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  1. Benzema should have got his lazy bottom onside. Silly boy.
  2. Christ! It's 12 years (12!) since he was with Exeter!
  3. Finale watched! It was very, very good, but now I feel sad that it's finished. Also, boy do I wish I'd not looked at Nick Searcy's Twitter feed. Cripes.
  4. Bush FC having quite the week! Very jealous of the KDB captainers.
  5. Just back from SJP via the pub. Disappointed that we didn't quite manage to go up as champions but would have absolutely bitten your hand off for autos when the season started. Still can't quite believe that Bristol Rovers score. Amazing.
  6. Aye, hard luck @neoELITE Like you said, to get 80 points and miss out is crazy.
  7. Same here. It's reignited my love which was waning a little at points in the last season. Very good.
  8. We're up!!! What a bloody relief that is after all the play-off disappointments in recent years. The Grecians will be in League One next season! 😁
  9. Tight at the top. Who starts and who gets points in that second Chelsea game will be key this week.
  10. Just had a look. Ooooo that is tight. Exeter won today and promotion is now so, so close. After all the play-off final defeats in recent years, it would be very nice to go up automatically.
  11. Enjoyed that! Nice to have them sat together and an audience in and the tasks were decent. Hurrah!
  12. Another win for Exeter today. I'm starting to believe... Forest Green have been battered by Barrow and we're now just 2pts off the top spot!
  13. Finally working my way through season 4. So good!
  14. Canada have qualified for the World Cup! That's cool.
  15. Exeter up to 2nd with a win away at Oldham. Also have 2 games in hand on most of the teams just below us. Really hope we can do this.
  16. 😄 This GW is carnage with that red card and a host of big players benched or out, e.g. Ramsdale, Raphina, Ramsey.
  17. Agreed. Finished this last night. Superb, although kinda relieved to reach the end as it's upsetting and incredibly frustrating. Keaton and the cast in general were excellent.
  18. The Chelsea fans are doing a good job of convincing me that it'd actually be best to wind up the club altogether. It really is amazing what fans will defend and excuse.
  19. Sat in Parliament as the MP of a safe Tory seat.
  20. Ouch. I was worried similar would happen to me and was relieved when Watford scored! Like you say, it's about the next few weeks!
  21. Went with the wildcard and, for perhaps the 1st time ever, I'm seeing instant returns. James! Fraser! Coutinho! Lovely stuff.
  22. Just heard on the news that Shane Warne has died aged 52. In shock. https://metro.co.uk/2022/03/04/australia-cricket-legend-shane-warne-dies-aged-52-after-suspected-heart-attack-16217418/
  23. Must admit I cheered that as I'm without any Arsenal defenders! Finally got a return from the King/Dennis double and even a clean sheet from Foster!
  24. Big FPL weekend time! I see we have some wildcarders in and around the top. Could be huge if Salah disappoints in the DGW. Hoping Bowen gets something today as most wildcarders have ditched him!
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