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  1. Just now, Timmo said:

    Nah mate, what if our goalkeeper gets injured and then his replacement also gets injured?


    Pretty sure I heard that it's mandatory to have both keepers on the bench. Could be wrong.

  2. Surprised that many pundits are so keen on England staying at Wembley. I'd think that getting away from the Gammon Choir who boo them when they take the knee, boo them when they pass the ball, and then boo them off the pitch, might be quite helpful.

  3. I'm also getting back into salad for lunch every day after slipping into the habit of having bread at lunch whilst WFH.


    Something I love is chopping some chorizo, sticking it in a frying pan for a few minutes, and then chucking it on top. So good.

  4. 22 hours ago, PK said:

    Yeah season 2 is amazingly good. Very jealous of you watching it all for the first time @El Pibe!


    So good. We're going to try and slow down a bit to help us savour it fully. So tempting to just rip through it.

  5. 21 hours ago, Couch Corpse said:

    Have you watched Deadwood?


    Yes! Watched it when it was first on but I was young then and hadn't acquired a taste for straight whiskey!

  6. Finally started watching this after noticing it was on Prime.


    Just finished season 2 and it's bloody great. Feels like a very different show from the early episodes of season 1.


    We're really enjoying the relationship between Raylan and Boyd. 


    I've also reached the point where I feel like I have to have a whisky when watching the show. Just need to buy a bottle of Wild Turkey 🤓

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