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  1. Blimey! Hadn't realised the turnaround was quite so quick. Should mean some tricky FPL decisions around that time.
  2. Think 4-2 was a bit flattering for Argyle, but can't complain too much. I thought we'd get battered, so was nice to see us actually make a decent game of it. Lovely to see Jay Stansfield in the groove now. 🥰
  3. Nah, I've been a couple of times in the past. I'm old now and can't be arsed with all the hassle that surrounds it. Plus, I think you'll batter us 😄
  4. Just watched it. That was a bit rubbish but I did enjoy it! I liked the fan service stuff and the end caught me by surprise!
  5. Yes - have seen the footage. Not a great look but, as you said, sounds like there was a lot of provocation!
  6. An Argyle fan knocking ANYONE else's fans. I've seen it all now.
  7. Downloaded Boomerang Fu! The kids are going to be so excited when I tell them in the morning. 😁 They've been desperate for the full game.
  8. Loved the 1st season. Where did you watch season 2? I've struggled to find it.
  9. 2 all draw with Bristol Rovers today. A very scrappy game but an entertaining second half with 4 goals. Disappointing to concede in injury time but a fair result. A sellout, which was nice! Found out as we were leaving the ground that our manager, Matt Taylor, has been approached by Rotherham. Gulp.
  10. We've played A LOT of Boomerang Fu since downloading the demo. The kids love it! I've just watched a tips and tricks video on YouTube. I need to stay one step ahead 😄 They're also really enjoying Fall Guys after seeing Loserfruit playing it on Instagram.
  11. I've never played a Splatoon game! Not sure how that's happened. Best to just jump in with number 3 or to try previous games?
  12. Thanks for the recommendation! Downloaded the demo and the kids LOVE it! Good fun.
  13. Watched episode 1 as HBO have made it available on YouTube. It caught me by surprise just how much I enjoyed being back in that world. Will have to find a way to watch the next episode.
  14. Just back from the game. So, so good to beat Wycombe! 😁
  15. Thumping 4-0 win for Exeter today against fellow promoted team, Port Vale. Great to have 4 points on the board already in League One, although it was from games against 2 teams that we should be targeting for those survival points.
  16. Martinelli lands my first return of the season. Here we go! Good luck all.
  17. Plus, if Lou came back, they could have brought back Chuck-a-Mental.
  18. Here we go! Looking forward to seeing if I can retain the RLLMUK title this season. Have been going back and forth on the team. Big at the back looked like a no-brainer a few weeks back. Not so sure now.
  19. Exeter City. Back in League One. Not sure what to expect. We have a decent squad. Just hoping we can be competitive and maybe win a certain local derby.
  20. Completely agree with the comments on Robin. She was great last season but is being wasted this time around as the goofball.
  21. Watched episode 4 last night - superb! Funny to see Running Up That Hill back in the Top 10.
  22. Cheers, chaps! Was just outside the top 10k in the end. Had been hoping to squeeze in that last week but didn't quite get there in the end. Still, my highest finish so far, by a long way!
  23. Benzema should have got his lazy bottom onside. Silly boy.
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