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  1. No one can stop Mr Domino is really good as well. B) Un Jammer Lammy is quite rare. Azure Dreams Street Fighter Collection
  2. Game has the Rogue Leader for £19.99 on the GameCube
  3. Yeah Nintendo have never been 'fashionable' in the UK and never will, as far as I can see. When you'e in places like Game all you hear is townies/kids saying how 'wicked' PS2 is. gameCube is either just 'shit' or 'for babies'. That sort of thing. It's a shame BUT so long as Nintendo keep releasing the games, even if they do this infuriatingly slowly, I don't mind too much.
  4. El Pibe


    My all time favourite occured the first time I played PES. A close game had gone to golden goal when the commentator came out with this classic: "I cant help but this this game will be decided by the next goal." Or the classic, after a nil-nil game... 'It was a hard fought game and a shame that one team had to lose' How I miss Terry Butcher
  5. El Pibe


    The game has so, so many niggles and annoyances. That said it's still the only option out there if you're after a devent footy game. One of the most annoying apsects is Michael bloody Owen. I have actually stopped playing with England as it's no fun. It's just too easy for Owen to dance through entire teams. Sadly the series has never quite rescaled the pinnacle that it reached with ISS Pro Evo on the PSOne. The passing, one-twos, and the general feel of the was spot on. Sadly that game is now unplayable as it makes my eyes bleed. I just wish they would sort the passing out. I used to eb able to ping the ball around but now you're taking your life, so to speak, in your hands everytime you attempt to pass the ball!!
  6. Slowly but surely the Cube is pulling the Xbox back...
  7. Glad to see Pillage making it onto the shelves. Of course a Cube version would be great but the fact it's coming at all is good B)
  8. Getting this for Christmas.
  9. My local GameStation had a copy of Secret of Mana but it was £54.99 Bit pricey. I just wondred who would trade that little beauty it!?
  10. El Pibe

    Donkey Konga

    any word on a PAL or US release?
  11. Someone think of the children! The poor kids that wake up on Christmas morning in America to be handed a present that looks suspiciously small
  12. Can't say I even bother reading scores anymore. Still...how does Champ Manager keep getting such high scores?!
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