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  1. I probably won't make it tonight, going to see Star Wars RotS on a digital projector in Belgium. Some quality games yesterday though.
  2. I was on, actually playing with the other team. I saw Cottem in the menu at some point and lunchbox in forza, no sign of badger...
  3. taiAtari


    Damn...just when I was somewhat pleased with my cheap and cheerful Rebel Alliance Skyline...
  4. You're just jealous because you only have 2 cats, that don't like you. Or eachother.
  5. Unlike Real I'm multitasking. I can manage to see a film and play Halo afterwards.
  6. "I suggest a new strategy R2. Let the Wookie win." "Would it help if I got out and pushed?" "It might"
  7. taiAtari

    Double Team

    Must be you then
  8. Oooh, I want in. My copy is on order from cdwow, but I'm fiddling around with an unsavoury pirate right now.
  9. 1) Syntax 2) Hitcher 3) taiAtari 4) 5) 6) 7)
  10. taiAtari


    Nah, I've got "Twister" bedcovers That gives me an idea...
  11. taiAtari


    Those yoshi and wario cars are amazing, I haven't managed anything beyond this crappy tiger nsx:
  12. My strength lies in handling vehicles, I can make a hog do more or less what I want (managed to kill a rocket launcher guy on burial mounts by driving him over, after evading 3 rockets from him at close range, very weird experience, but great nonetheless) and am very handy with the other ones. I'm also quite good with stickies. I'm crap with a sniper or rocketlauncher and decidely average with all other weapons.
  13. What's our 'away kit' for the tournament?
  14. I can provide lots of bodies. Unfortunately they will all be mine.
  15. I'd be fine with being a sub or even an upload monkey.
  16. Ah well, put me down too. I must say I would have preferred not to have a new tournament since I didn't particulary enjoy the last one, because it reduced my chance to enjoy Halo 2. Like last time, I'm sure I will not be able to join a lot of games 'because we are practising'. But, if you can't beat them, join them.
  17. Most of the 8 and 16 bit stuff is locked away in cupboards.
  18. I'm dead mysterious me. Hang on, a quick forum search turned up these pics from the Dutch meetette last year. Bloke in grey t-shirt with flaming man. Not too embarassing I'm afraid.
  19. Oh, I can provide a funny picture of REAL Working his biceps:
  20. Ill probably be on too. Not sure about the time though.
  21. I'll be on after I'm done getting inspired by my recently acquired 'Paul Verhoeven's Soldier of Orange' digitally remastered DVD.
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