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  1. Good point. And if you own a ps5 you won't have room for any other console ever.
  2. Bugsnax will make it feel like a proper console launch, but without the cost, having some game I’d never buy otherwise, though I might not even bother playing it as the ps4 collection stuff could keep me going for ages. Even without ps now there’s going to be a ton of new stuff for me to play at launch, and I just preordered Spiderman Ultimate today too
  3. I’m another Super Mario Bros. I’ve owned and sold multiple copies but not counting them, only the ones I still have... SNES - Mario Allstars PAL was my first game. NES - SMB / Duck Hunt US (random boot sale not realising it was US) NES - SMB PAL NES - SMB / Duck Hunt PAL (to play Duck Hunt really...) GBA SMB from the classics range Wii Allstars SFC - Nintendo Power cart with Allstars on it Switch Online Game & Watch preorder
  4. The problem is that the Red Bull Driver Career Ruiner Driver Programme ensures they need, and therefore have little to no money behind them, so the drivers are stuck, dropped, then are competing with the Perez's of this world who are half decent and funded. Also, you think next year might be the year Alonso can't fit in the car because he ate too many burgers?
  5. Glasgow, maybe, Scotland, no. The L is (was) absolutely said here in Dundee, though dropping the O and L was common. I await the (never coming) apology from Max, until it comes I’ll think of Max ‘the prick’ Verstappen with all of the respect he deserves. The charity should have written to and shamed the FIA too, their (non) response was equally pathetic, if, expected
  6. It won't last long. Looks like that shiny plastic that somehow scratches up just by you looking at it..
  7. If you are planning to go vertical (which admittedly is the less living room friendly option) by the time you add the stand to the PS5, it looks like it'll be as wide as the XSX footprint wise, and then much deeper and 30% taller. If you go horizontal, that 30% extra width I'd imagine would be the issue, especially if your TV cabinet has separate areas as many do. The XSX is like a small AV receiver, which plenty of folk have in a living room set up, though side cooling I guess could be an issue. They'll both fit into my ugly, it's still 2010 black glass TV unit, so I
  8. They are weird though. I couldn't decide if that IGN guy was trying to flirt with it, or just an awkward guy. He put on some gloves, I wondered if i'd somehow veered into a different part of the internet. I gave him the "are you an idiot" stare via my monitor when he said he'd been lugging it about his apartment all day. I felt disappointment, when he casually disrespected the packaging by brushed the box packaging off the table and on to the floor like some pointless garbage. I'm disappointed he didn't say "it's fucking huge" I wondered why I'd wasted 5 minutes wat
  9. It was alluded to in the announcement of BC, or shortly afterwards, something like "you will be able to play your old games at up to 120fps, sometimes, even when the game originally frame rate locked." I don't believe it's been mentioned since though, and I don't think they ever specifically said it was a system level unlocker. I think given other things we've heard since, what was meant was devs being asked to make the change, it likely only being a half dozen lines of code in most cases, and potential for MS themselves to make the change and publish the unlocked game if need be,
  10. This or that answers today assuming they always ask the same questions... Iridium Osmium Aluminium Niobium Iron Platinum Uranium Cobalt Beryllium Maganese Most from the table here: https://chemistry.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_elements_by_melting_point
  11. Thinking of getting one of these for my wife for xmas, I mean, who doesn't love amazing pizza right...?! Of the 3 smaller Ooni, from what I've read I'm leaning towards the Karu, given it's versatility, with wood or charcoal, with the option to add a gas burner at a later date. Is gas worth it / am I likely to just use the gas for convenience, or do I want the wood for flavour? The Fyra, I think is wood pellets only which puts me off a little as I have nothing else than can use them (while I can double up charcoal for BBQ), and the Koda being gas only seems l
  12. 30 seconds behind Max, and 30 seconds in front of 3 stop and a spin Perez and the mid field. I'm not convinced. I think they've just concentrated on making the car to LeClerc's liking rather than Vettel, and of course statistically Vettel is at his best when he's in front, not racing for positions.
  13. We've reached peak radio messages. Hamlton has cramp and Max is talking about the weather
  14. Or Stroll rolling the car into the garage..
  15. It's Strollolololollll by now
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