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  1. So - few bits from me... The disk drive is really loud when installing something. I had copied across a bunch of games via a USB drive from my PS4 but for whatever reason The Witcher 3 didn't like that. As soon as I stuck the disk in it started installing and making a hell of a racket. It calmed down after that but it was a bit worrying at the time. And then I had to go an redownload all the DLC for The Witcher that it didn't both downloading when it installed the game. Which was a bit clunky. On the other hand - I like being able to see all the PS Plus games from
  2. Sorry if this has already been asked, but can someone recommend an longer HDMI cable that will work with PS5? I have used an old one I had (which I think was pretty decent) but looking at the spec it is only HDMI 2.0 and I am getting lots of drop outs where the screen goes black and then the sound screws up, which I am putting down to the cable. I can't use the one it came with as it is too short for where I need to put the console...
  3. I am much more relaxed about the lack of Amazon updates after my experience with my XSX last week. I had no confirmation that they'd taken payment and no update to dispatch details until the Wednesday - and it arrived around lunch time on launch day. I know some people had issues but I wouldn't take a lack of confirmation at this point as an indication that there is a problem..
  4. still nothing from Amazon and they've not taken the money. Going to try to get in touch with Amazon customer services...
  6. Nothing from Amazon for me yet and still showing waiting to dispatch but with a delivery date of tomorrow...
  7. You must have played very very few games on the current gen if you insist on 60 fps all the time.
  8. Isn't control also getting an enhanced Series XS version? Probably worth adding to the list (as the Complete Edition). Unless I missed it somewhere in this thread!
  9. I was thinking I might get an S later on for my study - plug into a spare port on my 1440p monitor, and I can basically play next gen games without having to shell out on a new CPU, memory or RTX card for a few years... Might be a bit of a distraction if we keep working from home though
  10. PS5 disc (cos that's all Amazon had when I tried) and XSX. I am in two minds about keeping the PS5 pre order - I will probably pick one up at some point, but I don't know I will have time to play both... With GamePass and all the multiplatform stuff on xbox, I thnk I am probably good. Plus not sure how two new consoles arriving in a month would sit with the rest of the family!
  11. Just as I was about to give up, I managed to get to check out on the MSFT store, Amazon and Argos all at once! Went with Amazon in the end - yay!
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