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  1. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    I'm hoping they keep this going too. I really enjoyed Let's Go, and the original Gen 2 games were great..
  2. This is a good question... I'm hoarding just shy of 55k points at the moment, no idea what I'd spend them on given too many games already and Game Pass Ultimate until 2021 or something. I last used them for Crackdown 3 and a pad, which was nice to get something real for nearly free, even if Crackdown 3 was virtually being given away a month after release!
  3. To an extent, the FIA are damned if they do, damned if they don't. In attempting to introduce consistancy, having been all over the show in the past, they obviosuly have to make calls that will be contra to decisions that have occurred in the past. At least there is signs of something happening, it's going to take some effort and time I guess. Re-introducing the B+W flag seems a sensible step imo, 2 strikes and you're out sort of thing. We are expecting humans to react and make split second decisions often at 200mph+ whilst also setting the car up, positioning it etc. Mistakes, or perhaps, bad judgements will undoubtedly happen. At the same time, we want to see racing, not drivers giving up positions as soon as the car behind gets remotely close, or alongside.
  4. Let’s agree to disagree, I can’t be bothered arguing, and the continuing anti Ferrari rhetoric is getting dull.
  5. Indycar style spotters make some sense
  6. To be fair, that rule is pretty explicit and it was broken. The fact that Charlie said what he said is all part of the larger problems with F1. A rule is a rule, that one isn’t even ambiguous, yet it’s questioned and therefore allowed - until a mechanic is injured in some accident and F1 has egg on its face all over again, and not by being reactive, since the rule exists, just by being unclear. Again. Also, to completely clarify my position, as I posted last time, I’d fine Merc. I don’t want to see any more on track penalties than we already do.
  7. I see they are still turning a blind eye to Merc sending mechanics into the pitlane to bluff others. 3rd time I’ve mentioned it in this thread, and it’s the 3rd time it hasn’t worked. When will they stop playing needless games with the safety of their staff.
  8. Forza Ferrari! Decent race, great to see Charles do what Seb never managed and first time around too! He had it as soon as Hamilton locked up. Merc signing Bottas for another year seems silly... I won’t debate the penalties on Vettel and Stroll as it was clearly unsafe, but it would be interesting to have a helmet cam view from the cockpit, really doesn’t look like you’d see much.
  9. Freeman

    Nintendo Switch

    You think? I mean, technically, yes, but I played it for the first time last year (well, bar the odd go on the demo machine in my local Comet) on my Super NT and really adored it. It oozes charm, from the characters, I mean cars, to the track design and music. Would liove to play a polished version with less clipping and more fps, but not necessarily much more.
  10. I played Zero, then Kiwami, then Kiwami 2 more or less one after the other and loved every moment. I'd played some of the original on Ps2. but it was so long ago I barely remember any of it, and played a bit of 3, but sold it on years ago. Just jump in, the world is amazing, the characters are amazing, the stories are amazing... The jump down from Zero to Kiwami was noticable, but didn't bother me at all, though I think I'm more likely to be pulled into a good story than a good technical piece. The drop from 60 to 300fps was noticable at first, but just felt normal after an hour or so. Roll on Feb for the physical release of 3, 4, 5 - 3 being a game I've played before, I'm interested to get into the story having now finished the 3 games prior. The only downside of the whole thing is that my copy of 6 likely stay sealed for quite some time at this point!
  11. I've said on a few occassions that XC2 is my favourite game of all time. I've never played this (the 3DS version has been in my collection waiting to be started for about 6 months). I'm a little bit excited.
  12. Freeman

    Nintendo Switch

    Or if you want to play some single player for a bit, preorder physical Tetris 99 which has a 12 month sub code and all dlc for a few quid more than a years sub, plus 12 months free of you are amazon prime via Twitch prime
  13. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Caught my 4th shiny ray today, only doing the raid for candy too.. I wish other shiny legendary were so easy!
  14. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    I did about 8 raids, no shiny and the best was an 87IV. My friend did the same 8 raids and got 4 shiny!
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