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  1. This is me now, £82 per month, going up to £89 for basic entertainment, HD with legacy F1, pish broadband and a pointless phone line - no movies. I'm heading towards a new ISP, possibly plusnet, maybe Virgin, though the latter's customer services used to be atrocious in my experience with F1TV and a paid VPN at the moment, though the risk of ending up with either hassle, or a ban, or something else is there. I guess I can fall back on NowTV. It seems you have to stream via VPN too, not just kick off the stream (which I used to do to get around the NFL Game Pass blackouts with Sky exclusivity) which I guess means I need a paid VPN as limitations on the free ones won't cut it. PIA VPN seems well priced at 65 quid for 3 years, but I expect there is a risk in the VPNs IPs being banned or something too, and I have no use for a VPN sub beyond this, and I have no idea what to look for in a VPN @Darren's NowTV tip, I'm familiar with for movies (I usually try to grab a month at Xmas, and often extend into Jan via that method) though them separating NowTV 'Boost' seemed to be something else that's pushing up the potential costs with that method.
  2. Thank you so much for double checking! I probably have to go off and try to figure out how much it'll actually cost to watch via NowTV but my old 720p Sky HD box, and shit broadband is heading up to 89 quid a month, which includes, well basically F1, so compromises need to be made I guess. My fear is that I won't be bothered, and I'll just stop watching. I prefer full race (and qualifying) to highlights, I don't care about all the other stuff, but I'll also miss Indycar and F2 which I try to watch all races of, but none of which I watch live. Anyone using F1TV Pro and... transporting themselves outside of the UK for each race?
  3. Anyone watching with a NowTV sub rather than a full Sky TV box... What's the "on demand" status nowadays? Are the qualifying sessions and races available via NowTV after the fact, and if so, does anyone know how long it takes them to upload? Google suggests it's either not available at all, or that sometimes it takes them quite a long time to process it / make it live. Do they do on demand for F2 / Indycar? Basically, my Sky bill is going up, as they always do, and my broadband isn't great, and F1 is more or less the only thing we use Sky for. Being tied into the legacy F1 package had its benefits for some time, but it's too much just for F1 (I'll probably regret this one as it's also just about the only TV I choose to watch on my own)
  4. I think I'm out for Thursday, sorry folks. I had a busy weekend, and so have only installed AC to the point of driving less than 2 corners, and have my kids junior junior orchestra concert on Wed meaning I have basically only an hour or 2 to properly set up and learn a new game, car and track which sounds like a recipe for disaster! Enjoy folks!
  5. Perez should have just called it out "Hey Max you're in the wrong chair" "I'm sorry, I didn't hear your response, see it says winner here, and that's me" "What's that, no I don't think so, it's because I was quicker on the day" "The fastest lap? Yeah, well done, hopefully that won't compromise your engine in a later race. Best look out for weird noises from it next time out eh!" In fact, Perez really needs to do an accidental hot mic error: "Sometimes, Max can be a proper entitled prick" whilst sniggering into his helmet, and not giving one about Max's actions. He'd live rent free with Max and Jos forever more, which even if it's not useful, is funny. The Verstappen's make it oh so easy to play mind games with them, all the better if you could do it without a care the other way. /fullrosberg
  6. I'm quoting Mexos predicting the return of the Scud to the top step
  7. Definitely calling BS on that one. Safety car is never deployed that quickly in F1, and they always have many more views than us. If they didn’t have eyes on and thought it was a risk, the Virtual Safety Car could have been deployed, like every other time. Perez winning is fine I guess, though more points for him simply means Red Bull 1/2 in the championship is more likely at this point. Interesting that he is either naive or stupid enough to not realise Max would push for fastest lap in the final lap, like he always does, and that’s the sort of thinking he’d need to be on top of if he was ever to challenge Max for a championship - full Rosberg mode needed.
