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  1. That trailer looks great, shame about the generic choice of music. I have a soft spot for the original rambling theme tune.
  2. His kill count was 33, mine 32 and my k/d ratio was better. Stop slandering .
  3. A true renaissance man. I'll be on in a few minutes.
  4. Could have been either of us, we have similar connections and live near eachother. That 4 v 4 v 4 v 4 was great though, Team Orange for live yo.
  5. Probably more something like " shit, oh shit, crap crap crap...no way..argh!" Weirdly I stick to English in these panicked moments. I must remember to use the guttural sounds of my ancestors more.
  6. Right trigger, it 'shoots' the horn.
  7. Well, obviously I meant back from the brink for the unfaithful . You seem very insecure about prefering a very long barelled weapon that allows you to sneak about spying on men from a long distance and penetrate them with hot metal slugs. Anyway, I want a toned horn on the hog so I can toot dixie when jumping the ramp in containment.
  8. God I love that gauss hog. Did some nice hog juggling on Containment with the Gauss cannon, it's lethal on that level. Great games tonight, the new maps + autoupdate really brought Halo 2 back from the brink.
  9. 1) Syntax 2) taiAtari 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) We should try some tours too, to get a good feel for the maps.
  10. I'll be on as soon as I have forced my guests out.
  11. I'm still absolute crap with the sniper though. Strangely I seem to be a deadeye with the gauss cannon, last night I stopped three guys from scoring on zanzibar by driving the gauss hog on the flag spot, manning the cannon and killing all comers with single shots. The flag was 60 feet from the scoring point at that moment.
  12. I've got 198 in my profiler, but that includes Alien Q, Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones trilogy etc, so I'm in the over 200 bracket I guess.
  13. I don't snipe, I only use a sniper when there's no other way. Carrera has been using the sniper a lot though lately. This update really seems to favour my aggressive/stupid playing style, hurrah . That sticky that landed in my passenger seat made the hissing sound of inevitability. Great stuff, since earlier I used to need up to four stickies to take a warthog down. I was also smacked down in midair on the airlift in foundation by Hitcher with the rocket launcher (that reads like cluedo). Jumping melee attacks are lethal now.
  14. I like it, it really suits my non stealthy approach and I just lurve the new stickies.
  15. Let me at 'em! 1) Syntax 2) Carrera 3) U-1 4) taiAtari 5) 6) 7)
  16. Bah, I still play and will be on later tonight. It's you lot that defected to that game for guys that like to fondle eachother in the dark . Me, Hitcher, Carrera and Sack Man had a nice run of team Skirmish games on the 9th, with some closely fought (and won) games and even courteous opponents, so there's still hope for matchmaking.
  17. Indeed, I remember a mythbuster episode where they try several weapons on a dummy and pigs carcas and it hardly moves, if at all. And anything hittting with sufficient force just passed clean through. It is explained in this piece:
  18. Maybe when you manage to spell it right . I remember Microprose more or less thriving on cold war sentiment, what with 'Wild' Bill Stealy and games like Airborne Ranger, Gunship (looking back I can't believe I was totally absorbed with it's incredibly jerky wireframe world on The C64, can't have been more than 10 fps at best...) and a myriad of other games involving beating the crap out of commies. I also fondly remember Sacred Armour of Antiriad, with its nice post nuclear apocalypse story. Kind of weird, my generation more or less expected to be fighting WWIII. I think Reagan even remarked videogames were good training for fighter pilots and such...
  19. Oh dear, you leave a thread alone for a few days and already the rats move in...
  20. This download page has some apps that can turn ordinary pictures into 3D, I gues these would also work with type. The rest of the site has a wealth of information and a forum, so if this is not what you're looking for, I would suggest you ask on there.
  21. LOC is really great. I was lucky to play it in it's heyday and actually regret not having played it even more. I managed to play in 5 vs 5 games that were incredibly rare for western players and eventually were made possible by arranging sessions for players with capable connections on a trial and error basis. It's also a game that has wonderful replay saves that are very watchable and a nice customisation option and special editions of VT's. The only niggle I had, was that the good upgrades and VT's were only really available to frequent players, which made it very unwelcoming to novice players. Not only would their skills be low but their VT would be poor and have bad armour and weapon capabilities. If this had proper netcode and a better thought out online mode but keeping the campaign aspect, it would be the greatest live game ever. A game were everything gelled, people communicated and played out their roles, with snipers, howitzers and fast attack units working in unison was an incredible experience.
  22. Thanks for the games Nubes, even though my heart sank with all the sniping. I knew it was a mistake to specialise in vehicles and be designated driver in Roll Muck. I can't snipe...at all. I especially enjoyed playing those fine young Americans. Oh how I trembled when they came swordway en masse, shouting words of friendship. Unlucky that I carried a rocket launcher and they were all bunched up on the bridge. I don't think I ever had a killtacular before.
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