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  1. They're all at it. That Buchanan lash! Come on Canada!
  2. Davies is great to watch! Come on the maple leafs!
  3. I'm quite enjoying it! Mexico look like they were expecting a tougher game. Come on el tri!
  4. I quite like the fact that we're actually getting proper added time. There have been quite a few stoppages due to cramp and other injuries.
  5. Still so strange that a World Cup starts in 4 days and I keep forgetting. It is going to be a very interesting few weeks. I don't fancy England's chances at all. Wonder if Germany might be a good slightly outside bet.
  6. Superb result at home to Peterborough today. Still buzzing! 2-1 down with 9 minutes to go. Ended up winning 3-2
  7. It wasnt a second string side then? Saw the score and assumed you'd played the kids. Great away win for Exeter at Port Vale. Hoping we get a home tie next round. Shame Taunton couldn't pull off something special against MK Dons.
  8. Making steady progress and into the top 10, largely thanks to faith in Mo. Frustrating that I got my transfers but not my captaincy change through at the deadline. Tried to move to Alvarez captain but it just wouldn't go through. Thankfully, not too painful in the end.
  9. Blimey! Hadn't realised the turnaround was quite so quick. Should mean some tricky FPL decisions around that time.
  10. Think 4-2 was a bit flattering for Argyle, but can't complain too much. I thought we'd get battered, so was nice to see us actually make a decent game of it. Lovely to see Jay Stansfield in the groove now.
  11. Nah, I've been a couple of times in the past. I'm old now and can't be arsed with all the hassle that surrounds it. Plus, I think you'll batter us
  12. Just watched it. That was a bit rubbish but I did enjoy it! I liked the fan service stuff and the end caught me by surprise!
  13. Yes - have seen the footage. Not a great look but, as you said, sounds like there was a lot of provocation!
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