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  1. So they have to call themselves Kentucky Fried Chickoids?
  2. I never split. Stayed in that same gamelobby and continued to play for quite a while
  3. A rapier? Is that what you were using in the indoor map? I couldn't quite make it out. That's kind of evil, you know, when there is no way for them to engage at range .
  4. I see you decided to roll out the Shaker too . Quite nice to hear the other players reaction as you stomp into view and tower above their puny first gens. I hope next time the connection gods will smile upon us again...I had forgotten how terrible the whole online component is. Thanks to Magic Lord for the first game where we got to show why the colt exec is a lot better than it seems with its great torque and stability, despite me being stupid and bringing the marker to a battle royale. I must have some nice vt's on my campaign account for touching purposes too, although I can't remember which. Some yellowjackets, a sheepdog and possibly a blade and some jar variants or prominences.
  5. Hang on, I can't play tomorrow after all. Somehow I thought the game was this evening (I blame the heat). I have to go to some opera thingy on wednesday... Sorry.
  6. Bah, team 9 seems very very dead and I already subbed last week, so I think it's alright.
  7. Alright, 9 uk time wasn't it? I'll probably be on earlier tho.
  8. Yeah, so does REAL. We had some 4v4v4v4 games on Turf when the map pack came out, usually worked well.
  9. Run! Best tip is ´scanning´ the horizon, ie moving your aiming reticule constantly left and right on the horizon, so it picks up enemy VT´s (mind you, this is a lot more useful if you can´t see enemies on the radar). Learn to ´lead´your shots with different weapons, always useful so you don´t need to lock on and tip off the enemy to your presence (again less useful if enemies are visible on your radar). Use the marker on your VT if it has this option, especially in a team game. In general learn the advantages and disadvantages of your weapon loadout (ranges, damage, splash damage, weight, etc), the torque ( esp. important in hilly or wet terrain), speed and acceleration characteristics of your VT. keep an eye on flashing lights on your controller. Use the slide to bodycheck enemy VT´s, etc, etc. I used to be moderately proficient, but I´m afraid I´m totally useless nowadays.
  10. That plastic cover is always flipped open on mine
  11. Sorry, I can´t make it then, have to see an opera.
  12. I should be able to make it, although Ive probably forgotten how to play it. I actually prefer first gen VT´s since you have to actually pilot them and they always seemed better balanced after people knew their pros and cons (compare Hell Week in the first campaign and the first week in the second campaign).
  13. I'd like to play some SB again too. Although I probably have forgotten how to play it and was never anything more than mediocre in the first place.
  14. Well since there was noone else from team 9 I thought I'd get a few games...
  15. This might not be ideal for me since I´m Dutch, but a PM would reach me within a day. You spending your working hours in this thread would surely make you the ideal captain. I, for one, pledge my allegiance to you.
  16. The Champ, the don't get much more tearjerkery than the little boy putting his death/dying' s fathers arm around him 'Champ...Champ?'.
  17. I saw it at kinepolis in Antwerp, Belgium. What amazes me most about digital projection is the stability. When you go back to film you really notice the jittering.
  18. Try watching it at a cinema with a digital projector. Best looking film I´ve ever seen. They seemed to have upped the resolution since I watched ´Clones´too, since back then I could see the ´matrix´, now it was stable, sharp, colourful and at such a high definition I couldn´t tell they were using pixels (and the screen was massive).
  19. Not a home projector, an industrial strength digital HD cinema projector in Kinepolis cinemas (or has every cinema in Britain got a digital projector nowadays?). Amazing quality, stability, colour, clearity and sound. It's a million miles away from a film based projection. Especially since Star Wars is digitally recorded anyway, so no loss whatsoever. Well worth the hour and a bit long trip. They ramped up the resolution too since AotC, which me and REAL went to Brussels for since that was the nearest digital projector back then.
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