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  1. I did like the 2v2v2 game too, although sneaking around is not for me and neither is the sniper rifle and rocket launcher. Which puts me at a disadvantage somewhat. So I was really pleased with coming out on top on ascension without (effectively ) using girly weapons of mass destruction and extreme range.
  2. I'll be on. Resi was finished about a month ago and GT4 is fun but easy to ignore.
  3. If you take out the power lead thingy, the wheel should still work, but without ff (I think).
  4. I think I can make a guess: (That's how I sometimes read his gamertag... ) Anyway, I can't believe how resistant an occupied warthog is to stickies. One time I must have had 3 stickies on one hog in Zanzibar and it didn't seem to hurt the occupants too much (one was on a wheel which looked kind of nice, turning round and round)
  5. Didn't I play with you yesterday?
  6. A friend of mine who drives on the ring almost every weekend when it's open and used to have pgr2, raced the GT4 ring on my ps2 with a df wheel and said he couldn't believe how accurate it was compared to the xbox version, right down to trees and other landmarks. According to him the course itself was a very good recreation too, with identical lines and braking points (he caned it in a M3 similar to one he has driven around the ring, although his own car is a rally spec Clio I believe). He said the only thing that didn't feel quite right were the gears.
  7. Sorry but I couldn't let this particular statement lie. As said I didn't play, but I was there to set up the gametypes. RM2 never allowed the lagging player because we thought it would work in our favour. You mentioned the lag and the possibility to sub someone (with some issues, can't remember what they were). RM2 wasn't bothered either way and left it up to you. There is no doubt in my mind that Pro G would have won any game between the two teams. However if you play with a connection that you know (and anounced) to have a big impact on the game, you can't really be surprised people questioning it afterwards. The reason you are blamed either way the lag works out is simple; you won those games. Would you have lost nobody would have complained. Unfair certainly, but that is human nature for you. If you don't want people bitching afterwards I would suggest not playing with a connection that severely detoriates the game, either in your favour or not. That said I'm sure your place in the finals is deserved.
  8. I don't know about the gametypes in the Om Yom game, but against RM2 there were quite a few king of the hill type games (I didn't play so I could be wrong). If some people in your team are hard to shoot (especially by sniper) this would certainly be an advantage. RM2 agreed you would have won anyway, but it still wasn't a proper game. I'm certain you would agree that bad connections affect a game quite considerably. You shouldn't be surprised if people wonder how the games would have turned out on good connections.
  9. Don't get me started I managed to get through after countless tries, only to be told I would be send a confirmation code to enter, which never arrived. So I am registered, but still can't use the service...
  10. It's probably because you can't magically make their connection better. If they have a laggy connection they wil always be laggy no matter who's hosting. Or am I missing something?
  11. Congratulations mate, let's celebrate by killing lots of Yanks.
  12. Joined another game with the rllmuk hordes and I'm sorry to say I don't enjoy it. Having massive lagfest free for all slayer with added constant high pitched whining isn't really my thing. I like teamgames, I've gone off ffa since the days of Quake.
  13. Well, REAL was playing that match and he has a 8 mbit down, 1 mbit up connection like me. The problem probably was him being hard to kill, since two of the three gametypes they played were territory based affairs. Doesn't matter since I heard pro G were stronger anyway, but you wouldn't want a lagged out player against you in a territory gametype.
  14. Off to see a movie, might join laterish.
  15. And we kicked the crap out of some Germans. Bonus!
  16. Nah, it has always been like this, win in the postgame screens, draw in the stats screen, but it counts towards your level as a win.
  17. I must say, I quite like your awesome voicemask too, Syntax. Where do you come up with something like that. I really should start cursing in Dutch, its sounds great, like someone getting his vocal cords torn out with a jackhammer.
  18. And he knows which end of a sniper rifle does what. Invaluable.
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