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  1. It seems I'll be able to play on tuesday too, so if there's any problem I could fill in a spot.
  2. Welcome to the family business. Wow, he's even a member instead of a mere peon like most of us. That's nepotism for you Blue zero would be most appropriate I guess.
  3. I say it's a forfeit. Yay us . Bah, impeccable timing as always.
  4. Probably, it goes into the system file, not the save file.
  5. You have to start the game from your old save, I guess you started a new game alltogether.
  6. Monday and wednesday, not too sure about the other days.
  7. I remember that from when the xbox was launched and they had a row of demopods at the Mediamarkt. It was always the same guys playing, no matter what day or at what time you entered the store. Amazing really.
  8. Yeah, I did believe no vehicle can withstand any concentrated fire, but it's nice to see it was true. And I think we actually did well last night overall. Rockboy and me could start a thriving shop in enemy flags.
  9. Yeah, I did believe no vehicle can withstand any concentrated fire, but it's nice to see it was true.
  10. In theory? No. In reality? Probably. Tomorrow will be my last day on the job anyway, might as well sleep through it.
  11. Ignorant too! Bignige's gamertag has been banned a few times bij MS on grounds of other players (read Merkins) reporting it as offending/racist.
  12. POST PIX PLS!!!1one1!!oneone1!
  13. I thought our clan tactic was smothering them under a pile of bodies? It certainly is mine.
  14. If you can stop Syntax haemorrhaging deaths (he could hide in a corner) and you are really good
  15. Don't worry, it's just that there is no fullscreen 4:3 mode. It should appear letterboxed on any 4:3 telly, so there is some confusion. I'm still not sure how you were playing it fullscreen on a 4:3 tv really.
  16. taiAtari

    Om Yom

    Don't worry, it's probably just their lives and knitting business in WoW interfering.
  17. Hang on, you have a 4:3 tv? then you would always have gotten a letterboxed image wouldn't you?
  18. But most people with a modded ntsc rgb scart cable will have a component 'plug' for the digital port. Can't see how this would translate in a proper widescreen image on a non prog scan tv though, but I'm certainly going to try this.
  19. bah. mine is white. It just shows you're a real man who doesn't hide behind plants.
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