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  1. It is: http://hannadonker.nl/index.php?/ongoing/dutch-ijij/ It used to be quite common to interchange ij, the combination of both letters as above and the y in Dutch writing and it can still be done, but most names and words that use this diphtong have an established way of writing nowadays. It also results in some weirdness. To keep it football related, the football club Feyenoord gets it name from the part of Rotterdam they are based, Feijenoord, and play in Stadion Feijenoord (better known as 'De Kuip' (the Tub)) that has a huge sign on it that states 'Feyenoord'. So yeah, Dutch.
  2. You can perform a one hit execution from behind by holding the melee button. But it seems a bit erratic to apply. Otherwise your best bet is to go for an initial headshot with the pistol and then unload (preferably in the head if you can manage that, the armour also protects the head, but the headshot damage multiplier still counts). Regular melee isn't that powerful. The combat knife is though and I saw there are some muzzle attachments that power up your melee, but you won't have that just dropping in.
  3. Upgrades for the sten (dependent on path) are: Quick Deploy Quick Aim Quick Reload Less Horizontal Recoil More Accurate Hipfire Improved Stationary Accuracy Magdump Hipfire Improved Moving Accuracy Less Vertical Recoil He did get a headshot too, so might be a lucky magdump from the hip... Still, if you get this a lot it seems buggy.
  4. In the documentation it reads that it is is only a requirement in Germany. I've played the open beta yesterday on an account that has no PS Plus, but on a PS4 that has another account with PS Plus (and has the PS4 as its primary PS4, I can use the other account to play other online games, but not to download the 'free games'). So I'm gonna say 'probably not required'. But why not just try?
  5. Hang on, Rotterdam? I've noticed we're getting popular as a tourist destination, but this is somewhat unexpected. Finally I'll know my way around a map. And is that a Fokker DXXI!
  6. The Mercury and Gemini missions of the early 60s returned with similar photographs of earth from orbit, so I don't think this is true. Still a nice shot.
  7. I really disliked Myst at the time and considered it a computer game for people who didn´t want to actually play computer games. Getting through it was a chore of trial and error, with little logic to it, but some friends seemed to enjoy it and it looked pretty.
  8. I'd like to try some more team play, so if anyone would like to add me for PS4 that would be much appreciated. I'm mainly a pretty good (fighter)pilot, decent sabre cavalry and gunner and positively mediocre in any other role. PSN: Bisclaveret
  9. This must be 1984 and probably early Sunday morning, judging by my fathers rather unenthusiastic response to me getting him on the C64. I somehow remember it was Decathlon we played, using his interest in sports to get him into video games. The frantic waggling needed to succeed in this game resulted in massive lower arm strength (rare before entering puberty) and lots of broken joysticks. The flimsy Commodore joystick in the picture didn´t hold out for long, but the Competition Pro I had to beg for shortly after this picture was taken did a lot better.
  10. taiAtari


    The demise of the gaming arcade has actually made me hate fruit machines. On some subconscious level I hold them responsible for driving games out. I have very fond memories of cycling 25 miles to the seafront with some friends, ten guilders in my pocket, carefully deliberating what machine to spend it on (besides the sit in OutRun and original Star Wars of course) and watching the regulars play.
  11. Oh God, it all comes flooding back. Probably a considerable spread during early '80s in Vlaardingen, Holland My football club: Moon Patrol and Zaxxon Rival Football Clubs: Break Out, Phoenix and Choplifter Bar down Harbour: Pooyan and Yie Ar Kung Fu Late '80's in Schiedam, Arcade on Hoogstraat: Roadblasters Operation Wolf Bad Boys Pacmania OutRun 1942 Arkanoid Terra Force Double Dragon
  12. Sorry about last night Jon, my connection dropped and it didn´t recover within a few minutes, so I just went to bed. I´ll probably be on again later tonight.
  13. True, but his point about the importance of the home computers for the (european) games industry is very good. Wouldn´t it be more practical to install emulators anyway? you can have some consoles as objects and might run some games, but it must be a nightmare to connect all in a teaching environment. Using emulators you can also show microcomputers and arcade games which were huge and dictated what consoles were aiming at for a long time
  14. Add me too please, GT is 'Atarian'.
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