  8. Still clearly fixed, you got a pile of gold that’s only worth 500k, just like the small pile of coins fluctuates massively in the rewarded amount. Pretty sure I’ve had single bars of gold worth dramatically varying amounts too
  9. Nice to see Horner praying it’s broken just like the rest of us 😂
  10. P6! I'm getting all nostalgic after my first season! 73 days ago, I wasn't even thinking about owning a gaming PC. 70 days ago, I installed ACC and started lapping Misano in a green Lambo. I'd played a bit of ACC on Playstation, but never raced actual humans in it. It's been a learning curve - ACC, discord, push to talk, configuring the wheel, messing about with tablets as dashboards and a sprinkling of VR. Speeding at the start, turning ABS off and totalling my car, dry tyres on a wet track, then sliding out of the pit lane for another lap of dry tyres on a wet track. Memorable moments have been many, but I think my top 5 are: 1. My car having an unnatural attraction to the other green lambo Right from race 1 where I was a surprised passenger collected in an accident off the start line to the penultimate one where I made my worst judgement of the season and caused utter mayhem by rear ending... that Lambo again. Perhaps just because @Valver was in the same car, I felt compelled to try to beat him The truth is, we were very, very close in pace all season, almost always qualifying next to one another, and there was some great racing had along the way. It was equally fascinating to see how we were able to pull such similar times out of the same car by driving completely different lines in some corners 2. Misano and @Meers The 2nd sprint race of the season and my 2nd race of all. I had a decent start, and somehow spend almost 20 minutes of the 25 minute race defending from the faster Dutchman. It taught me so much about close, clean racing and defending. One of the most engaging and realistic feeling racing experiences I've ever had. 3. BMW M2 and Imola First time out in a one make race, first time ever driving a car that wasn't the Lamborghini in ACC! I don't know if 1 make was a good field leveller, or if I was just decent at Imola (the GT3 raced says otherwise!) but I felt more competitive. Great close racing with @mexos in the middle of one of the races, and, for me, a really enjoyable car / track combo. 4. ACC and This Group in General GT Sport and GT7 were my intro to racing with a wheel. The added depth, but also focus of ACC has been great. Playing with car setups, and learning new tracks. It's been great to be introduced and helped along by you bunch too. Equally great to do so with some of my other MNRC joining in too. Thanks for having us As others have said massive thanks to @davejm for looking after the technical aspects of bringing us all together on track. 5. Mistake Free Monza The scene was set. My mistake at Zolder the week before, not having that clean an endurance race, and also thanks to @Junker mentioning Low Fuel Motorsport, and their licence requirements, the week leading up to Monza had me concentrating on my Safety rating. It was 61 post Zolder, and 89 going into Monza. I hit Monza fairly hard in single player with different AI levels, to practice being off line, looking at where other cars were, hitting my braking points, judging what they're likely to do next. I felt like I really needed a clean Monza. Alas, it wasn't the most interesting of races for me, at first, I was almost sticking with Cook in front, we traded quicker laps for a while, until my pace dropped off a bit. There was then @milko getting larger in my mirrors but he made a mistake and I was breathing easy again. Junker up next, but we were similar pace pre-pitstop and I think I made good time on him by overcutting (possibly, better pressured or warmer worn tyres vs a fresh set on the wet track?) and whilst I couldn't match my stint 1 pace, it was enough for me to keep the gap for 4th
  11. I had a feeling it might have been that, happened to be in practice for Nurburgring, I mention it on voice chat but I think you were trying to fix it at the time. The recommended torque setting from Fanatec is way tighter that I’d have thought, so if you have a torque wrench I recommend, just make sure it’s aligned properly first!
  12. I'm the green Lambo, and from my perspective, I had contact with 2 cars in the race, both in the 1st lap hairpin. The first was when I murdered @Valver in the embarrassing mess that caused the mayhem at the hairpin , and then the second was when Kristian collected me as I recovered (no fault at all) as he said below. The bit you've screen shotted @Steffen Ogurek I remember well as I was driving into the middle of a wedge between Kristian and Sharky, and deliberately backed out early to avoid a 3 into 1 situation (you see this in the over head in the video around 4:20 me backing out compared to Kristian). I think he also backed out a little, letting Sharky take the outside we then and raced around the corner side by side. I was very aware of the orange McLaren catching me quickly too as I'd checked before slowing earlier than expected, but your Aston wasn't that close. I guess it was simply some network oddness / lag. Oddly enough, in race 2, whilst I was somewhere in the middle of an 8 second gap, a white Aston appeared in front of me in turn 2/3, I took evasive action, then it disappeared It's all good, I was recovering from causing the mess in the first place. I think we were both looking in other directions avoiding other cars re-joining the track / making their way through the mess. There was lots going on, not just cars in odd places, but cars travelling at very different speeds and in odd directions too.
