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  1. Amazing game at SJP last night with Exeter 2-0 and 3-1 down before winning 4-3 in the 95th minute. Back into the top 3. I had the choice of going last night or on Saturday. I chose Saturday. 0-0 nailed on 😆
  2. 😄 Just remembered that I was in the away end to help with social distancing back in 2020 when football returned briefly. I can confirm that the toilets are much better now!
  3. Exeter are on a good run with 5 wins and a draw in the last 6. That's pulled us right back into the mix for automatic promotion.
  4. Have you been since the shed has been put in place? So much better than it was and much easier to get an atmosphere going now if there's a decent away following.
  5. I've also got the Watford double up top, which I've only kept for this double, and feel zero enthusiasm for them. I also have Sergio bloody Reguilon. Mr Weekly Disappointment.
  6. I've just finished watching this. Completely agree. Enjoyed the 1st couple of episodes but then felt like it just fell apart and I'd pretty much lost interest by the end. The bizarre stuff with the brother didn't land for me at all. 2/5
  7. I wish Bluey had been around when our 8 year old was younger. I spent hours watching Peppa Pig with her, which has its moments but isn't a patch on Bluey. Felt a bit sad yesterday as she came back from school and someone had told her that "Bluey was for babies!" Pah! It's way better than the likes of Miraculous and Glitterforce!
  8. I'd missed that CGI swim. Terrifying. I quite enjoyed bits of Afterlife but also find it hard to disagree with anything Limmy says in that video. The video diaries were utterly tedious after the first few episodes and there was very little subtlety with the emotional side kf the show. It also felt like they'd run out of ideas with characters like the postman and David Earl's chap.
  9. We watched 1 and a half seasons, I think, but just found it a bit too miserable and bleak. Never really warmed to any of the characters.
  10. I love it when the kids want to watch Bluey. Really funny and genuinely moving at times. Found myself welling up at the end of the one where they visit Grandad and he keeps running away from Chilli. "Feels like yesterday."
  11. Oh, wow! I only checked a few weeks back if this was on any streaming services and it was only available for purchase. We loved season 1 but then couldn't easily get hold of it. Already looking forward to wayching this tonight 😃
  12. Finished S4 last night. Wasn't quite feeling it to begin with but it built to a great finale in the end.
  13. I've watched this 3 times now. I think it's gets better and better. Just gorgeous to look at - I love all the plants. The girls must have seen it 10 times. I think they're more taken with this than even Frozen.
  14. Our 5 and 8 year olds are completely obsessed with Encanto. If they aren't watching it, they're listening to the songs. The songs are very good! I love the look of it. Might treat them to the LEGO set at some point.
  15. I bought Dennis in for Ronaldo on Friday at 6:25pm after reading about his neck injury. Was terrified he'd bang against West Ham today. Phew! That would have hurt. Looking like being a very low scoring gameweek. Loving my 6pts from Coufal!
  16. What a disaster. For those of us who bought in Dennis in FPL and for Watford. Amazing result for Norwich. Ouch.
  17. Anyone else captain Dennis this week? I bought him in this week as captain. Nice!
  18. Just finished season 3 of N:M. So bloody good. Gutted that it sounds like there won't be any more Narcos. Felt like the ending very much left the door open for a follow up.
  19. Three episodes into season 3 of Mexico and it's really bloody good. Now starting to wonder if I need to slow down and start rationing myself. More "surely that can't be based on real events" moments!
  20. Am I the only one who really didn't like Berlin? I feel like he was all over the place as a character. Like you, I thought the last couple of episodes were okay with a couple of interesting twists. Some of the stuff with voices floating through the air and what have you was quite naff.
  21. So, more Money Heist is up on Netflix. They seem to have cranked up the silly yet another level. Enjoyable nonsense, but also feels a bit of a shame.
  22. I promised myself I wouldn't get involved in Pep Roulette but I did. The last few weeks I've gone Foden > Gunders > Bernardo Pretty much missing out on points every time. Was convinced Gunders wouldn't play this week because of the back injury. Then he comes on for Bernardo and gets 2 assists! Very frustrating but completely self-inflicted.
  23. Almost finished Only Murders in the Building and it's been superb! Have really enjoyed the sense of humour and the great cast.
  24. Exeter won the replayed replay in the FA Cup! We're going to Wembley etc. etc. 👍
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