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  1. Not sure if the CSR works with PS4, well, without a drivehub or similar device? Nice one! This is me 2 months ago. I just filled in the blanks in the 2020 gaming spend thread There's a cheaper non 'professional' one too.. Ok, it's £765 cheaper, so still £1,933... https://www.amazon.co.uk/DOF-Reality-Motion-Simulator-Movements/dp/B07KRJC2SV/ It would need a switch to PC gaming too... But yes, my wife's car cost £3k 6 years ago, so that would be an awkward conversation. "Hi dear, I'm looking a this synthetic car thing, it needs a PC too, so that'll be more than we spent on your car 6 years back..." (though she use my car all the time...) (ok, the 'family' car)
  2. You said: Then I said: Then the world turned upside down, and I decided to throw money at gaming since I was in the house so much (despite still worming full time), so, yeah, gaming wise, 2020 has been a fun year so far, but a fucking disaster when it comes to gaming spend!
  3. on BC stuff, I think they also said that games "could" run at faster frame rates too. I suspect there will be a large element of depending on how the games were coded in the first place, but on the whole, I'd be expecting them to crank up things like the anisotropic filtering, anti-aliasting, resolution, frame rates... Nice to hear (or not...) that it should sound the same. Hopefully the quote is about the volume and not the frequency of the sound
  4. Mainly, yes, but . When switching from a pad to a wheel, it's catching over steer that you will struggle with. Dealing with under steer is easy, and the results are equally easy to recover from, so risk / time lost is reduced. You run wide and on to the grass vs. you're facing the wrong way in a barrier... Plus obviously over steer is more fun I think the aim is to learn to react and move the wheel quickly. Much like the conversation on hard brake pedals in race cars on Monday, and how in a race car, basically, a lot of the time (perhaps most?) you want maximum braking effect as early as possible when you engage the brakes to reduce braking distances - and how counter-intuitive it is to road car drivers who are really only interested in slowing the car down, beyond emergency situations - the speed that you need to move the wheel in catching a slide is counter-intuitive if are used to road driving, where the last thing you want to is fling the steering wheel around quickly... Of course the next part is quick and smooth, balancing it with what the car is doing, so as to not unsettle it too much, and I think that's where the speed comes in. Learning the limits - those with higher limits go faster... Beyond that, the majority of cars you'll end up racing are RWD too I'd say, especially when you get to the trickier cars - the fast ones, that require faster reaction, and physical movements. I agree. The Porsche cars are both great to drive. I believe you change manufacturer every year, and there is the option of a second change this year too I think because they added a new Mazda, making them an eligible manufacturer too. Of course, I'm a Ferrari driver...
  5. Are you starting from scratch? Read through the first post, there's lots of good stuff in there which was written aimed at someone starting out with the game a month or so ago, written by someone who stated out a month before that Are you simply moving from pad to wheel, and already familiar with the game? Do some of the existing cups, do the weekly qualifying, Gr.3 at Suzuka is challenging, and fun, decent range of cars etc. Personally, I went with tracks I had familiarity with, there is a cup with real tracks, in Gr.3 cars, and the F1500-T cup, although the latter is perhaps a bit lively, I was keen! Gr.4 is quite forgiving, but still fairly quick, so that's a good bet too. I'd say try to avoid FF cars for practicing though, and get traction control turned down / off asap.
  6. Series X still will too. This is a video games forum, full of potential early adopters who understand the market, and the games coming out on it. Plenty of regular folk will be looking for the next big xmas gift, and if MS can market it properly, plenty of parents will see the Game Pass sub as a more cost effective way in, with others being sucked in by "the most powerful console ever" Microsoft are doing a lot right at the moment (well, except delays, but COVID), it's just that what's right for a video games forum, and what's right for the public who will buy most of the consoles isn't necessarily the same thing. Actually, scratch that, gamers like us are just too keen on new, shiny things, and quickly forget the massive drought of stuff post launch window.. What both MS and Sony need to pull fingers out and get on with however is confirming prices and launch titles, but only so folk can start pre-ordering. I can't remember what the usual time window for those are, but 3 months feels about the right time, unless they are trying to gauge the sticker shock based on one another, but that doesn't seem like a good marketing strategy...
