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  1. Isn't control also getting an enhanced Series XS version? Probably worth adding to the list (as the Complete Edition). Unless I missed it somewhere in this thread!
  2. I was thinking I might get an S later on for my study - plug into a spare port on my 1440p monitor, and I can basically play next gen games without having to shell out on a new CPU, memory or RTX card for a few years... Might be a bit of a distraction if we keep working from home though
  3. PS5 disc (cos that's all Amazon had when I tried) and XSX. I am in two minds about keeping the PS5 pre order - I will probably pick one up at some point, but I don't know I will have time to play both... With GamePass and all the multiplatform stuff on xbox, I thnk I am probably good. Plus not sure how two new consoles arriving in a month would sit with the rest of the family!
  4. Just as I was about to give up, I managed to get to check out on the MSFT store, Amazon and Argos all at once! Went with Amazon in the end - yay!
  5. is there a non smile link to amazon?
  6. Not sure where to ask this - but I thought I'd try here.... Has anyone clarified how BC would work with saved games? I still have Spiderman and The Witcher 3 to finsh on PS4. If I install them on PS5 and play via BC, would it pick up my cloud save games? Any my son is working through Persona 5, so same question there. MSFT confirmed that this is how it works on XSX I think but not Sony... And even more helpfully - I wonder if the same would work in reverse (pick up where you left off on PS5 when you load the game up on PS4)... I am probably going to stic
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-PlayStation-5-Console/dp/B08H95Y452/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=playstation%2B5&qid=1600330261&sr=8-2&th=1 Amazon order placed! I went for the disk one - mainly cos I can't see the digital one there. If it appears I might swap...
  8. Are Very any good when it comes to preorders and getting the console on release day? Never bought anything from them so not sure about trying there or waiting for another retailers to start on preorders...
  9. Is there an easy way to tell what CPU upgrade your motherboard supports? I've got an ASUS Prime B350M-A with a 1500x in at the moment and am thinking about an upgrade but not sure what's compatible any more.. And the ASUS website seems intent on not helping me find out...
  10. Literally none of this means anything. Other than fewer lifts.
  11. How sweary / violent / sexy is the opening? Not had a chance to play yet and the earliest I will is when my 11 year old son will still be up - happy enough to play it in front of him (and I am sure he'd want to watch) but don't want to be shifting awkwardly as it start spouting c-words left right and centre....
  12. Because watching a stranger play video games and then quantifying it by numbers is a great way to determine whether you'd enjoy it or not
  13. That does mean I will get round to trying the Division though and getting Afterpaty for “free” is pretty cool
  14. The last few E3s there was a guy who put together a site with all the videos and announcements in one place, sorted by platform and publisher etc. For the life of me I can't find it now - anyone got a link (assuming there is a similar site for this year)?
  15. Just came back to this after a while (and after the new progression system) and am enjoying it - I certainly hope there is a bit more of a plan in terms of content drops but I'm having a good time at the moment and most of the modes seem very well populated so there still seems to be interest in the game... It would be a shame if the planned support was dependent on the microtransaction revenues they now aren't getting but I suspect that might be the case
  16. Thanks for the write ups. I'm off there this afternoon with my son (10) - will report back!
  17. Ant73

    Xbox One X

    FWIW myAmazon order arrived about 20 minutes ago and I’m now waiting for the update to download... much smaller than my old original Xbox One and so far pretty quiet (although you’d hope so given all it is doing is downloading...). Backed up my old box to a usb drive and it spotted it right away so hopefully once the update is done we should be good to go! Now, do I sell the OG Xbox one or keep it in the spare room as a back up Netflix / GWG box.....
  18. sorry to bump but what’s the consensus on the best headphones (with surround) to use across PS4 and Xbox one? I assume something that plugs into a controller is better than wireless if you are going to keep switching between consoles?
  19. Saw this earlier in the week (finally). It was amazing and so worth seeing at the cinema. Is it really being treated as a commercial flop? Such a fantastic experience
  20. I had assumed so as it was for the PS4 Pro, bit it’s not on the official list, it it is here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_One_X_Enhanced_games
  21. So it is (as of 2 days ago). But I'm not playing it until get the shiny 4k version so it is dead to me until then
  22. It's about to go into the EA Access vault so there could be some new people playing it (me, on my Xbox One X for example) so I reckon spoilers are probably still warranted
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