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  1. Can we end the season now? 😄 Been a great start to the season but I'm worried this might be the high point, especially with Tsimikas' glory days likely coming to end.
  2. Was due to watch us against Bristol Rovers yesterday but had to change plans at last minute. Missed us thrashing them 4-0!
  3. Such a relief that Salah landed a decent score, as well as Fernandes. 86 points with Coufal and Antonio to play. I'll take that!
  4. I thought the trailer for the US version was actually okay. Quite liked the differences in the cast due to the location. Think I'd give it a watch. Great that there's a 3rd season coming here.
  5. Ah, good times! "That's weird, after barely saying anything for months, T-Dogg has spoken loads in this episode..."
  6. Just started watching season 10 after it popped up on Disney+. Christ. It's just so bloody boring.
  7. 100%. It was a thing of pure beauty and the point where I thought we had it.
  8. It's so weird England being out and the tournament being over. Normally, I console myself with the knowledge that there's still lots of football left that I can just relax and enjoy.
  9. I think that what I feel most sad about today is that the tournament is over. It was so good.
  10. Brilliant tactic giving away the corner to tempt Italy out. Genius.
  11. Where's Lawrenson these days? Feels like he's not around much at the moment with his hilarious asides.
  12. That second half of ET when we got hold of the ball and passed the game out. Loved it. Felt like something I've seen other teams do, but never England.
  13. "Has Southgate got a plan?" "I hope so." So insightful. Matterface needs to learn when not to talk and that less is sometimes more.
  14. Love that Italian guy with the folder who looks like he's wearing one of those glasses and moustache disguises!
  15. Denmark in 2002? Possibly Sweden in 2018. Defo the most comfortable!
  16. Agreed. If the game is dull, it's because Ukraine don't look like they know what to do other than sit behind the ball in numbers. Feels like the floodgates could open if the Ukraine go for England.
  17. Jesus Christ! Why is he being made to hobble all the way around the pitch!?
  18. Brilliant! We looked comfortable throughout and onwards we go!
  19. Pretty sure I heard that it's mandatory to have both keepers on the bench. Could be wrong.
  20. Surprised by people saying it's dull. Plenty of chances and intrigue!
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