff, The Thrill of the Fight is good Warplanes: WW1 Fighters impressed me Synth Riders is another nice rhythm game, though not as good as Beat Saber
  17. Finished this yesterday, really enjoyed it. Probably the most challenging game I’ve played in a while and my completion time is no where near the amount of time I actually put into it. I liked trying different strategies and learning the attack cues, I’m not going back to play ‘hard’ mode!
  18. He might not take the natural apex, nor even the quickest apex, but he does hit the apex as you can see here: Hamilton conceded the inside line, the obvious thing for him to do is brake earlier, or enter the corner later using the width of the track to turn allowing a later apex leading to faster corner exit speed than Max who would be properly slow with that ridiculous awkward line, except Lewis chooses to make a meal of it, do weird pretend to turn into Max thing and then take the run off to escape. It was 100% a late lunge, but Lewis took advantage and got away with it due to the lack of wall. Max stayed on track (only just) which should make it ok.
  19. This annoyed me too. Once you get the Omega cannon activated and have to kill one, I enjoyed the action/ puzzle element of trying to blast it while avoiding it, but afterwards they just leave huge voids in each map area with no secrets. Anyway, I think I might be passed that problem now as I’m facing off against the final boss (we’ll actually I’m sleeping on it and going back to it tomorrow as I’m struggling.) To keep the trend going, I’ve completed Samus Returns (and Return of Samus), along with Super, Fusion and Zero Mission. I’ve never played NES Metroid nor Other M and didn’t care much for Prime.
  20. All he and Red Bull need to do right now is shut up and let it play out, or even reiterate the FIA shenanigans have to end, but just as the FIA are going to FIA, Red Bull will do the same, so I expect a press conference with Salty Spice any day now
  21. Yes, the DD is slightly weaker in standard form, and with the boost pack hits the same 8Nm of the old Clubsport which it’s basically replacing. With the older belt drive bases, I expect you’d lose some through tolerances, and perhaps even wear. Either way, the DD will be more… well.. direct! For comparison (And because I found them looking for the old Clubsport figure) T150 is about 2.7Nm T300/Tx: 3.9 Nm Logitech DFGT: less than 2.5 Nm G25: 2.5 Nm G27: 2.3 Nm G29/G920: 2.2 Nm That list is measured rather than official numbers, the Fanatec numbers are official numbers.
  22. I remember that, but there is a huge difference between some idiot celebrity waving a flag and ending the race 1 lap earlier as the rules state the chequered flag = the end, and the stewards making a call, and then later deciding it wasn't the right call and so overturning their own decision. I expect the (unofficial line) will be the referees decision is final.
  23. It won't get overturned, the mistake / rule that was broken was by the FIA, not by the drivers or the teams. Max did nothing wrong, they won't take a championship, or even a win away from a driver who won on track with a fair overtake, under unfair circumstances caused by the boardroom screwing it up.
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