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  1. I admit I haven’t read into how that auction site works, the 20% buyers premium seems crazy high to me, but beyond that, auctions are meant to go up right? It’s at 280k now...
  2. Freeman

    Formula One - 2020

    They’d sell just as many tickets too providing it’s in the same country...
  3. Obviously a lot of subjective stuff in here, plenty I agree with too. When the Switch Disney classics launched, I was disappointed that they put the wrong Aladdin on it. Was never sure if it was rose tinted though as my first ever game was SNES Aladdin (or Mario Allstars as I got them both on the same Xmas) Diddy Kong always felt slow and less precise to me, and cluttered with the planes etc. and I played MK64 to death. I enjoyed them equally at the time, but Street Racer isn't quite as tight and is much easier (less rubber banding...). I remember doing custom cups with maximum 50 laps as Hodja to see how much I could destroy the AI characters. I've always thought this too, but a huge part of that for me was the 4 player mode, to the point where I can't tell among all of the rose tinted stuff. My turn.... PGR2 is much better than anything with Forza written on it, and PGR3 is better than 2.
  4. ...and of all the amazing SFC games out there, they chose Mortal Kombat to test it with... It's a lovely piece of video game history, especially the way the Playstation logo basically remained the same as it moved on to be a Sony specific device. Crazy money though, hopefully it lands somewhere that the gaming public can appreciate it (however unlikely...)
  5. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    I’m only level 5 which probably accounts for this, but won 9 of 10 battles today mainly by using Giratina (altered form). The others in my team were metagross which seemed to do ok again Giratina counters such as clefable, and a Latios for an unexpected random and risky double dragon affair.. I can see Giratina getting a balance at some point... Either way, happy with this for note as I only invested 4 power up’s of Giratina and already has the others. Still not convinced by PVP tbh, especially with the pay wall
  6. Add the E back in, then another couple for the hell of it. It’s Judge Eyes. I’m playing it at the moment, have been since before Xmas, though only got about 15 hours in. I like it, it’s not Yakuza, but I like it. Was hoping to have it finished before 3 (4 and 5) arrives but my PS4 physical collection dispatched yesterday, so it’ll have to prop up the pile of shame for a while. I thought it was next month for some reason.
  7. There's probably an element of that, though some of us will be loaded up for a few years to come via various deals and offers I suspect (I know I am)
  8. I presume you mean to get the little pictures to click on to fill up your daily searches? I like to mix it up.. *a band or artist followed by* songs *a sports league* followed by* teams for example. You can sometimes prompt a list of clickable search icons with results on the right too, people associated with UK or whatever gives a list with royalty and politicians. Bing tells me Teresa May is a former secretary of state for example, good to see she did well in her career The best days of course are when one of the bonus things / quizzes points you to a series of clicks My daily set being filled with UNESCO world heritage sites or beach holidays must be into the hundreds by now! Then I pop through the trending on Bing things on my mobile and laugh at some of the idiotic headlines, and I'm done.
  9. Freeman

    NFL 2019!

    Great game, just what I wanted to see from 2 of the NFLs finest teams. Really happy for the Chiefs, and a little bit glad our divisional rivals aren’t champions!
  10. Freeman

    NFL 2019!

    What a game so far, so close. Each new drive showing both teams switching it up, genuinely no clue who will win.
  11. For comparison, I work for Uni of Dundee, so academia / public sector, not exactly famed for high wages, and living costs in Dundee are much better than Edinburgh. My department have a development team, predominantly web and Windows apps. We would start a junior dev / grad on £22.5k, give them 34 holidays a year, and never expect any crunch time. Not making games of course! I think you did well. I interviewed for a intern/junior dev with EA Chertsey in 2004, and I’m sure they starting was £18k, or just about enough to live in a garden shed an hour away...
  12. The NFL has a lot of AWS ads by players too
  13. So much good in these 2 posts, and describe my gaming experience completely. I simply don't have the time to put into video games that I used to, but I do have the money, and therefore availability of a pile of shame. Take Cuphead as an example. It looks amazing and is fun, then it's frustrating, then I just moved onto something else, not because I couldn't do it, but because I value my gaming time, and would rather play something else I enjoy than waste my time grinding away and banging my head on the wall to at improving my skill, especially with me playing games in short bursts of an hour or so max at a time. Life gets in the way, and it's rare for a game to give an experience that isn't similar enough to another, perhaps simpler game, that I'd enjoy more as I'd make more progress. Some games are good enough to get past this - Into the Breach I loved, so I kept plugging away, no game in that genre post Advance Wars had sucked me in so much. Dark Souls (which I played for the first time on Switch) was another, except I did give up as I got fed up of banging my head on the wall, so I guess that's my real answer. Other games like Enter The Gungeon appealed at first, but was too similar to Binding of Isaac which I'd put a lot of time into, but bored of, probably as I'm preferring story driven experiences nowadays. Most games have so much content I probably won't finish them anyway... I find Beat Sabre like this. Normal mode is too easy, Hard mode, the first 10 songs are fun and challenging, the latter songs are impossible...
  14. Freeman

    NFL 2019!

    Lynch has done ok since his return, Homer, our 4th rung running back who hadn’t taken a snap until week 13 was impressive too. We should have, and could have beat the Packers, lacklustre performance by us in the first half, and pitiful performance by the defence on 3rd down, giving up 3rd and... 8, 10, 8 and then 9! Don’t see the Packers beating the 49ers.
  15. Freeman

    NFL 2019!

    Hopefully half time let’s the Texans get their head back in, reset then we can basically start over for the next half
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