  7. Everything said above is true. I’m up to 64 days in GT Sport now, I went straight in with the wheel having not played the game since a couple of months after launch in 2017, so I can’t compare to how fast I would be on a pad, but I don’t want to. It feels amazingly rewarding when you get it right with the wheel, and it’s starting to feel predictable when I get it wrong too. I tried VR tonight for the first time with the wheel and wow.. is a shame you can’t use it for the online qualifying mode...
  8. So the 360 one is a port of the original, not CCE, and it’s backwards (forwards...) compatible with the Xbox One it seems, possible daft questions... Is it analogue (the Saturn one presumably wasn’t) and does it support force feedback? Am I getting ahead of myself..?
  9. There was a(n unofficial but predictable) schedule, it used to come up every 3 or 4 months, with either Xbox or Microsoft points, which are essentially the same thing if you want to buy Xbox credit. I haven't looked for a while, but there doesn't seem to be a deal on anything at the moment? I also didn't realise they added Tesco (and others) to the list. The credit always came with a 3 month expiry, it's August now, and rumours seem to be for an early November Series X launch, so... I wonder if we won't see any hot deals on MS credit for a few months yet....
  10. @Ry Top of the wheel partially obscured the bottom of the screen but it doesn’t bother me. Photo of me in the seat was post adjustment / pre mods so is a standard seat and is more or less my current seating position. Mod photos included for interest, pedals don’t fold in now without loosening the bolts..
  11. Sure, I'm 6 foot, and float (sink?) around 90-95kg. The key problem for me at first was the headrest (which for my height isn't a headrest) and my neck. I have it set so the middle of my skull is more or less in line with the top of the seat. I'll post photos from my phone in a moment...
  12. Try GT Sport. The first thing is you can use a slower car, so you can find out what you're feeling for and learn from there. The second thing is, I don't find F1 all that controllable still, and really have to gently apply the throttle to get the car moving / by the time I feel the spin, the car can't be saved anyway. Not sure if it's wheel settings / me / not enough practice mind... With the playseat, you bought the Playseat Challenge right? I first set the velcro below your arms for a good sit up / lay back ratio, then adjusted the massive thick velcro for height. This is probably really, really obvious, but do not under any circumstances adjust the arm velcros when you are sitting in the chair. Honestly, don't do it. It's not good for your shins.... I unmounted and remounted my wheel 2 or 3 times, trying different bracket holes to get it not too close / not too far away, and then had to mess with the underneath velcro again. I find it properly comfortable now. Once you've done all that, find something strong that won't slip and is about 15-20cm tall and try putting it under the pedals to raise them and your feet up, and see if you like it. It really is an amazing product. From there, I modified mine a little but realistically, it probably didn't need it. I made the feet raising more permanent, then properly hard mounting pedals - I never used the velcro as it's not big enough for my pedals - I used cable ties which were actually pretty solid, but obviously need a brake base that's strong / metal. I've moved onto a pair of aluminium bars bolted to the pedals now. I then replaced the plastic clips that attach the pedal bracket with something more substantial when I moved to a load cell brake as the slight flex / movement was releasing some braking pressure mid corner. It's all good fiun..
  13. RR Hi Spec (60fps, analogue (dual shock) and rumble support) was released outside of Japan with Type 4. I wasn't a Playstation user, but it must have been amazing picking that bundle up at the time! Both fantastic games. When it comes to all available versions of Daytona, how does the Switch version stack up? What is it in terms of Arcade / Saturn / the later version / 2001 etc? It's not a game I've played a lot of, but I'm intruiged. Edit: Did I imagine Daytona being released on Switch
  14. Freeman

    Formula One - 2020

    That's a beautiful thing! The height of the kerbs at Lowe's in the earlier shot would cause some problems nowadays.
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