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  1. Yes! One of the best stage tasks. Really enjoyed it.
  2. I went very early with my transfers this week to avoid price rises. Will be nervously checking the post match reports this week!
  3. Haha! Still tight at the top. Good week for Bush FC. Was gutted with Sunday - Firstly no Raphina and then a Kane blank. Bum. Notice that one of the teams in the league got 96! Look at that for a return return the defence.
  4. Morgana was good fun on Travel Man, as well. Worth a look.
  5. Very good, thanks! Defo keen to get there again very soon.
  6. Went to watch Exeter for the 1st time this season versus Oldham. We looked decent, were 2 up in the second half, and could easily have been 4-0 up but for some wasteful finishing. Then Oldham scored their inevitable goal and Exeter from previous seasons would have folded but this team dug in and pushed back to hold the win. Despite the difficulties of Covid and letting players go because of worries around the impact on the finances, Matt Taylor has built a very good team. Exciting! 3rd in the league and just 2 points off the top.
  7. Looks like Steve Bruce now has the choice of Villa or Spurs.
  8. Omizzay's Havertz's punt has definitely closed things up nicely at the top. I briefly considered Foden to Havertz. Very glad I didn't do that.
  9. What a crazy weekend! Highs and lows. Salah is an absolute machine. I almost bet against him as captain, thinking Ole might shut up shop for a 0-0. Gutted to get nowt from Chelsea's 7-0 demolition thanks to Azpi's benching. However, was chuffed having Foden. Disappointed to have Liveramento 2nd on the bench and Dias 1st, who came on for Azpi.
  10. Bad Trip on Netflix - 4/5 Gave this a watch after listening to Eric Andre on the Adam Buxton podcast. Really enjoyed it. Some much needed laughs throughout and nice chemistry between the leads.
  11. Clive Warren as the Doctor with Rebecca de Mornay as his assistant.
  12. Aye, I really don't like tasks like that copy Alex one and the welly boot videos were all really disappointing, as well. The sand bridge task just felt like a repeat of previous tasks and the "Troy" clue was way too obscure. Overall, it felt like a poor episode.
  13. Supporting a lower or non-league club is great fun and I find that I feel so much more a part of the club and every penny you spend with them makes a real difference and helps keep them going.
  14. Ha! We just caught up with it and were both saying that, everything considered, it's one of our favourite ever Grand Designs. I love everything about it. The pond was just 🥰 For me, I'd much, much rather live there than in that ridiculous house at the start of this series where all that seemed to matter was that it was BIG and EXPENSIVE.
  15. Finally got round to watching this on Netflix tonight after meaning to for, well, just over 2 years. 😀 Loved it. Thought the car chases and then the foot chase were excellent. Just seen that Wright says he's finished the script for a sequel.
  16. I'll never forget the scene with the cleaner.
  17. We just finished the latest Money Heist drop last night. It's definitely nonsense but still enjoyable nonsense! The final episode was fun.
  18. This was week was brutal for me after such a good start. The old habits crept in as I didn't want to burn a transfer and so went Raphina to Benrahma 😬
  19. Ah, I wondered if that was what happened. It was really jarring.
  20. Jota's numbers are still so good. How he has avoided so many points I don't know!
  21. So good. This has been a regular for me since it was used in Better Call Saul.
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