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  1. I find it really funny that there are still shop owners that dont know such rareties... Fools !

    Let's not complain!! :P

    My local Game has, sadly, turned from a great PSOne plundering ground to a waste of time.

    I went in there the other day and they had Pandemonium for £29.97 with the word 'RARE!!' written on the price label. Oh dear. They had some others like that as well...Bubsy3D was one of them though :)

    Thankfully the local 'dodgy' second hand shop is as good as ever. Got Warhammer Dark Omen and Borken Sword II on PS in a 2 for a fiver deal. B)

  2. Ocarina of Time, Lylat Wars, WWF No Mercy, et al.

    And Buck Bumble fucking ROCKED.

    Buck Bumble was alright!

    When I was at EB we were told to offer next to nothing for DC and N64 games, it was when they were both dying, as they were scared of stockpiling secondhand games they couldn't sell.

    Working at EB and being a Deputy manager had so many advantages. Like when some guy bought in a SNES and loads of games to trade and I just wandered out of the office in time to hear him being turned away...cos we weren't supposed to trade them in...only to be hauled back by me and have his goods traded in :ph34r:

    had the same happen with a Saturn. I also managed to build up a massive N64 and Dc collection from people trading their games in. ;)

    The only thing I miss about that job is getting games dirt cheap...using the fiddles...

  3. They have to make money. Simple as that. Think about all the money they lose on pre-owned games. I traded in BG&E for £25, then a few weeks later it was in the same in GAME for £19.99, which means the most they could sell my copy for, which was still in the trade in box, was £14.99 - ouch. £10 lost.

    It's especially hard for them these days when even the big games, like Vice City, often drop in price shortly after release, even if just temporarily.

    I think the trade-in prices are pretty good, by and large. My problem is when they actually start pricing it up, and then they wonder why they can't shift it.

    People forget that the more they give you the more they have to charge for the game when they sell it. Whatever they do they get the 'online shopping brigade' shouting about how much cheaper game A is at Amazon anyway. :ph34r:

  4. I wasn't able to buy many games for my Mega Drive at the time and for ages my 'collection' consisted of...

    Dune: Battle for Arrakis

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Gunstar Heroes

    Desert Strike

    Jungle Strike

    I played the hell out of everyone of those games. Played them all again and again and again.

    It's funny because these days I can buy any game I want and I can't think of anything I have have played and appreciated as much as the games above. I knew them inside anmd out.

    It's funny how that happens. Now i have piles of games sat in my room and not enough time to do much but scratch the surface of them.

  5. Hello!

    What with the strong value of the £ at the moment I am going to try and snap up some great Playstation games that never got a UK release.

    Can people help me out with some that are worth getting.

    I was thinking Final Fantasy Tactics, for a start, as I have never played this game.

    Maybe also Chrono Cross?

    What other games are worth getting?

    Going to get Disgaea as well. ;)

  6. Yeah like Rich said, boot sales are normally listed in local rags. I know they are where I live. B)

    I am really looking forward to the Boot Sale season this year! I passed my driving text towards the end of last year's season whereas this year I will be able to get there as early as I want and go to as many as I want without having to rely on other people to take me ;)

  7. Have been getting out to them now and then. Picked up a few bits and pieces.

    Didn't make it this weekend as I went away with the missus.

    Did pick up Wild Arms, Ikaruga and Bust-A-Groove at the weekend.

    Also got Banjo-Tooie, Majora's Mask, Rayman 2 and Donkey 64 (with exp pak) from a dodgy secondhand shop last week.

  8. Can't think of any games I've parted with but I was spectaularly dumb with a rare Atari 2600 once. I had an exeptional 4 switch woodgrain with all paperwork, mint inner box and unused paddles that I sold. I did get a good price for it but damn I'd pay it all back to have it in my collection again. 4 switch woodgrains never appear now (at the boots), it's all 6 switch models :D

    Still have the auction pic...



    :o They are beautiful.

    I got one froma Boot Sale about 4 years ago, for a fiver, also in mint condition. I resisted the temptation to sell when I was short of cash a while back, thankfully! B)

  9. http://cgi2.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?...rid=swift_ok123

    People don't even seem to care. This guy appears to have sold over 900 fake GBA games in the space of two months - at an average of $15 or so a game - he's raking it in and people either don't spot it or don't care.. pfft.

    All goods will be sent by airmail from HK POST OFFICE , which is more reliable. Please allow 8-15 days for delivery. All product will be Protective Case packed carefully with bubble and handled will great care.

    ;);) I see what you mean. I think there are a lot of parents buying these for their kids and they just don't realise.

  10. yeah I have seen this for £20 in the sales. There are ALOT of new-ish games in the sales. Also say Metal Arms for £20 in GAME.

    It's sad to see these games having their prices slashed whilst toss like FIFA 2004 and True Crime are selling away at full price.  ;)

    Hmmm, looked for Metal Arms yesterday but it's not 20 quid in Game in Oxford Street.

    Anyway picked up this and Zoe 2 and I'm loving both of them. Expected not to like BGAE cuz I didnt get on with the demo, but it's a whole different ball game when you put the demo segments in context.

    That was the PS2 version. The Cube was still £29.99. Try asking them to check it on the till. Of course it could just be a mistake down here.

  11. yeah I have seen this for £20 in the sales. There are ALOT of new-ish games in the sales. Also say Metal Arms for £20 in GAME.

    It's sad to see these games having their prices slashed whilst toss like FIFA 2004 and True Crime are selling away at full price. :)

  12. That would be a bit of a shame, considering it's £17 on play.com

    Yes, I do consider paying £3 more than I have to, a waste of money.

    I prefer to buy in a shop for £3 difference as I am never hear when the postman comes and I have a flat in a shared house. Don't want things to go walkies as I would never even know they'd arrived :angry:

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