  13. Yep, I went in too hot especially with cold tyres causing all kinds of mayhem, especially frustrating as I’d managed to avoid all other lap 1 carnage. Sorry folks. Race 2 was really good, couldn’t get a consistent pace going, not really sure why as my driving felt consistent enough. Felt the pressure piling on though with the gap growing and shrinking, and just the slightest bit too late on the brakes send me off and let you past. Had great fun having on to you once you’d passed with @Junker right on my tail, 3 cars within 1 seconds for a few parts of the closing laps. The amount of green Lambo screen time in Erik’s race cut video is hilarious! 😂. Great fun.
  14. The thing that always gets me about Lance is that he is always, genuinely good in the rain. All of the greats excel in the rain. Now, I'm not for a moment suggesting he is one of the greats, but his wet performance, for me anyway, suggests that he is a little more than your average number 2. He also seems to be a decent guy. When he makes a mistake, he's often humble (or at least quiet) about it, more so in recent times I think as he's grown. His father is absolutely a huge part of why he is where he is, but I don't think that has to take away from him being an F1 level talent regardless, he's the ideal pay driver, brings the cash, but also brings the results.
  15. He crashed his bike while training in Spain. El Plan.
  16. Are you in the UK? NFL Game Pass is 150 quid for the season, for that you get streams of every game live (I think unless Sky carry that game due to exclusivity) but then you get 3 options to watch basically the next day, the whole game, but with adverts cut out, a game in 40 minutes, where they just run the plays and nothing else (proper matchstick eyes required) or a highlights package. All games, from preseason to the Super Bowl. You also get NFL network, the combine, the draft, basically more that you can ever consume. If you don’t care about watching stuff that’s already happened, and want to see if you actually like it, I think you can pay £14.99 right now for Game Pass coverage from now until July it something and have instant access to the whole of last season, and assuming it’s the same as my account, also basically every season back to 2012. Also, pick the cheese heads, don’t pick the Pats. I hate the Pats 🤣
  17. Ok, I don't get to do this very often, so forgive me just this once... Where's my Plato liveried green Gordini in these photos?! What? It's 10 seconds in front of everyone else and you're all telling me I must be cheating with a tuned car. What it was the same as everyone else's car all along, and you were all just that much slower than me?
  18. I think it's fair to say we've generally stopped racing by probably 10.30 or 11 UK time, but then hang around in the chat and do our own thing for a bit beyond that. By 11pm on we're usually either doing the weekly time trial, bumping into one another on daily races, or talking crap about cars / racing sims / anything else, and by midnight we're realising it's a school night and we're old men
  19. 800pp is that the mainly Gr.3 race, with most of the field doing a pit stop? If it's the one I think it is, it's really good fun in your favourite Gr.3 with some fuel saving, trying to pick your way through the pack. If that's too challenging, and you have a Gr.2 car - detune it and it'll go like a Gr.3 on the straights, with better cornering and a bit less fuel used
  20. I'm sure I'll get some stick from the usual crew on this, but I'm going to play the FOV card here, to an extend anyway. Since it's a racing game, we know for sure it's not actually faster, as you say, it just feels faster, and that sensation of speed I think will come, at least in part due to the FOV. The GT on a TV FOV is something approximated by Polyphony (since we can't change it) which means it's a compromised. It has to suit those with a sim rig and a monitor right in front of their face, but also those at the other side of a living room playing on a TV. This will mess up all of the distances and make . Even changing between the various views in GT quite dramatically changes the sensation of speed, chase cam for example feels proper slow to me. Once you don the hat, for the GT in VR experience, the FOV is much less of a compromise as the eye to screen distance is basically close to standardised. It could simply be that the reviewer is playing on a flat screen that's a more ideal distance for whatever the Polyphony decided to set the FOV at, alternatively, what happens if you sit closer or further from your TV? I don't have a PSVR2, but spent some of this weekend experimenting with ACC in VR, and found it largely feels similar in sensation of speed to playing on my TV, though your latter post, that I didn't quote is so true, after a 25 minute race, I genuinely felt more mentally tired than after 25 minutes on the TV, something that's quite amazing, and does add to the immersion.
  21. Later this year I think, it’s second tier release to BBC again, so a bit longer to wait and no definitive date yet. We watched season 1 about a month ago and I really enjoyed it, not knowing anything about Jake Adelstein at all, and viewing it as the true story of when an American journalist played all of the Yakuza and Judgment games and made up a story about them
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