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  1. 10 hours ago, MarkN said:

    Also, and this probably won't help for obvious reasons, but here's Morgana on Alan Davis As Yet Untitlted. It starts rather slowly, but is well worth a watch. As I've got older I feel a kinship with certain people, and she's definitely one of them. I reckon she'd be so much fun to hang around with.




    Morgana was good fun on Travel Man, as well. Worth a look.

  2. Went to watch Exeter for the 1st time this season versus Oldham. We looked decent, were 2 up in the second half, and could easily have been 4-0 up but for some wasteful finishing.


    Then Oldham scored their inevitable goal and Exeter from previous seasons would have folded but this team dug in and pushed back to hold the win.


    Despite the difficulties of Covid and letting players go because of worries around the impact on the finances, Matt Taylor has built a very good team. Exciting!


    3rd in the league and just 2 points off the top.

  3. What a crazy weekend! Highs and lows.


    Salah is an absolute machine. I almost bet against him as captain, thinking Ole might shut up shop for a 0-0.


    Gutted to get nowt from Chelsea's 7-0 demolition thanks to Azpi's benching.


    However, was chuffed having Foden.


    Disappointed to have Liveramento 2nd on the bench and Dias 1st, who came on for Azpi.

  4. Aye, I really don't like tasks like that copy Alex one and the welly boot videos were all really disappointing, as well.


    The sand bridge task just felt like a repeat of previous tasks and the "Troy" clue was way too obscure.


    Overall, it felt like a poor episode.

  5. 2 hours ago, cowfields said:

    Yeah. Might just start supporting Gateshead FC. 


    My questions were rhetorical really not meant as a direct retort, it's just a horrible feeling, and it's why the Premier League is actually kinda shit. I guess the thing is I already gave Ashley my money for a season ticket. Renewal is a different matter.



    Supporting a lower or non-league club is great fun and I find that I feel so much more a part of the club and every penny you spend with them makes a real difference and helps keep them going.

  6. Ha! We just caught up with it and were both saying that, everything considered, it's one of our favourite ever Grand Designs.


    I love everything about it. The pond was just 🥰


    For me, I'd much, much rather live there than in that ridiculous house at the start of this series where all that seemed to matter was that it was BIG and EXPENSIVE.

  7. I'm trying this season to be more patient and that paid off at weekend with Toney and Ben White (again). In past seasons, they'd both have been out by now. Just a shame about their price drops 😬


    At 23k in the World right now. Major nosebleed territory for me!

  8. Anyone listening to the new album from Kacey Musgraves - Star Crossed?


    I loved Same Trailer, Different Park and also Golden Hour, and thought  Pageant Material had its moments. Her Christmas album is great.


    Anyway, this definitely feels like another step away from the country music world towards pop music.


    From the first few listens, there are some catchy tunes on here - Justified is a real earworm and Simple Times was firmly lodged in my head over the weekend. 




    Edit: Not sure how to embed YT videos.

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